A New #1 Soap is here!!!

For the past while now I haven’t been giving Haslinger Schafmilch the clear #1 spot amongst my favorite soaps. In fact its may have even dropped to third. Yes, that’s right there are a couple of soaps in my den that I am super impressed by and have earned a permanent spot. However one has really edged ahead in the past few weeks.


It may not come as a surprise to many who read my blog but Barrister & Mann Diamond is my new #1 soap. This soap just blows me away each time I use it. I almost get a different scent each time I use it. Well, I mean the scent kind of changes each time and I get more of certain notes with each shave. It is just awesome. And I think the Fall is the perfect season to use this soap. Especially with Playoff Baseball here it is just fitting to give it the top spot.

The way in which I knew it was my NEW #1 is that I was getting ready for an even and wanted to use my top stuff and look and smell my best. As I looked through my soaps I couldn’t stop thinking about Diamond and just how great it performs and how great it smells. Then I grabbed Barberry Coast Havana Balm and my Thierry Mugler Pure Malt decant.

To say these three scents worked well together would be a massive understatement. I love the aroma these three gave off and the Mugler Pure Malt is OUTSTANDING in every aspect. Off the top it is wonderful and the drydown is so rich and bold….it is going to be my signature scent for fall I think. Even my beautiful wife likes it!!!

Unfortunately I forgot to include the balm in the pictures….but trust me it was there!



Razor : Gillette Aristocrat TTO OC

Blade : Feather

Brush : Zenshave 2-Band


Aftershave Balm : Barberry Coast Havana

Fragrance : Thierry Mugler Pure Malt

What a fantastic shave. Exactly what I wanted and needed. Rich scents from all the software and outstanding consistency from the hardware. I have become a massive fan of the Feather blades…at one time I hated them, but that was before my technique was very good. The OC is so efficient and beautiful.

The Zenshave brush is a work of art and the 2-Band knot is simply perfect. I would not trade this brush for anything to be honest. Love how soft it is once soaked and the amount of backbone is the perfect balance.

Oh, THE SOAP!!! Yes Diamond is just about perfect. Earthy and rich and masculine. Notes of beer, grass, leather and caramel are just perfectly blended and make each shave an experience. Great slickness and protection as well as great post shave make this soap my new top pick!! I never thought a soap would be able to over take my beloved Schafmilch, but alas the Diamond has and I am wondering if any soap will ever be able to dethrone it. Not to mention I feel that Diamond just has so many things that can pair well with it.

Kudos to Barrister & Mann for an OUSTANDING SOAP!!!

Just a quick word on the Pure Malt. I LOVE IT. I love the Malty, woody aromas along with a smokiness and the slight fruity notes. This stuff lasts on my skin forever as well.


Well, that’ll do it for now. I hope everyone had a great weekend, and has an awesome rest of the week!!!!



  1. Andrew · October 5, 2015

    Go Jays Go!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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