Fort McMurray. Wet Shavers stepping up to help

Over the past year or more Wet Shavers around the world have stepped up numerous times to help out fellow wet shavers and their families. And I have always found it to be simply inspiring to see our community come together. Sadly a major forest fire hit Fort McMurray Alberta and the entire town has nearly been destroyed. What our Canadian Wet Shavers did next truly has me so proud to be both a member of the wet shaving community, but also Canadian and a member of the Canadian Wet Shavers Facebook group.The tragedy hit Fort McMurray on May 3rd and has forced every single resident to evacuate leaving everything they have in their homes. Memories and vehicles and homes and most personal items gone. the footage of these fires is unimaginable. vehicles traveling through walls of fire to escape to safety with little more than the clothes on their backs. I personally know people who live their and know people whom have family their as well. I knew I had to do something to help out….even something small just to help a little bit. I don’t have lots of money so I knew I had to think what I could really do to help.


What I did was ask a group of wet shavers if I should auction off one of  our Canadian Wet Shavers group T-shirts. Thankfully one of them suggested making it a raffle. I said that was a better idea and that every single penny would go to the Red Cross and would be matched dollar for dollar. Within minutes we had $150 dollars in raffle entries…..then things got really good.


Guys were contacting my for Paypal info and others were asking if they could donate to the raffle. I was seriously overwhelmed by the response and have spent most of my time responding, posting etc over the past few days. We ended up with 5 different raffles which included 3 gorgeous straight razors, soaps, Aftershaves, custom brushes, blade samplers body soaps, discontinued highly sought after soaps, strops, creams……An unreal outpouring of support.

In the end we have raised over $1200 dollars and I am so thankful for everyone who donated or contributed or has done so elsewhere. The best part is that now the government is stepping up and matching donations so our $1200+ raised is more than $3600!!! In less than one week I feel we have made a difference and shown what a community and a country can do. We stepped up even more than I could imagine. just amazing.

Yet another story of Wet Shavers going above and beyond. Sure I started this one, but it was everyone else who made it happen.


Thank you, if you would like to donate please do at the Red Cross

listed below is the website

Red Cross – Alberta Fires Appeal

Or contact me if you would like to add money to or wet shavers pot and add to our lump sum donation. is my contact email


Thank you so much for all of your time



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