Resolutions, Restraint, Spending Freeze!!

Whether you call it a spending freeze, a restraint or even a resolution you have likely heard one of these terms. If not….well, its a period of time where you don’t buy any shave gear or shave related gear. Some people just try and go a month while others try to do full years. Some of thees restraints do allow the purchase of DE blades if you run out or to get a razor honed…..although buying blades is frowned upon as it is not hard to figure out how many you would need to last a year. Myself, well I have entered a few monthly restraints with very little success. however I am embarking on a restraint that may be of EPIC proportions………………

Now why in the world would I do something like this? Did I piss off my wife?…nope. Did I go bankrupt?….nope. Do I just have way too much stuff??? Absolutely not, you can never have too much stuff!

The reason for my self induced spending freeze/ restraint is actually quite simple. My current family of three will be a family of four in MAY, for a few fleeting moments and then will be a family of FIVE!!!!!

Simply put, my wife and I are expecting twins in Late may. We are over the moon excited, scared, nervous, happy, you name the emotion and we have felt it in the past month. Needless to say money will be tight for anything that isn’t a necessity for a bit.

So have any of you done this sort of thing? Or have you even paired down your den before buying more soaps etc to fill it back up? I’m interested in how many readers have participated in such things and if it actually helps keep costs down in the long run??

Now how will this affect this blog and my Youtube channel? The quick answer is that I have no idea. however, up until they are born I will continue to write posts and put out Youtube videos(I know I need to get on this). I will continue to review products like I always have. I enjoy writing this blog far too much to put it on hold. Ive also had a few people message me asking about a new video coming out soon…..

I actually did a Collaboration video with Chad for our Winter Fragrance starting lineups. You can click the link below to see this!!



And of course I have been still shaving. I have just been getting the new house ready for the twins arrival. But here are a few of my most recent shave!!





As for my shaves they were all very good aside from my shave with the Fatboy. In short I will be putting that razor away for a long while. When I need an adjustable I will reach for my black beauty which works wonderfully for me.

Now onto some of the highlights of my past shaves.

#1 The Reef Point Espresso is just a wonderful cold weather soap. It performs well above average and quite honestly near the top of the heap when it comes to artisan soaps. The scent is strong and something I look forward to sniffing whenever I use it…..and sometimes just randomly when I see it in my drawer. It is such a warm rich scent that took me by surprise when I got it. I’m not sure what I expected, but what I got was one of my top cold weather soaps and one I recommend to anyone who will listen to me.

#2 Truefitt & Hill 1805 cream. Oh I have it dialed in now and it is just pure luxury. Rich, slick, creamy protective lather for days with this outstanding cream. It just happens to be one of my all time favorite scents that I have ever gotten my nose on as well. I got this as a gift, but now that I have used it many times I would not hesitate to buy it again when I finish it….or try a different cream from T&H. It really is super luxurious and something I love using on days when I just need to lift my spirits and take some time to myslf for a great relaxing shave.

#3 Burberry London EdT. This cologne is awesome. It is perfect for COLD weather…Id almost say the colder the better. This is a scent that has Tobacco, Leather, cinnamon, and woods among other notes. I get a honey note as well from this frag that adds some sweetness. If you are a tobacco scented soap fan like I am then this is a great fragrance to add to your collection. Slightly sweet yet definitely masculine. I paired it with Cavendish shave soap and Havana Balm to keep the tobacco theme rolling. I must say I felt like I smelled amazing. I get like a vibe like there is some mulled cider going in the kitchen and some baking in the oven. Sweet, with honey, with a touch of cinnamon and the lovely tobacco and a touch of leather. One thing I will say is that this fragrance has a Jekyll and Hyde personality on me from time to time. What I mean for that is that it normally projects pretty well well 3 hour plus then gets a bit lighter and remains close to the skin for about 6-8 hours. However once in a while the scent will come off my skin within that 4-6 hour period a waft away. Its very strange that it does that, but I won’t complain because its always nice to get some sillage from your frag and not have to sniff your wrist to search for it. This has quickly become a winter favorite and I think my fellow wetshavers would love this scent.(youtube video review coming soon!)


I hope everyone has been having a great 2016 thus far. I know mine is going to be a crazy one to say the least, but at least I have my shaving to keep me relaxed and grounded. A nice 15-30 minute shave will be something I will miss come this summer.


Cheers all and thanks for listening to my ramblings!!!




  1. mickeyobe · January 14, 2016

    “The reason for my self induced spending freeze/ restraint is actually quite simple. My current family of three will be a family of four in MAY, for a few fleeting moments and then will be a family of FIVE!!!!!”
    Frugal Jimmy,
    I am related to identical twins so I know of what I talk
    REJOICE. You are about to embark upon a great and joyful adventure with some of the most delightful folks you can ever know.
    So relax and accept with gratitude what is about to change your family’s life for more love and fun and awe than you ever imagined.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Froogle_Jimmy · January 14, 2016

      Thanks for that man. I appreciate your comment a great deal. We are over the moon for sure!!!!


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