What is the best kind of MAIL CALL?

Yesterday night I checked my mailbox and I had 3 packages. Of course all three were shaving related and all three were different. It got me thinking about what kind of mail call gets me the most excited and also poised another question for me that I want to ask YOU…my readers.


Three separate mail calls meant that I was going to have some decisions to make for my shave last night. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to use everything, but I also knew that I didn’t want to try to much new stuff in one single shave in case I had a reaction.

Well, I said ‘screw it’ to not using all new stuff and went with a completely new(ish) line up besides the brush. This got me wondering what single item gets me the most excited to use? Is it a newly honed straight, is it a new soap that Ive never tried, or is it some pre and post shave software that I haven’t gotten my hands on before?

To be honest my answer is kind of murky. The first thing I want to do is smell any new software. I want to know what the scents are like. If its a nice scent I am likely to throw it into rotation for my next shave. if it is at all off putting it’ll probably get used at a later date. There is just something about a scent that drives you crazy that makes you want to lather up as soon as you smell it. However the opposite affect  can be caused by an off putting scent(I think I have only ever had 2 or 3 soaps that I could not bring myself to use).

Then there is NEW HARDWARE!!! Oh how I love that first test run with a new DE or a freshly honed straight razor. The anticipation of possibly finding that one razor that could just end my acquisition disorder is palpable. But obviously we all know that no single razor can %100 quench our need for something new. Even a new brush gets me excited, but I know that it takes a few uses to break in a new badger and quite a few more to break in a boar. Synthetics however need no break in but they just don’t get me super excited….even with a custom handle I don’t get that same anticipation.

Unfortunately I don’t have any pics today but I will be sure to post a few tomorrow of what I got and also of a couple mail calls from last week. Needless to say I will have lots to write about over the next little while now that life seems to have calmed down(knock on wood).


So What is your favorite type of mail call? And what gets you most excited to use?

Please leave a comment below.


Cheers guys and gals!





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