Edwin Jagger Barley Gold DE Razor Review

A bit over a month ago I was contacted by Edwin Jagger out of the United Kingdom. I was asked if I would be willing to do a few reviews on some of their products and without any hesitation I agreed. Of course informed them that I would only post my 100% honest reviews. They obliged and a couple of weeks later I had a package from Edwin Jagger on my doorstep!!! The box had different software to try out and also one piece that absolutely stole my attention……The Edwin Jagger Barley Gold DE razor. The following is my written review of this razor.


Straight off the top I have to thank the people at Edwin Jagger for graciously sending me this razor along with the rest of the package contents. I also need to thank Jojo and Joel(You guys know who you are) for tagging me in the post on Instagram where Edwin Jagger mentioned they were looking for Bloggers and Youtubers. In all honesty it made me pretty proud of my blog and Youtube channel to know that people read and watch and think I do a good job. So again, thank you to all of my followers and subscribers!!!!

Since this is my first straight up razor review I am going to try to have a few categories to base my review on. Perhaps this will become my standard for ratings or maybe I will add or subtract categories.


As I have said before Edwin Jagger razors are second to none when it comes to fit and finish. The finish on this razor is nothing short of immaculate. The gold simply shimmers and shines when the light hits it. You WILL NOT find a single blemish on the entire razor. Clearly the Quality Control team over at Edwin Jagger is doing a fantastic job and not letting anything slip past. I could seriously base buying this razor just off of how good it looks. It is an absolute stunner. If you watch my Edwin Jagger Unboxing video(HERE’S THE LINK) you can see on my face just how impressed by the razor I am. I also own the Edwin Jagger DE89L which is beautiful as well……but the Barley gold just stands out from the pack.

It also screws and unscrews flawlessly and you have no worries about the blade not aligning once its loaded….cause some razors have issues with this unfortunately.

The overall design of this razor is a classic three-piece with some modern flair/beauty. Out-FREAKING-Standing!!

And did I mention it looks awesome in shave of the day pics??



As for a rating on the appearance I give it an absolute perfect score!!! A++, 100%……..


Part #1 – Feel and Grip

This is a mid weight razor. It is not as heavy as a stainless steel iKon or an Above the Tie, but it is definitely heavier than any low-end plastic or those cheap Chinese razors you can find on auction sites. A great thing about it being a three-piece razor is that if you like a bit heavier razor you can swap in a stainless steel handle. The medium weight of the razor makes it easy to maneuver and allows the razor to do most of the work when shaving. I feel it’s a great weight as you get some of the benefits of a light razor with it being nimble and easy to move around the face without feeling clunky, while you also get some weight to it which really helps in not applying added pressure while shaving(A major downfall with light razors).


As for the grip I really enjoy it. not only does it look great but it is also effective. I find it is just slightly less grippy than my DE89L. That being said I haven’t had any issues with grip so it may just be in my head because I really down want to drop this beauty. The grip does feel really nice in my hand though. I have tried a similar grip from a cheaper razor and it almost felt sharp in comparison…..not a good thing. This grip feels nice and there isn’t any risk of slippage unless you get really messy.

As for Grip and Feel Ill give it an A or about and 85-90% Score.

Part #2

Aggression and Efficiency – This razor is a Mild to medium aggression razor. Many guys call this razor head design a “beginners razor” which honestly is a ridiculous term. Not everyone love über aggressive razors like the Muhle R41. Sure this razor is mild to mid aggression but I know a lot of guys(myself included) who like that in a daily razor. This is the perfect aggression if you are a daily shaver. You could have with this every day and not worry about chewing up your skin or really causing damage to your skin. I have used more aggressive razors daily shaving and after a couple of days my face definitely got sensitive and irritated. So DON’T call this a beginners razor because new shavers to experienced shavers alike love this razor.

All that being said I do feel like the DE89 series, or any razor from Edwin Jagger with this head design, is the perfect choice for someone starting out. Its mild enough that your first shave won’t be a blood bath, yet aggressive enough to get a great close shave that will last the day.

So if I had to rate the AGGRESSION I would give it a 6. 10 being Extremely aggressive and 1 being the mildest razor you can find. I won’t make this part of the final score because this is so much more up to the user as to what they like.

Efficiency! To be blunt this razor gives me great 3 pass shaves. Is it the most efficient razor I own? No, it doesn’t match the efficiency of my open combs. However for being a mild aggression shaver it is very efficient. And the best part is that it is super consistent. For a rating I would give it a 7 out of 10. I don’t think you can expect any better from a razor with this aggression unless maybe it was a slant or an Open Comb.



Prices are from the Edwin Jagger Website

50 pounds (including VAT) 41.67 excluding vat

$85.97 USD (including VAT) $71 excluding vat

$112 CAD (including VAT) $92 excluding vat

As you can see this is NOT the cheapest razor. In this case you do get what you pay for in my opinion. As I mentioned earlier I have the Edwin Jagger DE89L as well as this razor and it is still immaculate after 20+ months of use. I don’t see this razor being any different in quality and how long it will last. While the price may not suit the budget of some wetshavers, I feel that if you have the coin this is a razor well worth splurging on…..especially for what you get in quality appearance and consistency.

As for a rating I will give it a 7.5 out of 10.

#4 Value

Yes price and value differ greatly in my opinion on this one. Is it pricey…yes, but it is an outstanding razor for the price. I have used razors at this price level and above that had quality issues or just didn’t compare with Edwin Jagger’s quality.

For value this is a 9 out of 10


Now Im not going to add up my scores and average them out. What I am going to do is take everything into consideration as the categories in my opinion are not equally weighted.

I love this Razor. I would, and DO, recommend this razor to anyone looking to get into wetshaving or looking to upgrade their current razor. I cannot think of a single negative thing to say about this razor. Since I received it I have used it for the majority of my shaves….and that says a lot considering how much I love my other DE’s. This IS a MODERN CLASSIC. If you are looking to get someone a gift or buying a new razor and don’t want to have to worry about quality issues THIS IS YOUR RAZOR. I have never heard a single negative about Edwin Jagger’s quality and I won’t be the first. AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!!! If I need a great shave and cannot risk a bad one I reach for my EJ or Aristocrat. This razor also is consistent with any blade I put in it which is great. From an Astra to a Feather this razor flat-out performs.

For my FINAL RATING I give this a 9.5 out of 10!!!!! the price is the only thing I would hold against it at all. If you buy this expecting an aggressive super efficient razor like a Muhle R41 you will be disappointed. But if you do your research and want a mild-medium aggression razor that looks absolutely amazing as a daily shaver you need not look any further!!!


Cheers everyone and I hope you liked my review. I will be doing a video review, as well, in the future for this razor. So keep an eye out for that!!!

Keep it smooth and have a great rest of the week!!!



  1. Anthony · September 18, 2016

    Great review and brilliant pictures!


  2. Chris seeker · January 22

    Great photos and review. Hard to resist such a beautiful razor. I have a gold Fatip Grande but the finish came off when I used a metal polish on it! BTW, isn’t a razor hardware rather than software? Not sure what shaving software might be – shaving soap?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Froogle_Jimmy · January 22

      Thanks…you are right. A razor IS hardware. Software is soap, aftershave, balms etc.


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