A Scent for all you tobacco lovers

I’m starting to mix it up a bit here on the Canuck shaver. I’m really digging fragrances lately and I figured I would post here videos and reviews of scents that I love and give some suggestions on Soaps and or aftershaves that match up well with them. Up First BURBERRY LONDON!!!If you want to watch my Youtube review, here is a link to my recent review or you can click the image!!!!

Burberry London Review




Burberry London was released in 2006 as an Oriental Spicy. The perfumer is Antoine Maisondieu who has done other fragrances for Gucci, Tom Ford, Lanvin, and Many Many others including numerous other Burberry fragrances.

First thing I will do is list the notes of the fragrance and then I will list what I get from the fragrance.

Top Notes : Lavender, Bergamot, Cinnamon

Mid Notes : Mimosa, Leather

Base Notes : Tobacco, Opoponax, Guaiac Wood, Oakmoss

Just from reading the notes of Leather and Tobacco and Cinnamon I was attracted to this scent and wanted to get some.

For me this fragrance opens up with some sweet honey like notes with a beautiful natural cinnamon(not like a cinnamon candy) with just a hint of floral lavender. Also, there is some kind of dried fruit notes to my nose when it opens. This opening lasts on me for about 30 minutes and then the fragrance settles down and the leather, tobacco, and some amberish woods come out. The Tobacco, cinnamon and leather combine to make a beautiful scent that is slightly sweet yet masculine

This scent reminds me of a kitchen during the holidays with mulled cider on the stove and Christmas baking in the oven. It is outstanding!!!!!



The bottle even has a little jacket on it!! So you know its gotte be a great winter/cold weather fragrance.

Performance wise I get on average about 6-7 hours. It projects well for about 3 hours on my skin and then I get whiffs every so often for up to seven hours. It is not beastly by any means but I do think the performance is good and shouldn’t scare anyone away from purchasing a decant or bottle.

Price ranges from about $60 to $75USD on Sephora for a 50mL – 100mL bottle.Or about $68 – $88 at Canadian retailers.

That being said I am sure you can get better deals on the internet and possibly find this juice at Winners, Marshalls, TJ MAxx if you are lucky. Even at full price I think this is a Gem that any man can wear.


As for pairings I think the perfect soaps to match with this are Phoenix Artisan Accouterments Cavendish, Henri et Victoria Cognac and Cuban Cigars, and Pall Mall Barbers Sandalwood and Clove cream.

As for aftershaves I think any Bay Rum would work very nicely with this frag as the cinnamon would mix very well. I personally have used Barberry Coast Bay Rum splash and Elvado West Indies Bay Rum balm with this frag and they were both outstanding!!!


The sweet pipe tobacco scent of Cavendish is just amazing with Burberry London

Thanks for stopping by everyone!!! I hope you enjoy this change of pace and maybe I will continue to do fragrance reviews like this.

Keep smooth and smelling great!!



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