A Tale of TWO shaves!

So this week has been pretty awesome as far as Mail Calls. As you have seen in my previous post I got a box from Edwin Jagger in the UK full of some new wet shaving goodies. Well yesterday I got another mail call which I will review and give a first impression of next week……its more for the fragrance lovers, but should be of interest to wet shavers just the same.

So as great as my mail calls were my shaves were varied greatly in quality unfortunately. Just when I thought I was enjoying a razor that I had a previous love hate relationship it goes and fails me yet again. Fortunately I have a new razor in the den to take its place!!!


To say I have a love hate relationship with my Fatboy would be an understatement. I want to love it…I have loved it, yet I get a lot of sub par shaves when I use it. Yes I have changed settings, blades, angle, soaps etc. Seriously I just cannot get along with this razor. It reminds me of those couples in high school who broke up and got back together 50 times a year. I just have to take it like it is…..a razor that I don’t enjoy. It can sit in its case looking pretty from now on, and possibly sold at a later date. The crazy part is that I have owned at least a half-dozen Fatboys over that past couple years….and each of them gave the same results. Sure, it looks awesome….its just not my thing.

Unlike the song 'FATBOY' by Maximillion, I don't enjoy this razor

Unlike the song ‘FATBOY’ by Maximillion, I don’t enjoy this razor

Fast Forward to my most recent shave with my brand new Barley Gold Edwin Jagger razor and the difference in shaves is drastic. Sure I have only used this razor once, but the head is pretty close to identical to my EJ DE89L. Smooth, comfortable shave nearly %100 of the time unless I get a dud blade or have a software failure. It’s a dumb-reach razor. I know what I am getting and it is super consistently giving close comfortable shaves.


Edwin Jagger Barley Gold DE razor…..it shaves just as good as it looks!!

Edwin Jagger DE89L. My first safety razor and easily the razor I recommend most to people looking at getting into wet shaving. Mild-Medium aggression and a fit and finish as good as razors more than twice the price.

Edwin Jagger DE89L. My first safety razor and easily the razor I recommend most to people looking at getting into wet shaving. Mild-Medium aggression and a fit and finish as good as razors more than twice the price.

Between these to Edwin Jagger razors I am more than happy with my modern DE’s.

Now onto the Shaves.

Shave #1


Razor : Gillette Fatboy

Blade : Astra SP

Brush : Plisson Synthetic

Soap : HTGAM Cavendish

Aftershave : The Barberry Coast Havana

Fragrance : West Third Brand TOBACCO 1812

My shave from Tuesday was all about the tobacco! Despite being slightly overshadowed by the poor performance of the razor the wonderful aromas could NOT be denied. The Cavendish soap with its wonderful sweet pipe tobacco scent is the perfect soap for fall. Robust and a scent that brings back memories of a cigar/pipe shop I used to go to when I was a kid. The soap performed very well providing great lather for 3 passes.

Post shave I applied the Barberry Coast Havana……Oh I love this stuff. Tobacco with a light vanilla and hints of cocoa aroma seriously smells almost good enough to eat. There is also the very slightest menthol kick to this balm which is very pleasant year round just to wake the face up.

The Havana was a prelude to my fragrance of choice for the night. Tobacco 1812 seemed to be the perfect choice to bring the soap and balm together. Tobacco flower with Tonka and I get a vanilla note to my nose as well. this scent is pretty sweet so I tend to be light on the trigger as too much WILL get cloying. Overall a great fragrance for the price.


In the end I smelled great and used a bunch of products that I love but don’t see much action during the hot months. Needless to say this software will get used more and more as the weather cools down.


My first go with some new EDWIN JAGGER software….and razor!


Razor : EJ Barley Gold

Blade : Feather

Soap : Edwin Jagger Limes & Pomegranate

Brush : Muhle Synthetic

Pre-shave : EJ Hydrating Pre-Shave Lotion

Astringent : Thayer’s Lemon

Post shave : EJ Hydrating Aftershave lotion(Aloe Vera)

Fragrance : Jean Paul Gauthier Ultra Male

What a difference in shave quality. I’ll say it once, I’ll say it a MILLION times…”A sharp blade in a mild razor is a great combo’. I love the feather in the DE89 head. It’s a no-brainer for me how easy a shave it is.

I tried the pre-shave lotion and in all honesty couldn’t tell if it made a difference but it felt good on my face.

The soap REALLY surprised me upon first use. The scent to me smells like a soft drink called Tahiti Treat. It was kind of like an exotic cream soda type drink. You almost get a carbonated sense when you smell this….very intriguing and really nice to my nose because I haven’t seen Tahiti treat for years and I used to love it. So there is a nostalgia thing going for it. Now the tub is small and I got soap all over the place. Despite that I have no issue with smaller pucks. In fact I like the smaller pucks because I have so many soaps that I will never use up. Having smaller pucks means you go through them faster which in turn means you need to try MORE SOAPS!!!! This is a very hard soap. I bloomed it while in the shower and found the Muhle loaded up very easily. The lather I got was very nice, but I will refrain from talking to much about it until I get a few more shaves with it under my belt.

After the shave which was a wonderful DFS….so close to BBS, I splashed on some soothing Thayer’s lemon. Once dried I used the sample of EJ aftershave lotion. This scent was fantastic. Fresh and just a really nice scent that I have smelled before somewhere.


To finish I went with Jean Paul Gauthier’s latest release ULTRA MALE. This scent smells like cream soda to me so I figured “PERFECT MATCH” to the soap which shares some of the same scent qualities. While I like this scent it comes off a little sweet and possibly too young for me. It would be a great scent to wear to the bars/clubs for a younger guy. I won’t buy a bottle but will surely continue to use my sample until its gone as it is pretty easy to wear casually.

Hope you guys and gals all have a killer weekend!!!

Shave on my friends!


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