Fretzwerk is putting in WERK!

We are blessed in this community to have many great artisans who make soaps, brushes, balms, leather goods and everything to do with shaving. One guy that I have been a big fan of since I started wet shaving is Dillon Fretz of Fretzwerk Bespoke Razor Restoration. And now I that I have one of my razors restores I can see what all the fuss is about.IMG_20160609_205104

The story  of how I got my razor done by Dillon is one of just how great our community is and how powerful social media is as well.

I had posted and image on Instagram of my Crown & Sword razor and how I loved the blade but the scales were awful….unsafe in the words of my buddy Brooksie. I shaved with the razor once after I had gotten it honed and could instantly tell that the loose scales would be my demise if I didn’t get them fixed. I mentioned this on IG and Jason Rudman said to look up @fretzwerk and talk to him. Well I knew Dillon for a while and had actually sold him a few razors a year or so ago at least. However, I am on a pretty major spending freeze as my wife and I were expecting twins at the time(they have since arrived!). So I spoke to Dillon about this and we made a deal and he said he would give my razor a new set of shoes!! Call it a Baby Shower gift if you will. Well, I could not pass that up.

After a week or so of waiting for my razor to arrive Dillon asked me my hobbies and a few other questions. I told him to do ANYTHING he wants for the scales.Ive seen his work and I love it and knew he would make my razor great again. Again I waited a bit and he told me that my razor would be done shortly…..THE ANTICIPATION WAS KILLING ME!!!

Then he sent me these pics!




OH YEAH! When I saw these I got so damn excited. I just wanted the razor in my hands. There is just so much amazing stuf about these scales. The wood is Pennsylvania Dogwwod from Dillon’s Grandparents backyard(which he can see from his shop and spent so much time playing under as a kid). So they are made of something from Dillon’s family and are a piece of Pennsylvania as well. The wedge which you can see in the last pic is mock orange or Osage orange also sourced from his grandparents backyard. And to top it off the arrow that is hand carved into the scales is a cross country running arrow! If you don’t know I am an avid runner so this added touch was just fantastic. It is just so impressive to me how this razor went from being a cool vintage razor to an heirloom with so much story behind it that I will be able to pass on to my sons and tell them all about it.

Needless to say Dillon was incredible to work with and a super humble easy going guy. If he lived closer I know I would hang out with him and have a beer….I have no doubt.

Oh, you may be wondering how the razor shaves? Well he isn’t known as ‘The blade whisperer’ just because he can polish them up o a mirrored shine. The edge on this razor is killer. I have done three shaves now and it is sharp and smooth and makes the whiskers on my face cower as soon as I take it out. I have been able to do 3 pass shaves each time with DFS results on two of the three shaves….which is great for me with a straight. I love the feel of this edge. It is also awesome knowing what has gone into this razor and what it means to me. There is something to be said about personal touches.


These were two of my shaves. One with Ferox from Barrister and Mann the other with CRSW select citrus. Outstanding software that was only overshadowed by my neweest and most prized straight….sure it may not be worth what my W&B is but the value to me is priceless….and that to me is what these razors are all about. I don’t really care what eBay or the BST’s say a razor is worth. The value is what it is worth to you.

Thanks a million for reading guys and girls. This is not my last post about this razor so keep an eye out for more as I am sure this blade will feature heavily in my SOTD’s!

Cheers and happy smooth shaving.










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