Tobacco and the Barbershop

Autumn is definitely here on the East coast, and I for one love it. The temperature drops quite a bit from sundown till sun up, but the days are warm and beautiful. With the cooler temps approaching I’m excited to use some newer scents and some old favorites that I just don’t reach for in the warmer weather. That means using lots of Tobacco scents and robust warming scents. This morning I actually reached for an old favorite and fell back in love with it. Yesterday I used one of my newest scents that will be a prominent player in the months to come…..Oh, and more info on my upcoming giveaway!!!


I love Autumn. I can say it a million times and it is true each and every time. My last two shaves I figured I would use 2 different soaps that remind me of fall…or at least soap scents that I love to use in the fall.

First up was my newest shaving soap from Henri et Victoria. It is called Cognac and Cuban Cigars… god the scent on this is bang on. This is a soap that upon first sniff I was in love. Not all soaps have that impression….some I have slowly fallen in love with, but not this one. It was instantaneous. The sweet tobacco and the wonderful leather and wood aroma mixed with a hint of cognac are intoxicating. If I owned a cigar shop or a gentleman’s shop of some sort this would be what I wanted it to smell like. I already love tobacco scents and this just forced its way up near the top of my fave tobacco soaps. **** all of Henri et Victoria soaps are all on sale right now as are the balms and splashes. I highly recommend them!!!

Henri et VIctoria WEBSITE

Not only does it smell great but it is a great quality in the scent. It smells rich and full. No need to search for the scent on this soap at all. And when it is lathered the aroma fills the bathroom….I could stand and smell this soap all day in the bathroom. The quality of the lather is great as well. I have used it about 4 or 5 times now and have used different brushes and used different amounts of water as well as done test lathers. I can tell you the lather holds up well regardless of the amount of water you throw at it. It’s not super thirsty like some soaps though. However if you add more water you will really improve the slickness and not kill the lather. But if you like super rich and thick lather take it easy one the water and this stuff becomes like silky yogurt.


Razor : Edwin Jagger Barley Gold

Blade : Feather

Soap : Henri et Victoria Cognac and Cuban Cigars

Brush : Zenshave/HTGAM LE collaboration

Aftershave Balm : Henri et Victoria Cognac and Cuban Cigars

Aftershave : Henri et Victoria Cognac and Cuban Cigars

Fragrance : Viktor and Rolf SPICEBOMB

So the shave itself was so DAMN enjoyable. I think the robust scents just add to the experience. The soap lathered easily and provided me with good protection and lots of slickness as I tested the amount of water I could throw at it. The Zenshave brush really whipped up a great lather on my face. I don’t use my other badgers too often because this one flat-out out-performs them. Soft, nice backbone, and looks fantastic and is not a big lather hog like my silvertip.

The EJ with a feather was perfect. Great clean effortless shave left me DFS with zero irritation! I finished the shave with a bit of Cognac and Cubans balm then splashed on some of the Cognac and Cubans splash. BOOM, this combo lasts for hours on my skin which is awesome. Really awesome scent if you are a tobacco lover. For $11.99 CAD its tough to find a better deal for the quality you get on this soap and the splash and balm are $14.99CAD each…again a great deal. This stuff hits way above its price point for scent quality.


After work I sprayed on some Spicebomb from Viktor and Rolf. This is a really popular fragrance and for good reason. It opens up spicy but not overly spicy that it will offend people. This opening only last about 30 minutes then the fragrance settles down into a wonderful scent that reminds me of Christmas baking and gingerbread. It is awesome. Even though I wish the spiciness lasted throughout the resulting dry down is very pleasing and surely a compliment getting scent. I love the leather and tobacco notes and that is why it paired so well with the Cognac and Cuban cigar soap. A deadly combo for tobacco lovers!!!!



This morning as I rummaged through my soaps it hit me that I hadn’t used this soap for a while. Stirling Barbershop being one of my first full pucks and the first soap I claimed as my favorite. It may not still be on the top of my list, but when I open the tin and smell this scent it makes me sooo happy I got into this hobby. It reminds me of starting out and learning my technique. It reminds me of trying different soaps and thinking just how much I love this particular scent.

I particularly loved the fact that yesterday I had used a brand new soap and today I went with a throwback and got the same resulting wonderful shave….I just took a different way to get there!

Barbershop scents will always be a fave of mine and I reason I love this hobby. This barbershop is nice and creamy to my nose with a nice amount of sweetness. This soap is what I compare all other barbershops too. Not only does it smell great but it has great performance. I find it to be one of the slickest artisan soaps out there. The other performance factors are great as well, but the slickness stands out.


Razor : GIllette Aristocrat TTO OC

Blade : Feather

Soap : Stirling Barbershop

Brush : Semogue Owners Club

Aftershave : The Holy Black Gunpowder Spice

Another lovely shave. The Aristocrat loaded with a feather is a formidable tandem. I have to be a bit more careful when using this duo as it is slightly more aggressive than the EJ and feather. I took my time and winded up with no nicks, cuts, weepers or irritation!! For the first time in a while I got a BBS shave.

The soap loaded onto the SOC with ease after it bloomed while I was in the shower. The lather was nice and slick with nice protection. I only loaded for about 15 seconds and had enough lather for way more than 3 passes…probably close to 5 passes. This brush may be the best $30 I have spent on shaving. It keeps getting better and I find it releases lather really well. It also tears into any soap I throw at it very easily.

To finish the shave I went with The Holy Blacks Gunpowder spice. It is said to be ‘ a mix between the classic Ol’ Spice scent with the added aroma of freshly fired black powder’. So it was a great end to the barbershop feel of the soap. The splash has a nice warmth to it in its scent. Yes, it has whiskey and gunpowder as well but it is inviting and not obtrusive or too in your face. It is a gem that can be used with a lot of soaps. On days that I don’t shave I often splash this on just because I really enjoy the scent.

In the end these past two shaves were a great mix of OLD and NEW and Barbershop and Tobacco. Which do I prefer??? Well it is too soon to tell and I don’t plan on any of this stuff leaving my den until its empty!!



******Now this is what you want to hear about. The Giveaway!!****

In the next day or two I will be making a Youtube video for my channels Giveaway. You MUST be a subscriber to my Youtube Channel to win! I plan on giving away some software and even some tucks of blades etc…..who knows. All I know is there is going to be a puck of soap from one of my favorite artisans along with other goodies. The giveaway will be open until my Channel hits a certain number of subscribers. More details will be in the video, but it will be open to everyone(not just CAN/USA) as long as the international shipping isn’t out of this world. Of course Bonus entries will be given to people who follow both the blog and Channel as well as people who share my videos and posts. Its my way of saying thank you for the support, and YOUR way of saying “We want more content……and Giveaways”

Also, Please check out my latest Youtube Video on Scentbird that I published yesterday and leave me some feedback!! The link is below

SCENTBIRD unboxing and First impression video


Thanks for all your continued support. I love this hobby and need to give back as much as I have benefited over these past 20 months or so.

Keep it clean and smelling good everyone!!


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