Getting ‘STRAIGHT’ened out

Up until last week I had not used a straight razor for over 4 months I don’t think. My edges had gotten a bit tired and I was too lazy to get them honed by mailing them out….I know its a bad excuse. Then something happened, all I noticed were straight razors in SOTD pics. I was jealous. Gorgeous scales, beautiful blades, and just the badass look of a straight razor got me wanting to go STRAIGHT again…….

Almost at the same time I started getting antsy to use my straights a good friend of mine from Nova Scotia Pmed me asking how my straights were……It was kind of weird actually. He had honed my blades when I first got into straights and I had no idea about edges or how to use a straight either at the time. Guys raved about his edges and at the time I just found them too sharp. Ya, that sounds dumb, but I wasn’t skilled at all with a straight and anything sharper than a butter knife left my face bloodied and screaming.

My friend mentioned he had a few new honing stones and offered to hone my edges if I just paid shipping. he wanted to try the new stones and I was more than ahppy to send my razors out for a honing. They had sat unused far too long.

Fats forward to early last week and my three straights arrived back at my house!! It was like I was getting three new razors. I was eager and hadn’t shaved in a couple days knowing that they were arriving soon. needless to say I was ready to eradicate some whiskers!!!



What I received were three razors honed on three different Japanese natural stones(I think). The first razor I decided to try out was my Gloria Razor from Solingen Germany. I knew it had been a while and that I needed to take it slow. So I set aside some time to really take my time on this shave. The first thing I noticed was just how nice and sharp of an edge was on the straight. I would have said prior to this shave that I would be hard pressed to tell the difference between two different edges…..but this was crazy how different it felt.

The resulting shave was very enjoyable. Not BBS by a long stretch but very comfortable considering my hiatus from straights. In preparation for the shave I had watched numerous videos as a refresher which really helped.



Ferox was its usual wonderful slick cushioning self and the Plisson lathered it easily. A real treat from this shave was the Executive Shaving Company Balm. Since this shave I have used it over a dozen times and I can tell you that it is fantastic. The performance is great especially in cold dry weather and the scent is very nice. Id call it a masculine barbershop kind of scent….very enjoyable.

Then came my next two shaves in which I used my Wade & Butcher!!! Oh the edge on this had me floored. How could an edge be better than my Gloria? Well, low and behold the W&B. I had to write my friend and ask what he did to the edge of this blade. Apparently it was honed on a stone while running water poured over it…..ya, that’s sounds crazy…..but CRAZY AWESOME! Yowza, sharp and smooth and just unreal. I was in love at first pass. This shave was even better than the last one and I attained an easy DFS with little effort but refused to try for the illusive BBS.



The line up for the shave was ALL Executive Shaving Company software that I was generously gifted for a previous blog interview. I was trying to really pick apart the software and find some negatives…..and I found ONE!! The tin that the soap comes in is pretty easily dented. Seriously, that was the only thing that wasn’t fantastic. And quite honestly that’s being overly picky because I don’t really care other than for Shave of the Day pics. The scent of the soap is wonderful and mellow. About a 6.5-7 on strength and is just what the label says…..subtly scented with a twist of lime. The lime is delightful and lime in general is one of my favorite notes in shaving soap. I just find it playful and relaxing. The pre shave oil has a very similar scent to the soap with a bit more patchouli showing through, yet still giving off that scent of lime. It was the first pre shave oil I had used in a while and I enjoyed it. It wasn’t overly oily and easily rinsed away when I wanted it off. I did leave a little on just to aid in slickness for the razor. Again I used the balm and really love it!

As for the brush it was the Holy Blacks turn to whip up a lather. Sure it did that well but the silvertip knot that I put in the handle is a massive lather hog. It is the reason I rarely use this brush. The soap however performed awesome and I easily loaded enough for three passes in just a few seconds….I probably had enough for 4-5 passes. The soap is extremely soft and what I would call a croap. It provided great performance which I will talk about in an upcoming review post!

I decided to go with the W & B again for my last shave(as of the time I’m writing this blog) and again I was smitten. DFS was attained easily and ZERO….that is right ZERO irritation.


Along with the razor came another standout performance. The Brutalt Barbersape soap. Just absolutely awesome. Easy to load, great and I mean GREAT scent and fantastic performance in every facet. I just wish the tin it came in had a larger opening. It is probably half the size of a Barrister and Mann or any other soap tub. the scent is what I call a perfect mix of Proraso style barbershop and a fougere. Does that sound nice? Well it truly is. I think Ive seen maybe one other person using this soap and I think people are missing out. It is from Norway which I am sure is the reason it isn’t talked about.


The Oscar11 custom boar made easy work in lathering it, but still I feel it is a bit too stiff and the loft was set a couple mm too low…..oh well.

To finish the shave I call upon Thayer’s Cucumber and Skin Bracer. As always the Thayer’s was soothing and tightened and toned my skin. the Skin Bracer was the Perfect match for this soap. its got that minty barbershop vibe going on with it, as does the soap.

Just wonderful shaves and I cannot wait until my next shave tonight….again with a straight. I cannot see myself putting them down in the next while unless I get a razor to test out or review. otherwise its STRAIGHTS FOR DAYS!!!!!


Thanks for tuning in guys and gals. I hope you liked this post and have been scoping out my latest videos on Youtube. I am ever so grateful to my subscribers and your support!!

You guys are the best!!!




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