What products are you looking forward to in the coming months?

I have a couple pieces of new hardware and software coming over the next little while, and a few that I have recently received,  I wanted to talk about them and why I am looking forward to them. I also want to talk about a few of the new products being released in the upcoming months. Please have a read and chime in with any products that should be on my radar!!

My first product is the Range Leather safety razor cover. I am expecting delivery in the next week or so and cannot wait to get my hands on it. I have seen a couple of Youtubers do videos of it and it looks awesome and super high quality. I have actually been follwing Range leather on Instagram for a bit and got in touch with them a week or so ago when they(Kyle) wrote me. It was bizarre because I was actually looking at their wallets as I am in need of a new one. SO of course I loved the idea of a razor cover. My current travel cover is a gift card case that I put a couple pieces of foam in. It looks awful and doesn’t seem super secure.

The Range Leather cover is gorgeous and I will be proud to show it off when it arrives.

range cover

Safety Razor Case


Black and Brown Dopps with safety razor case….beautiful

Ranger Lather also has a Kickstarter campaign which started today or yesterday in which they are looking to fund a project for a Travel bag and Razor case. Its called the Travellr……Ill post a link. Needless to say it looks great and is already close to its funding goal. Please go check it out! As it puts regular of Dopp kits to shame.

Range Leather Kickstarter Page


The next thing I want to talk about is a recent prize I won in a Youtube giveaway. Your Best Face Skincare products. Thanks to Sebastian at Looking Feeling Smelling Great on Youtube, Ricos Corner from Youtube, and of course Darrel from YBF for this massive giveaway.

Looking Feeling Smelling Great Youtube Channel

Ricos Corner Youtube Channel

Your Best Face Skincare Website

The giveaway was for over $900 worth of skincare products!!! Easily the biggest thing I have ever one. And I can say after using a bunch of the products that it is incredible quality stuff. There is so much that I have not had a chance to even use it all. So what I will do is talk about a couple of my top favorites from the line and also post a Youtube review video in the near future.

#1 The Luxury Shave Cream – Now off the bat I will tell you that this is a non lathering cream and a little goes a long, long way. I have shaved with this alone numerous times and it is hard for me as a wet shaver to get used to not having a rich thick lather on my face when shaving, but I have gotten over it and this stuff is great. The scents are top notch and the ingredients are outstanding. Blend no.13 is very bright and intoxicating and arguably my fave at the moment. Not only is this a great shave cream but it can also be used as a pre shave and a post shave balm. So, this stuff does triple duty. And it does them all well….trust me I have put this product through its paces after hearing all the rave reviews. I use it as a pre shave for almost all of my shaves and a post shave when I don’t have a matching balm for a specific product and it works wonderfully leaving the skin nice and moisturized and feeling amazing. I would say this is a perfect travel companion to have all of your software in one product. TWO THUMBS WAAAAY UP!!!


#2 Antioxidant Oil – I am not going to come out and claim I know exactly how this oil works or what all the ingredients do, But what I will tell you is that this stuff is absolutely worth every penny if you buy a bottle. This is probably my favorite product that I received. I put this on after every shave and I also applying it if I haven’t shaved.  I use it as I would a balm or moisturizer. Just 3 or our drops will do my entire face and neck. Leaving my face and neck feeling so supple its crazy. The scents are just as amazing as the shave creams. My top 2 being the Bergamot and the Coffee Blossom. The bergamot it self explanatory while the coffee blossom is just one of those scents that hooks you at first sniff. Its sweet, yet a bit dirty and earthy while having a bit of dried fruit it would seem in the notes….maybe even a bit of chocolatey goodness is where I’m getting the sweetness. Just an amazing product.

#3 Prep – This an exfoliating cream…..but its not like the stuff I have gotten from my local drug store. The exfoliating particles a re much finer than what I am used to in most exfoliating creams. Again very little is needed and you just rub it on your face then rinse it off. The first time I used it I was wowed by how my skin felt afterwards….so soft and wonderful. This stuff blew me away and it also has a great scent. I know I have smelled the scent before and it may be apricot or some kind of fruit….but not overly sweet and unisex for sure. I have been using this 2-3 times per week and my face looks cleaner and better than it probably ever has since puberty.


