Brush Confusion….a simplification of choices (video post as well)

We all know that variety is the spice of life. however, with variety can also come confusion and too many options. Such is the case with the massive brush options that we wet shavers have. Gone are the days of simply choosing Badger or Boar. Here now are the days of Badger or Boar or Synthetic or Horse or mixed knot brushes……Ya its not easy to choose especially if you are just starting out. Today’s post is to help simplify the brush buying experience with a few things I have learned as well as some pros and cons for each brush type……Also a link to my video on Choosing a brush!


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#SeibertStrong : Our amazing community

I had planned on just writing about brushes today and linking to my latest video in my ‘How to Wet Shave series’, but I cannot help but feel proud of our amazing community, And focus on this time of need for the Soap Commanders Darren and Carrie.  The generosity and camaraderie is second to none in the wet shaving community and these past few days has just blown me away.

Soap Commander Logo

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A Cartridge with a Cause!! First Impressions of

Before you yell BLASPHEMY!! And unfollow my blog, all I ask is that you take a few minutes and read this post. Yes, I have used a cartridge razor for my past couple of shaves, but there is a great reason behind it.



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Too much of a good thing??

In wet shaving we shavers usually blame our poor shaves on a poor product, our technique or something that just simply lacked from performance to our very own concentration. My question is that could the opposite happen and something be so good that it causes a bad shave??

In this post I discuss too much of a good thing….(****possible mind blowing info ahead 😉


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Getting ‘STRAIGHT’ened out

Up until last week I had not used a straight razor for over 4 months I don’t think. My edges had gotten a bit tired and I was too lazy to get them honed by mailing them out….I know its a bad excuse. Then something happened, all I noticed were straight razors in SOTD pics. I was jealous. Gorgeous scales, beautiful blades, and just the badass look of a straight razor got me wanting to go STRAIGHT again…….

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Prep/Pre Shave! How to wet shave Tip #1 is now live!!

Hey Everyone. It has been far to long since I last posted a video on YouTube. Well the wait is finally over. I just published the first video in a series I plan on doing to help shavers acquire the best shave they can. Am I going to guarantee BBS…Nope. But I feel if you try some of these tips you will get a more comfortable shave, and that is what I feel is most important. I have gotten many BBS shaves that weren’t all that enjoyable.


Hopefully with this series of tips you too will get the most comfortable shave you have ever gotten!!!

Click the link or the picture below!!!!

How to Wet Shave Tip #1 : Prep / Pre shave



Hope all is well with everyone!!! And keep your eyes peeled for Tip #2 coming SOOOON!!!

What is the best kind of MAIL CALL?

Yesterday night I checked my mailbox and I had 3 packages. Of course all three were shaving related and all three were different. It got me thinking about what kind of mail call gets me the most excited and also poised another question for me that I want to ask YOU…my readers.

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Executive Shaving Company and Dr.Shave

For most of us newer wet shavers we have watched numerous videos on how to shave and tips/trick videos for obtaining a better shave. In all likelihood you probably came across Brian Mulreany aka Dr.Shave from the Executive shaving company and his video on how to shave with a safety razor . Over the past few weeks I have been exchanging emails with Brian and Alan from executive shave and they would like to pass something on to my readers and anyone who happens upon my blog……

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A Scent for all you tobacco lovers

I’m starting to mix it up a bit here on the Canuck shaver. I’m really digging fragrances lately and I figured I would post here videos and reviews of scents that I love and give some suggestions on Soaps and or aftershaves that match up well with them. Up First BURBERRY LONDON!!! Read More

Resolutions, Restraint, Spending Freeze!!

Whether you call it a spending freeze, a restraint or even a resolution you have likely heard one of these terms. If not….well, its a period of time where you don’t buy any shave gear or shave related gear. Some people just try and go a month while others try to do full years. Some of thees restraints do allow the purchase of DE blades if you run out or to get a razor honed…..although buying blades is frowned upon as it is not hard to figure out how many you would need to last a year. Myself, well I have entered a few monthly restraints with very little success. however I am embarking on a restraint that may be of EPIC proportions……………… Read More