Becaues I’m all about that BAY, bout that BAY, NO ARKO

Now that that song is stuck in your head I bring to you one of my final (maybe final) blog posts of the year. I want to talk about stuff you use not just in the winter but around the holiday season. Do you have a certain soap, or splash or fragrance that just screams CHRISTMAS TIME or Holiday Season???


Up until earlier this week I had some fall/winter scents that I liked as they are robust and deep and heavy etc, but I hadn’t really thought much about an actual combo or scent profile for the Holiday season for getting together with family, Christmas parties and concerts etc. Well all that changed. My wife came into the bathroom as I was finishing my shave with my Elvado West Indies Bay Rum Soap and applying my Matching Elvado balm and she said ‘smells Christmasy’ in here. So I asked if that was a good thing and the verified that it was. So I proceeded to apply some Barberry Coast Bay Rum splash on over top of the balm just for a bit more staying power. In all honesty these smell very very similar to my nose. And when I thought about it, it was obvious that this would remind people of the Holiday season. Clove and cinnamon are spices I always remember smelling at Christmas time at my house and anywhere I went. Add in a splash of rum for all of us who like to get just a tad bit more ‘FESTIVE’ and boom. Bay Rum is now in full force as one of my Christmas scents. Of course I like a little vanilla and sweetness as well.

Now for the shave!!



Razor : Gillette Black Beauty adjustable

Blade : Bolzano

Soap : Elvado West Indies Bay Rum

Balm : Elvado West Indies Bay Rum

Aftershave Splash : Barberry Coast Bay Rum no.28

Brush : The BlueBeard’s Revenge Corsair

the scent of this shave was amazing. Just spicy Bay Rum. Yummy yummy. I dialed the razor down to a #2 setting as I was trimming my neck for a second day in a row and wanted to minimize any chance of irritation. I loaded a Bolzano into the razor in hopes of a great shave. I always hear how great the Bolzanos are I was hoping to feel the same way.

The soap lathered very easily after a short loading and the scent really came out. A nice thick lather with good cushioning was what I got. The shave was effortless but I wasn’t blown away by the Bolzano. It was good but not for the price per blade and didn’t find it any better than most blades….just my opinion after using a few of these blades.

The balm was very soothing and the splash just added an even more deep intoxicating scent to this great shave.

the brush was actually my first badger and it is a good little brush. It is a bit of a lather hog, but is a great intro into badgers. The handle is small and I really like it for my hands.

Overall the shave was nice and ended up with a DFS shave! As long as the wife keeps digging this scent you know I will keep on using it!!!


So what are your HOLIDAY scents?

I Hope all of you have a great Holiday season whether you celebrate Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Diwali,…..whatever it is I just hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable time with family and friends!!











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