My entire shave set up! That’s all you need from pre shave to post shave!! And the scents….OH MAN!!!


Even when using other products I find a way to include the YBF products. The Bergamot in the antioxidant oil and the Neroli in the cream worked very well with the citrus in The Truefitt & Hill 1805. This was actually one of the best shaves I have ever had…..and likely one of the best smelling ones as well.

Here is a link to the Your Best Face website: http://shop.ybf-skincare.com/default.asp

*** be sure to check out the “specials” section for any deals as well***


Those were two things I have gotten and I have on the way, but now lets switch gears and talk a bit about products that we are looking forward to seeing come to market!!!

First of The Colonial Razors SE. This is a single edge razor that is looking to reach the market for a much lower price than the ever popular Mongoose. The design is very modern and very simple and does have some resemblance to the Standard Razor. It has not been released yet and from what I have heard is a very efficient yet mild shaver. Perfect for those with sensitive skin. With a goal of the razor reaching the market for less than $100 it i great to see a more affordable SE coming to market.

Updates are available on their Facebook page. Just Search Colonial Razor.


Black anodized model shown here


Next up we have the Model T from Rockwell. Fresh off the heels of the Uber popular 6S the guys at Rockwell are hitting the shave world with a modern adjustable safety razor. That’s right….a modern adjustable razor. If you are a fan of the Gillette Fatboy or slim or super adjustable this appears to be right up that alley.

This razor is still in the funding phase on Kickstarter and has already reached %300 of its goal of $50,000…so more than $159,000 has already been funded….incredible.

Sure its Canadian which makes me a bit biased, but I have also talked to Gareth from Rockwell personally and he is a really nice guy which is also a huge plus.

I saw Mantic59 do a video review of a prototype and he was quite pleased. I am looking forward to more reviews of this razor.



This razor looks great and its cool to see a modern take on a vintage razor that gets soo much love.


Lastly is another razor, and anothe SE to boot. Its the Rocnel razor. This is a modern razor at a super low price point….&25 usd to be exact, and thats for a 316 Stainless razor. I belive this to be a Turkish company. It looks great and they are taking pre-orders and plan on shipping in April. I’m really looking forward to reviews on this one. I have yet to see a review but I am keeping my eyes peeled.

The Rocnel Razor


So what other products are you all excited about? Seasonal soaps? New Hardware? Leave a comment below and let me know what you guys and gals are looking forward to!!!



  1. Andrew Joyce · April 6, 2016

    In the market for a new Wallet you might consider the Cdn Co; Popov – outstanding quality

    Exciting products on the way. Previously jumped on the 2 Kickstarter offerings – Rockwell and the Range Razor Case. Looking forward to those. Wondering how the Rockwell Model T compares to a Slim, I sure enjoy my previous Rockwells – both version :-)?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Froogle_Jimmy · April 6, 2016

      I’m also looking forward to seeing a comparison of the Model T to the Slim


  2. Greg Ridel · April 28, 2016

    Looking forward to the Colonial razor myself. Tried a friends Mongoose and loved it but somewhat spotty availability and the high price has kept me on the sidelines.

    Also interested in the latest handle design from Simpson. I saw a photo circulating on one of the forums and the I’m drawn to it. Interested to see type and size of knots offered.

    Lastly, the new scent Limenthol from Cold River Soap Works. Being a menthol freak I’m particularly excited to try CRSW’s first (to my knowledge) mentholated soap.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Froogle_Jimmy · April 28, 2016

      Im 100% with you on the goose. I’ve never tried it, but the price is just way out of my budget….especially because I like rotating my razors soo much. I have seen the latest simpsons handle and it is similar to the PK47 from Paladin and there are others like it. I really enjoy this shaped handle, and the faux tortoise material I saw it in looks wonderful. As for the latest CRSW I am sure itll be amazing. It seems like CRSW only releases fantastic soaps. Im also a menthol lover with Queen Charlotte soaps Iced Key Lime being my fave, and Vostok a close second.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I really appreciate it.


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