Executive Shaving Company and Dr.Shave

For most of us newer wet shavers we have watched numerous videos on how to shave and tips/trick videos for obtaining a better shave. In all likelihood you probably came across Brian Mulreany aka Dr.Shave from the Executive shaving company and his video on how to shave with a safety razor . Over the past few weeks I have been exchanging emails with Brian and Alan from executive shave and they would like to pass something on to my readers and anyone who happens upon my blog……

Brian Mulreany

Brian has put together a really nice guide in ‘pdf’ form for mens grooming and it can be downloaded for free on his site. I have personally read it and think that it is a great resource of information for newbies all the way to lifelong wet-shavers and everyone in between.  I think Brian has laid it out very well in how to obtain a great shave! This is a fantastic read for all wet shavers. Not only does he discuss shaving, but also how to maintain a beard or moustache along with some history of shaving. You name it its probably in there.

Dr.Shaves Book of Shaving LINK

Dr Shave’s Book of Shaving PDF file


Brian Mulreany 2

Brian with just a sampling of the hardware and software offered at Executive Shaving

Now here is a little Bio on Brian that I asked him to write for me to give a background on him as a person and not just as a business man!

Biography Brian Mulreany AKA Dr Shave

Age, 58, married with two grown up children.
Resides, Glasgow, Scotland.

I have been a co-owner and the sales director at The Executive Shaving Company since November 2009. Since then the company has increased turnover by over 400% and introduced the highly popular Executive Shaving range which includes pre shave oil, shaving soap, after shave moisturizer, body and face soaps and a men’s body spray. Additionally, our range of shaving brushes and double edge safety razors particularly The Braveheart safety razor has been massively successful.
Running Executive Shaving talks up a lot of my time, being an online retailer people expect instant answers and as we sell worldwide, across numerous time zones buyers are based worldwide so in the evenings I am often on my iPad answering emails to potential and existing customers.


the Braveheart Safety Razor

Glasgow Celtic FC (soccer), I go to every home game; I have been a fan since birth. My father was a fan, his father was a fan and my two daughters are also fans. Music, especially American soul music from the 60s and 70s, everyone knows of Tamla Motown but for me the sound of Philadelphia is better and more sophisticated, Archie Bell, Lou Rawls, The O’Jays, Teddy Pendergrass and The Trammps are all huge favourites of mine.

Dr Shave

Soon after buying Executive Shaving I knew there were lots of guys who were looking for advice on all aspects of shaving. This when we dreamed up Dr Shave who is a man who knows a lot about men’s shaving and grooming. In reality it may be me who answers the emails but we have four others behind the scenes and they contribute too. Every single question sent to Dr Shave is answered by email within a target of one hour. The most common questions being related to skin problems such as razor bump, razor burn and irritation after shaving.
We also get a lot of guys looking to start shaving for the first time with a safety razor, what razor to buy, what blades to use, should you shave against the grain? In fact we get so many safety razor questions we made a tutorial ‘how to safety razor’ video. This has proved hugely popular with over 154,000 views in only 9 months. We also have another four videos on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ExecutiveShaving

Dr Shave’s Book of Shaving

We commissioned this book so that men can have a handy one-stop guide to all aspects of wet shaving. Learn good practice, what tools you need, shaving tips and more. The book can be read online or downloaded.
What’s next for The Executive Shaving Company
Our new website is due to launch during February 2016, it will be ‘responsive’ so it will work equally well on mobile phones (cell phones in USA), tablets and desktop computers.
Our stainless steel Single Edge Razor is also due shortly, it will retail around £120.00 ($170); it will be made here in Scotland.
We hope to launch an all-natural shaving cream in the very near future; this will also be made locally, initial test samples have been well received and this will complete our portfolio for the time being.
The future is bright!


Some software from the Executive shaving lineup


Just a couple of the brushes offered from Executive Shaving!

Now, as you read Brian has been at The Executive Shaving Company since 2009 however the company is 13 years old! The executive Shaving Company is based out of Glasgow, Scotland and is in fact the Largest independent men’s shaving and grooming web store in the UK.  the website is fantastic and there seems to be some exciting changes to come in 2016 to make it even easier to use for everyone including mobile users.
In talking with Brian and the others at The Executive Shaving Company it was easy to tell that they were extremely knowledgeable and passionate about mens grooming. It was great to exchange emails with Brian and ask him numerous questions about products and the future of Executive shave and their products. Detailed answers were given, and not generic mumbo jumbo. Truly a great gentleman to deal with and talk shaving!

Please go an Check out The Executive Shaving Company online and browse the site. Tons of information and also great products to purchase as well. From Fragrances to razor blades and brushes and everything in between that a man needs to look, feel, and smell great!

Cheers everyone! I hope you enjoyed this interview and information post about The Executive Shaving Company. I certainly enjoyed writing it and learning more about another fellow wet shaver and online retailer!!!










  1. mickeyobe · February 2, 2016

    Thank you, Dr. Shave and Mr, Froogle.
    A superior presentation without garish music and with excellent photography.

    Liked by 1 person

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