If you only had 2 weeks left??(ps. Im NOT dying)

With impending pandemonium set to ensue in the coming days I have had to ask myself one question when it comes to shaving…. WHAT SHOULD I USE? With roughly 10-14 shaves left before the arrival of identical twin boys I know I need to really appreciate my few remaining shaves where I can take my time and enjoy the entire experience. If you only had a few shaves left what would be your criteria??


A few things are simple to choose.

Top soaps

Top razors

Top Scents

New Stuff

We all have those soaps that we just adore. Amazing performance and they just always provide great shaves. For me Barrister and Mann is that soap. Regardless if its Ferox, Rhapsody or Diamond The B&M soaps give me fantastic shaves every time and the performance is incredible. And with all three the scents really do it for me as well.

With this particular shave I also used my current most prized straight. The Wade and Butcher with custom scales from Val at The Gentleman’s den. GLORIOUS


Fine American Blend is another soap that is new to my den but the performance is just amazing. This past shave with it simply blew me away. Possibly the best lather I have ever created. the scent isn’t my fave, but it is still nice. The Razor is the 1934 Gillette Aristocrat TTO Open Comb…the first of its kind and I think still the best ever made. From looks to ease of use to efficiency this razor is perfect FOR ME!!



NEW SHIT!!! Yeah, we all love getting new stuff. this shave included my newest brush from Gugerart and also my newest soap. Charcoal Goods Shave soap. I honestly didn’t know what to expect and after using the FINE soap my expectations were low for this soap…..Well, expectations were far exceeded. This is a really nice soap. The best?? no, but a soap I would pick up if I were buying one of their great razors and razor handles. Scent is very clean with a bit of possible lavender and lemon…otherwise a nice soapy scent. Great lather and I am a fan of smaller soap pucks. The Milord was wonderful as always and the brush whipped up great lather in the matter of a few seconds.



The Wholly Kaw Twice as Spice is wicked! The scent is great, and the performance is right up there with the best…not to mention the name is very appropriate for my life right now. The homemade aftershave is awesome and the New LC head on the iKon bulldog is always a favorite of mine. An outstanding shave through and through and actually this is the shave that started me on my path of ONLY great stuff shaves.


These next 3 shaves were with top razors but new creams. Well, somewhat new. I was lucky enough to do some trial testing for Elvado in the past and new the formula would be great. These are the two newest creams from Elvado and I cannot wait for them to be ready for the public. Last night the lather I got from the Royal Tahitian Lime was as good as the lather I get from Truefitt & Hill 1805, and we all know how much I love that stuff. The lather was rich and thick and luxurious….exactly what you look for in a high end cream. And the SCENT!!! Wow, if you like Lime then this is for you. The matching bomb completed two awesome shaves with the lime cream. This will be used in my summer rotation heavily. GLORIOUS STUFF HERE!! Using the Guerlain Homme L’eau Boisee EdT to finish really made the shaves extra nice….lime and vetiver awesomeness!


I used the new Mayan Vanilla Almond from Elvado as well. Almond is my nemesis it seems. Some like my skin, while others irritate my skin to no end and make them unusable. So I really had zero expectations for this cream…..but when I opened the tub I was floored by how delicious it smelled. Like cherry vanilla almond marzipan….simply gorgeous….even my wife, her mother, and my dad all were in love with this scent. It is intoxicating and strong, you wont be searching to find this scent. The performance was just like the Royal lime….TOP NOTCH. And even better it agreed with my skin. no irritation and I am a very very happy camper after so many almonds that I have tried and been unable to use. The vanilla in the aftershave really picked up on the cream well. The brush….well, its my top brush for a reason. Just plain luxurious.


The final shave I want to talk about involved one of my top 2 vetiver fragrances, one of my top 2 Canadian soap making artisans(and all around outstanding guy) and my newest straight razor honed by a guy I would consider a good friend and fantastic honer(not to mention his shave gear is unreal). Terre D’hermes Edt, Semogue Owners Club Boar brush, paired with Henri et Victoria Terre D’henri and the World Master Straight honed by Jeremy Brooks. OOOH baby this is some good stank! The Terre D’Henri to my nose isn’t as close to the Hermes Fragrance as HeV’s Bergamot-Vetiver is, yet it is still a great scent in it own right. The scent strength is a little lighter than what I like, but the Terre D;’Hermes Edt more than makes up for that. Just another great shave overall. The edge on the straight is keen and made short work of my whiskers. My only issue with this razor is that it feels light. I guess I lean more towards heavier straights. That being said I will keep using this blade as it is gorgeous and shaves really well.




So after all these great shave I pose a question to all of you. What would you use for your last 10 shaves??? Would you mix it up like me? Would use stick to one soap, one razor and one brush? What would you do to enjoy your last few shaves in peace and tranquility?


As always thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time out of your day to read my blog. It means more than you know to me. I appreciate each and every view on here and my Youtube channel! May all your edges be KEEN, and your shaves enjoyable.


  1. mickeyobe · May 19, 2016

    I would want to spend them maintaining a happy mood with my family.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Froogle_Jimmy · May 19, 2016

      LOL, obviously Family is top priority. Gotta keep momma happy and my little guy!


  2. Dorian · May 19, 2016

    That is a really good question!
    At first I thought, I would take my time, to finally give my Kamisoris the love the deserve, but never got, BUT No! I think I would stick to my favorites: Gillette Rocket, Damaskeene, Cella, Abschaum, Pinaud BayRum and LuckyTiger Aspen.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Christian Lévesque · May 19, 2016

    Good question and you presented great kits. I would stay with the same kit for the “last” ten shaves in order to get a guaranteed pleasure and satisfaction.

    Liked by 1 person

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