The Most BADA$$ Brush EVER!!!

I love shaving brushes. Badger, boar, synthetic, you name it I like it. I love the unique handles, and I love the classic handles as well. Until recently my Holy Black brush was arguably the most unique handle that I own and by far got the most questions about it. However my newest brush is soooo BADA$$ that I don’t know if its even possible for the badassery to increase!!



To get a feel for how much I love this brush I actually published a Youtube review of this brush and make some comparisons to the popular Plisson and Muhle synthetics.

Let me know what you think?

Also check out GUGERART on ETSY, and grab a brush for yourself and check out all the other great stuff Gustav has to offer. He has some serious talent!!!

GUGERART Etsy shop

Cheers everybody and thanks for stopping by!!



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