Scentbird!!! Unboxed and first impressions!!

So this past Friday I got my first package from Scentbird in the mail. I decided to do an unboxing/first impression video. The scent I chose for my blogger/Youtube review was La Nuit de L’Homme from Yves Saint Laurent(YSL).

First off the packaging is fantastic and the atomizer is great and sleek.


id liken it to the size of a lipstick container. So it is easy to take with you or store in a drawer, jacket pocket, brief case or even a gym bag etc. I think it looks like anodized aluminum or something along those lines. It definitely does not feel cheap. Plus the atomizer recedes into the bottle and out with a twist….very cool.

The scent I chose was La Nuit de L’homme. Reason being is that it gets a lot of attention for being a compliment getter and a great date night scent. Since I cannot wear frags while at work I usually wear them when out with my wife  and when I am around her. So I figured why not get a nice date night scent and maybe it will be the scent I wear to an upcoming wedding I am attending.


So I sprayed it on and got some first impressions to share. This to me really is a nice scent for a date. Not overpowering and I think it is very sexy and seductive. I’ll do a full review after more wearings. But for now I am a fan….my wife thinks it’s just ok and not masculine enough.

Click the picture below for my unboxing and impression video!!! I would really appreciate it.

****Also only subscribers will be entered into my upcoming giveaway!!!


A link to my Youtube video!!!


Cheers everyone and I hope you enjoy me mixing it up a bit!!! Hope you all had a great Monday!!


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