POSTAL WOES and The State of The Canuck Shaver

In my previous post I had mentioned a couple of Mail Calls that I was expecting. Well lets just say our postal system in Canada is less than consistent and combining that with customs makes for a crap shoot to say the least……..Does shipping irritate anyone else?Not only is our shipping here in Canada suspect, but its also very expensive. We don’t have flat rate boxes which would make everyone who ships anything thicker than three quarters of an inch very happy. I cannot even ship a single one piece DE for less than $12-$15. Its crazy. Now granted sometimes our postal service does a great job, the postal workers are actually very nice at the offices, and packages make record time and we all brag about quick shipping. More often than not though I am left at my mail box broken hearted that my packages have not arrived.


Here is a great example. Package A leaves Pennsylvania Last Monday. Package B leaves Sweden on approximately the same day. Package A is 1000km away. Package B is 5000km away and many countries away. Which will arrive first? Package A seems like the reasonable answer, but NO. Package B has arrived and Package A is know where to be seen. Seriously?! Thankfully its shave gear and not something I am depending on, but in a way I am depending on it as I have told artisans and vendors I will be doing blog reviews and possibly videos featuring their products. I keep my word and stuff like this frustrates me as I am always writing people saying the package has not arrived etc. And it may be a bit before I can do a full proper review…….Which brings me to this point….


Firstly I have to thank you all for the support. The emails, the comments, sharing my blog and Youtube channel, subscribers, and even passers by of my blog and Youtube channel. You are the reason I do any of this stuff. I love writing and making reviews. However my time is becoming limited in what I can do. Massive life changes are afoot and my blog posts will slow down in a month or two as will my Youtube videos. With new members of our family scheduled to arrive in May I have to focus on my wife and son and getting ready for the arrivals. I am not saying I wont be doing any posts, but I am unsure of frequency of videos.

In the meantime I am hoping to crank out some review videos and blogs over the next few weeks when I can. I am very excited for some of the products I have on their way and the ones that have arrived but I haven’t reviewed yet.


Now how about some Shave of the Day pics to tickle your fancy??



I had to kick it old school with Proraso and Skin Bracer! The Your Best Face Eucalyptus Antioxidant oil was the perfect fit with this shaving setup.


Tuesday was a celebration of TABAC!!!


Oh how I love this blade. The etching is gorgeous. however the scales are super dirty and very loose and dangerous. I did one pass then had to switch razors. The edge was great, but not worth hurting myself to use….This razor has been sent away for some NEW SHOES!!!


The scent of Absinthe from Henri and Victoria is wonderful to my nose. I know its not for everyone, but the black licorice/anise are incredible mixed with a bit of fruity sweetness. if you are looking for a soap with a scent unlike anything else….this might be what you need!

Hopefully I can write a new post tomorrow on a few new things….at least some first impressions!!


Cheers all!!










  1. mickeyobe · April 14, 2016


    We will wait for you to get the go ahead from those important arrivals.

    Meanwhile you had best get a lot of sleep. It will soon become a scarce and precious commodity in your house.

    Best wishes to you and your wife and family both present and soon to be.


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Patrick Wroblewski · April 14, 2016

    I have been trying to get my hands on that Absinthe soap. It’s not listed on their website.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Froogle_Jimmy · April 14, 2016

      Its not offered yet. It was a trial soap that came in a pack with three others. He is awaiting feedback still


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