Some things change, while some things stay the same.

Yes, I have been busy lately and haven’t been writing on my blog very much….less than twice a week I think. However I have been shaving and I have noticed a couple of things over my past couple of shaves……..


When I first started wetshvaing I got a sample of Bay Rum Soap…..NOPE. That was not my thing I said to myself. I kept on seeing guys using Captains Choice, Dominica you name it, I saw it. I just didn’t know why. Well fast forward a couple of years and I am now a Bay Rum addict. I love it. Spicy, mild, sweet, citrusy, lots of burn, or minimal burn, Soap, cream, balm or splash….however it can be used I am a fan.

Lats nights shave was a journey through Bay Rum bliss for me. The Elvado Soap is a strong and spicy bay rum and the matching balm just does that….it matches the soap. normally I find balms to have fairly mild scents(not always a bad thing). but this balm has quite a potent scent. This sharp and spicy bay rum really is great for the clove and traditional bay rum lovers.

Since I shaved at night all I had to do this morning was splash on something…..What better choice than Barberry Coast Bay Rum? This is a bit smoother of a Bay Rum and has hints of Vanilla and Citrus. The vanilla and citrus are not pronounced at all but definitely set this splash apart from other Bay Rums. OUTSTANDING!!!

As you can see I also went with the injector and Zenshave brush making it an all Canadian shave last night. Only the Barberry Coast splash is American and I used it this morning!!! Overall the shave was wonderful. not perfect, but easy and enjoyable.


Razor : Schick Injector

Soap : Elvado West Indies Bay Rum

Brush : Zenshave/HTGAM LE

Balm : Elvado West Indies Bay Rum

Splash : Barberry Coast Bay Rum no.28



This shave was FULL ON VETIVER!!!

Id have to say it is my favorite note right now. I just love it.

Razor : Ej DE89 head/ iKon Bulldog handle

Blade : Astra SP

Soap : B&M Ferox

Brush : Muhle Synth

Splash : Henri et Victoria Bergamot-Vetiver

Fragrance : Tom Ford Grey Vetiver

A great shave that was only trumped by the scents. Ferox soap is a great vetiver, peppery, grapefruit scented soap that I had normally reserved for warm weather, but feel it is a year round scent now. Outstanding stuff.

The Bergamot vetiver splash is outstanding and does well on its own. I think it goes extremely well with Terre D’Hermes EdT or EdP, but it lead wonderfully into Tom Ford’s Grey Vetiver. I love this frag as it seems very classy and casual. something that can really be worn anytime and not offend anyone. It’s a very vetiver heavy scent with some woods and a slight citrus hit.

The shave was decent but I pushed the blade one shave too many. Still DFS and very comfy.



Both shaves shared the EJ Barley Gold Razor and Astra SP, as well as the Havana Aftershave Balm


Razor : Edwin Jagger Barley Gold

Blade : Astra SP

Soap : Stirling Barbershop

Brush : Plisson

Balm : Barberry Coast Havana


Razor : Edwin Jagger Barley Gold

Blade : Astra SP

Soap : Barrister and Mann DIAMOND

Brush : Semogue Owners Club Boar

Balm : Barberry Coast Havana

I was amazed at how great the Astra SP performed on both of these shaves. The EJ with an astra was my go to when I first started shaving but I have since started going with Feathers and other blades….now I’m not sure I should have switched. Now I will not claim its the sharpest blade, but for me it is a super consistent blade. My issue was I always(and still do) want to try the latest and greatest blades etc. If something works, why switch??

Diamond is my new #1 soap while Stirling was at one point my top soap, and wow did it surprise me the other day. It smells delicious and provided me with an outstanding shave.

I grouped these two shaves together as they were easily two of the best shaves I have ever gotten. I was a bit surprised because I used an Astra blade…….not anymore. I think I need to grab some more!!

It was a great last few shaves and its nice to know that my original set up is still a great one!!

I hope you all had great weeks, take care and shave on!!!



  1. Gabor · November 10, 2015

    Hey, I’m thinking of buying a Muhle Synth. How do you like it? Would you recommend it? I mainly use hard shaving soaps.


    • Froogle_Jimmy · November 10, 2015

      I really enjoy mine. I would possibly go with the large or XL size if I get another one. I think it is a really nice brush though. Different than a Plisson, but both are fantastic.


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