Upcoming excitement!!

I am very excited about an upcoming post on my blog. I am doing a Q & A with an extremely knowledgeable and Well known wet shaver. This gentleman knows as much or more about Vintage Gillette razors than anyone else I know. Not only does he have the knowledge be he also actually owns or has owned the majority of Gillettes EVER made!!! So Keep your eyes peeled for that upcoming post. It will hopefully lead to a Video Q & A on my Youtube channel !!!


Over the past week or so I haven’t posted on my blog. A couple of reasons being I had family in town, and I am trying out a new shaving strategy.


The Strategy is to work through a bunch of samples I have and clean up some space in my shave den. Mind you I don’t have a ton of samples but I have enough that this may take me a month or two thanks to my generous fellow wetshavers. Now the first soap sample I have attacked is none other than Barrister & Mann’s Fougere Aromatique. I have used this soap for all but one of my last 7 shaves.


Using 4 different brushes and two different razors during the testing. I also used a Rapira Swede an Astra SP and A Personna Lab Blue. As for the blades they all gave wonderful shaves but were noticeably different. The Lab being the sharpest by a bit and the Rapira and Astra being similar with the Swede being slightly sharper and the Astra slightly smoother. I like them all with the Edwin Jagger DE89 head razors.

Now the brushes all worked wonderfully in the Fougere whipping it up with absolute ease. The boars tearing into it the fastest while the synth whipped up the lather slightly quicker on the face. I probably don’t need to say it but my fave was and still is the Semogue Owners Club boar…..such a wonderful brush to face and bowl lather despite the mess it can make!!!!

As for aftershaves I have been using Thayer’s cucumber with the fougere to finish my shaves with the Thayer’s lemon getting one shot when I applied  my Elvado wild mint lime balm……turned out to be a very enjoyable pairing with the soap. All other shaves were finished with Elvado West Indies Bay Rum balm!! I really love this balm. Such a killer bay rum and great performance as well. A couple of times I splashed on Barberry Coast Bay Rum Splash just for the heck of it.

Now, lets talk about the soap. I wish I had never tried it!!!! That’s right. I should have left it in my shelving unit and dimissed it. Why? Its a discontinued scent that will never be made again(I assume) and I am in love with it. Typical B&M performance with an absolutely knockout of a scent. I had tried two fougeres prior to this and had always waffled if I was a fan or not. I used MDC fougere and a fougere by Fitjar really early in my wet shaving journey. Sadly I didn’t know what to expect when I tried the Fitjar and traded it after just one use…..bad call. The MdC I tried about 6 months ago I think and it was really nice…still my nose was new to fragrances and I wasn’t blown away by the scent but did enjoy it.

Now that I have been into fragrances for the past few months and I have smelled lots of wonderful fragrances I have come to appreciate Fougere scents……this being a fantastic one. Its a scent that could be worn all year in my opinion and if I had a tub I think I would just use it everyday until I finished it….its that nice. I’m sad that I only have a couple more uses left in the sample, but now I have a goal to find another fougere to take its place!!!

Overall an absolutely awesome soap that would likely be in my top 5  along with Diamond, Schafmilch, Ferox and Rhapsody.



Yesterday I switched it up and went with an international shave of some sorts.

Razor : Gillette Aristocrat (USA)

Blade : Personna Lab (USA)

Brush : HTGAM/Zenshave LE (CANADA/USA)

Soap : Fitjar Frost Rose (NORWAY)

Aftershave : Elvado West Indies Bay Rum (CANADA)


An excellent shave….not as good as my recent shaves with The Fougere Aromatique but very nice. To be honest I rememeber not liking the Personna in OC razors and it felt a bit rough….not enough to irritate but just slightly noticeable.

The soap has a Beautiful rose scent that is absolutely on point. It smells like you are sniffing a dozen roses without being overly feminine. One of the first floral scents that I really enjoyed before before knowing how certain notes work with one another and realizing floral doesn’t mean  feminine. Sadly Fitjar was forced to close its doors due to the difficulty of producing cosmetics in Norway and there extremely tight and expensive regulations(from what I have heard/read).

I finished of this shave with Bay Rum…..Bay Rum you may ask?? Yes, I saw Chris Cullen(Catie’s Bubbles artisan) post that he had used bay rum with a floral scented soap(not sure if it was rose) and that they paired really well. Well, he was 100% right. Rose and Rum is awesome!!! Almost as good as Guns and Roses!! LOL, anyways it was the Elvado West Indies Bay Rum that I chose to finish the shave with. outstanding closer to a less than perfect but still DFS shave.



Thanks for reading as always guys and girls and keep an eye out for my next post and or video coming soon!!!!










  1. Andrew Joyce · November 17, 2015

    Looking forward to your Q&A with the Vintage Gillette Guy. Maybe he owns them all but I’m convinced none would be better than the 30’s Crat you often sport!!! I know its my fav and I too own pretty much them all ( except the really exotics – bottom dial FB etc) All the best!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Froogle_Jimmy · November 17, 2015

      Cheers bro. I’m sure he’s got a couple of the super rare….in fact I know he does!!!


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