Fretzwerk is putting in WERK!

We are blessed in this community to have many great artisans who make soaps, brushes, balms, leather goods and everything to do with shaving. One guy that I have been a big fan of since I started wet shaving is Dillon Fretz of Fretzwerk Bespoke Razor Restoration. And now I that I have one of my razors restores I can see what all the fuss is about.IMG_20160609_205104

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Executive Shaving Giveaway!!!

Its been far too long since I last posted and I really am sorry. however life can get in the way sometimes and family always comes first.

That being said I was contacted by Brian of The Executive Shaving Company and he let me know about a giveaway he has going on over at Executive Shaving! Read on for all the info….. Read More

If you only had 2 weeks left??(ps. Im NOT dying)

With impending pandemonium set to ensue in the coming days I have had to ask myself one question when it comes to shaving…. WHAT SHOULD I USE? With roughly 10-14 shaves left before the arrival of identical twin boys I know I need to really appreciate my few remaining shaves where I can take my time and enjoy the entire experience. If you only had a few shaves left what would be your criteria??


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Fort McMurray. Wet Shavers stepping up to help

Over the past year or more Wet Shavers around the world have stepped up numerous times to help out fellow wet shavers and their families. And I have always found it to be simply inspiring to see our community come together. Sadly a major forest fire hit Fort McMurray Alberta and the entire town has nearly been destroyed. What our Canadian Wet Shavers did next truly has me so proud to be both a member of the wet shaving community, but also Canadian and a member of the Canadian Wet Shavers Facebook group. Read More

The Most BADA$$ Brush EVER!!!

I love shaving brushes. Badger, boar, synthetic, you name it I like it. I love the unique handles, and I love the classic handles as well. Until recently my Holy Black brush was arguably the most unique handle that I own and by far got the most questions about it. However my newest brush is soooo BADA$$ that I don’t know if its even possible for the badassery to increase!!

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FINE American Blend….a Canadian Favourite?

Fine Accoutrements has been a massive player in the artisan shaving world since they burst onto the scene not too long ago. Initially, Fine was an aftershave maker and fans fell in love with the offerings. In the past year Fine has released, shaving bowls, brushes, a lightweight slant and now Fine American Blend shaving soap…….Now can this American Blend cut it North of the border here in Canada???

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Range Leather Saftey Razor Case!!! because everyone loves LEATHER!!

So in my last post I complained about postal service. Low and behold the next day I went to my mailbox and found a package awaiting me!!! low and behold it was…….

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POSTAL WOES and The State of The Canuck Shaver

In my previous post I had mentioned a couple of Mail Calls that I was expecting. Well lets just say our postal system in Canada is less than consistent and combining that with customs makes for a crap shoot to say the least……..Does shipping irritate anyone else? Read More

What products are you looking forward to in the coming months?

I have a couple pieces of new hardware and software coming over the next little while, and a few that I have recently received,  I wanted to talk about them and why I am looking forward to them. I also want to talk about a few of the new products being released in the upcoming months. Please have a read and chime in with any products that should be on my radar!!

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Whats up everyone?! I figured I would post my latest Youtube video for everyone to have a look at. And ask you all one question…well two actually.

  1. What are your top DE Blades?
  2. What kind of video would you like to see next?


YouTube video Link : TOP 5 DE BLADES!!  or clink the link below the pic!!