FINE American Blend….a Canadian Favourite?

Fine Accoutrements has been a massive player in the artisan shaving world since they burst onto the scene not too long ago. Initially, Fine was an aftershave maker and fans fell in love with the offerings. In the past year Fine has released, shaving bowls, brushes, a lightweight slant and now Fine American Blend shaving soap…….Now can this American Blend cut it North of the border here in Canada???


My story of Fine American Blend is one of great generosity. When the soap release was announced it was talked about a great deal on every forum, and every Facebook group….it was tough to avoid. Being an active blogger and YouTuber I keep my ear to the ground about new releases and like to chime in whether it interests me or not. Well this soap release was getting lots of talk in the Canadian Wet Shavers group on Facebook and I was silent on it. IN all honesty I knew I would not be able to buy it due to my wallet locking spending freeze. As time went on a gent from our group private messaged me and asked me if I was getting the American Blend soap? He said he noticed I was silent on the issue which he thought was weird. And it was weird…This soap sounded great, and had as much buzz any software I can think of being released. I knew it would sell out fairly quick and just wanted to ignore the hype and hope it would pass. Well, no such luck. My buddy said….I am mailing you a puck! I was seriously floored and so excited for this soap.

After reading and watching some early reviews it was clear that this soap was more than just hype. After constantly checking Canada Post mail updates the soap arrived….OH BABY I WAS EXCITED.


Initial impressions:

The soap comes in a neat box with very classic barbershop styling. Inside is the soap puck with Mr.Fine stamped into the soap. No fuss, just a classic looking puck……Sure I would have liked the soap to have a tub, but maybe in time it will. Packaging in general is just basic and nice, nothing negative or outstanding(not that I was expecting anything crazy).

THE SCENT (first sniff): 

Upon first sniff I was honestly a bit disappointed. Now WAIT, this was just my first sniff. I was expecting something more ‘barbershoppy’ and more akin to Stirling Barbershop. But this, this had a note that was hitting my nose funny. Not BAD, but different. Even now Im still not %100 sure what the note is that I am picking up….maybe patchouli, or possibly Gaiac wood(a not I love in Memoir man from Amouage), but it is something like that. I almost found it smelled similar to B&M Rhapsody in a way.

Moving forward to now and a week or so later, I can say the scent has grown on me. While it is not in my TOP 5 scents, I would say that it is a nice pleasant scent. Ive also talked to others who have said that it is not exactly the same as the aftershave. I no longer get just the one note that I couldn’t place, but I am getting the whole ‘blend’ and actually find it really nice and it is keeping me coming back to the puck for another sniff……You know we all do that!!!


Sweet Jesus this stuff loads easily…..when Mr.Fine says on his site that the formula is what they think is Tabacs formula he may be right. This stuff loads so damn easily. Boar, Badger or Synthetic its a breeze to load…….Perfect and as good and easy as any other soap.


WHITE GOLD! this stuff is freaking awesome. After 3 shaves this soap is in my top five performers I have tried….maybe top 3(time will tell). You name all the adjectives that describe the best lather and you can use them here….RICH, CREAMY, SLICK, the list goes on. Not to mention it takes so little effort to produce this lather. And this soap can handle water. If you don’t put enough water in the lather will still perform but won’t be quite as hydrating as it could be. Once you find the sweet spot you will be hard pressed to find a soap that performs better.

the soap actually has some really good post shave as well. not that it may matter as I always use witch hazel followed by a balm or splash, but for those who really look for great post shave I think this is pretty darn good…..unless you under hydrate the lather. in which case it will be drying a bit. Just like Tabac in fact.



OVERALL(so far):

Believe the hype. I have fallen victim to boarding the hype train….This was not that case. This is a soap I think that is a safe blind buy. Everyone says you need to try Tabac….but the scent can be polarizing, Well this is a better option. Tabac performance with a far more universally appealing scent in my opinion….and I am a huge TABAC fan. The only thing I could possibly say negatively about this soap is that it is going to move a bunch of other soaps to the back of my den. Also, a tub for it to go in would be great.

In the end the ‘AMERICAN’ is more than welcome here in Canada. I just hope he has some new soapy friends to bring along with him in the near future(*COUGH* CLEAN VETIVER *COUGH* FRESH VETIVER).

As always thanks for reading everyone. It sure was great using this soap so much over that past few days.Something I rarely do with soaps.

Cheers everyone and thanks for all the support!!!




  1. Stefan · April 27, 2016

    Nice Review! It’s getting harder and harder not to buy this soap.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Froogle_Jimmy · April 27, 2016

      LOL, Yeah I can see that. It truly is outstanding. I would highly recommend it. Also I feel like the puck will last a LONG time, so it is a great value


  2. Joan · May 18, 2017

    Superb inromfation here, ol’e chap; keep burning the midnight oil.


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