A Cartridge with a Cause!! First Impressions of Goodshave.com

Before you yell BLASPHEMY!! And unfollow my blog, all I ask is that you take a few minutes and read this post. Yes, I have used a cartridge razor for my past couple of shaves, but there is a great reason behind it.



About two weeks ago I was contacted by Mark from Goodshave.com who said he was a fan of my blog and wondered if I would be interested in trying his products. You all know me and of course I will try anything once…..then I saw that it was a cartridge razor. On second thought maybe I will pass. However I ended up looking up www.goodshave.com and started reading up about what the company was all about. This isn’t just another subscription site. This is far more than that. This is a subscription service that truly gives back.

The idea behind this service is that for every month of a subscription that GoodShave receives they donate a razor to a local homeless shelter or soup kitchen. So, if you get a 6 month subscription they will donate 6 razors. Thus allowing a less fortunate man get something that we all take for granted….A great shave. Think about not having the option to shave for days, weeks, even months at a time. Such a simple thing that makes us feel good is not even in the realm of possibility for some men. Just this simple task that we do anyways can now help the less fortunate feel normal just by giving them a shave. I really love this.

Now there is NO WAY I could endorse this if the product was cheap and didn’t actually shave well. So this past week I have been using the cartridge razor for a few shaves. To be honest the handle is far more sturdy and of much higher quality than I thought it would be. It actually looks pretty awesome. It reminds me of the Bolin Webb razors that sell for over $100 online. I’m sure they are not exactly the same, but really the razor looks great and functions well. The cart itself is a 4 blade cart with a lubricating strip above, and a roller below the blades . The cart is easily attached and detached from the handle using the button located on the handle itself.

In all honestly I went into my first shave thinking ‘this is going to be awful’. Yet I kept an open mind because I loved the idea behind the product. For the first time in 2+ years I was using a cartridge razor, but for the first time ever I was using traditional wet shaving software with it. No canned goo or aerosol foams. I was using a shaving soap, a shaving brush and all the other software I would for a safety razor or straight razor shave.

I lathered up after prepping my face and took the first strokes of the shave. You know what this isn’t half bad. In fact after the first pass I had to admit it was easy, comfortable and enjoyable. Now 2 years ago I would have been done after one pass, but I proceeded to do all three typical wet shaving passes.

How was the shave you ask? Awesome. Almost perfect aside from a couple trouble spots on my neck that I rarely get perfect anyways. It was a smooth easy shave….that’s what we want isn’t it? Much better than I can remember my previous cartridge shaves being.

The difference in my opinion was using wet shaving software. I’m sure using a DE or straight with canned goo would result in a lack luster shave. The software and face preparation is key.

Now will I be a full time user of carts now? Not likely, I have far to much coin invested in DE’s and straight razors, plus I love using them.  I will be keeping this razor and blades in my rotation of razors for when I need a quick shave or am doing some ‘manscaping’ etc. Am I trying to convert everyone to using these carts? Of course not. However, I would encourage you to pass this site on to anyone you know who does use carts. I know many people that I cannot for the life of me get into using a safety razor or straight, but love the soaps and brushes. So I will push them to try this service. Why not give back if its something you are going to be buying anyways?? Its a no-brainer for cart users in my opinion.



I am now an affiliate. However I have declined to be paid for being an affiliate. What I have done is actually talked to Mark and asked that any referrals I receive using my links and coupons be put towards buying razors for Food Banks and homeless shelters here on the East Coast. Sure it may not be much but just giving back a little is not only good for my soul but good for local gents who are less fortunate. Maybe they just need a bit of confidence and a nice shave might be the trick.


Here is the link if you would like to subscribe below

GOODSHAVE.com Subscription page

As an added bonus use the code “shaveitforward” for an additional %10 savings



Thanks so much for reading everyone. I know it may be a surprise to some but I really think this is such a great idea.

I will post again about this razor. And perhaps do a Q&A with the founder. Please spread the word anyone that you know that uses cartridges or you think would enjoy this subscription.


Have a great and SMOOTH day.





  1. Brian Mulreany · March 11, 2016

    This is a great idea, I like the notion of giving something back.

    Liked by 1 person

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