Whats up everyone?! I figured I would post my latest Youtube video for everyone to have a look at. And ask you all one question…well two actually.

  1. What are your top DE Blades?
  2. What kind of video would you like to see next?


YouTube video Link : TOP 5 DE BLADES!!  or clink the link below the pic!!





  1. Remco Smit | RZR · March 31, 2016


    You might like this:

    Rgds, Remco

    > Op 31 mrt. 2016 om 15:58 heeft The Canuck Shaver het volgende geschreven: > > >

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  2. mickeyobe · March 31, 2016

    My favourite blades:
    1. Personna Reds (For double Edge.)
    2. I would like to see a video on ancient single edge razors – Rolls, GEM, Schick, Valet, etc.

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    • Froogle_Jimmy · March 31, 2016

      Yes, persona reds are apparently great! I had a couple and enjoyed them, but not enough experience with them to include in my list.

      Yes, I should use my 1914 Kampfe single edge……but I dont have any blades for it.


      • mickeyobe · March 31, 2016

        Perhaps a GEM blade would work.
        Do you have a photo or description of the Kampfe blade.
        I could send you one of the GEMs if it the same.


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      • Froogle_Jimmy · March 31, 2016

        It takes the same blades as Gem razors. Called a Kampfe Bros razor


  3. mickeyobe · March 31, 2016

    What is your mailing address?
    I will send you a new GEM blade.
    They are not at all scarce.


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  4. mickeyobe · March 31, 2016

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