Is Summer over?? plus….I was BOARed this weekend

Well, I think the summer weather has finally come to an end after this past weekend. It was a bit cool and dreary and the warm nights are now behind us. However I want to hold onto the summer feeling for just a bit longer. Despite the fall here on the East Coast being absolutely gorgeous I needed to use some products that really invoke the feeling of summer a couple more times. So I pulled out a couple of the best smelling and most summery soaps I have in my den!!


Now, if you follow my blog or Instagram it is obvious I am a massive fan of all Barrister and Mann soaps, but I also love Cold River Soap Works Select Citrus. Sadly I rarely use the CRSW. I am not sure why because this stuff is right along side B&M in every aspect. The Ferox soap and CRSW Citrus are simply monsters in the citrus soap sector. Performance-wise I don’t think anything tops these two. In fact they are so good I will probably use them all year round when I need a bright pick me up on a cold or dreary day. Sure, its time to put away all the highly mentholated soaps for a while, but these beauties can stick around for a while.

Both of my shaves this weekend were actually inspired by members of the Wet Shaving community and Fragrance community. My Saturday shave was inspired by all of the talk about Christian Dior’s Sauvage EdT fragrance. I have had a sample for a week or so now and I am really enjoying it despite all the lack lustre reviews in the community. As for the soap I chose in Ferox it was an easy match with the peppery citrus opening of the Dior Sauvage. I would say this is a perfect scent pairing….or darn close. I also splashed on some Henri et Victoria Bergamot-Vetiver for some post shave pleasure.


Sunday was a dreary day and I had just finished reading some Facebook posts on peoples scent of the day. One popped out at me and that was Jaime Cobos. He was wearing Orange Sanguine from Atelier Colognes. I wore this same scent quite a bit this summer, but a lot on my vacation to Prince Edward Island with our great friends from BC. So not only did this scent remind me of Summer, but also of some great times….A win win. An easy pairing was CRSW Citrus. This combo was as uplifting as it gets. So much orange with a touch of grapefruit in the soap.





Razor : Gillette Milord

Blade : Feather

Soap : Barrister and Mann FEROX

Brush : Oscar11 with Omega Boar knot

Aftershave : Henri et Victoria Bergamot-Vetiver

Fragrance : Dior SAUVAGE

A beautiful bouquet of grapefruit, bergamot, vetiver and peppery goodness. The combination of scents in this shave are spectacular. Firstly the soap is outstanding. I love the Peppery grapefruit and just how zesty/tangy it smells. It is mostly grapefruit but there are other notes that add so much to the scent. The Oscar11 boar brush simply tears into hard soaps with ease. The knot is sunk a couple of extra millimeters and gives it added backbone. This is a nice change from the Semogue boars I own which do have higher lofts. The Milord loaded with a Feather is just an awesome combo. Smooth and effortless shave without any irritation is what I strive for, and it’s what I got with this shave.


The Bergamot-Vetiver splash is outstanding. I absolutely adore this scent and find it very masculine and beautiful. Despite my wife saying I smelled like a tree when I first applied it… which I replied “THAT’S THE VETIVER!!!”  It truly is a wonderful smelling splash I one I can see myself buying a full bottle of in the future.

Now as for the SAUVAGE. Is it groundbreaking? No. Is it a masterpiece? No. did it live up to the hype? Absolutely not. Although this fragrance didn’t live up to they hype that was heaped on it upon its release I feel it has been overly criticized for the most part. I have only been into fragrances for the past couple months and this was the most anticipated release of a cologne I have ever seen. I honestly don’t think it even had a shot at living up to the hype.


However, to my nose this is a very nice cologne. Peppery, citrusy and very pleasant. I don’t think this will blow anybody away, but you also won’t offend anyone when you wear this. It is for sure a people pleaser much along the lines of Bleu de Chanel(which I do prefer slightly). The performance is decent as I get maybe 6 hours longevity on my skin with about 2 hours or more projection. My wife did like this scent as well. It is growing on me. I do own a bottle of Bleu de Chanel so I don’t think I would buy a full bottle of this. However if I had a bunch of money I could see owning bottles of both. It is a versatile scent in my mind and could be worn in all the seasons with the exception of the winter for me. Any occasion I think this could be worn from date to work without having to worry about overpowering a room or a person. I think it is an above average cologne. Also, with a name like Sauvage you may be expecting more spice or something bolder. Luckily for me it isn’t overly sweet like SOOO many of today’s designer fragrances.


Also known as the beginning of the NFL season(yes there was a game Thursday as well).


Razor : Schick Injector

Soap : Cold River Soap Works Select Citrus

Brush : Semogue Italian Barber LE Boar

Aftershave : Barberry Coast no.28 Bay Rum

Fragrance : Orange Sanguine from Atelier Cologne

Another great shave with a razor I rarely use. The injector is such a gret razor. The angle is very easy to find and the razor is very responsive and easy to manouever. The soap….oh the soap. Why in the heck don’t I use this more. Easily one of the best soaps I own. Incredible performance up with Barrister and Mann, and an awesome scent to go along with it. It is a travesty that I don’t use this more to be honest. Thankfully a fellow Canadian wetshaver was raving about the sample I gave him the other day so it pushed me to take a break from reviewing some new stuff in my den and giving this wonderful soap the use it deserves. Rich, slick, cushioning, and bursting with a beautiful scent. An absolute knockout lather. The post shave was awesome as well. IN a head to head battle with B&M I don’t know whom IO would pick to be totally honest. I own more B&M, but this soap makes me want more CRSW.

The Semogue is a great little brush that I have said many times is an absolute bargain for its price. Decent back bone, soft tips and really tears into all soaps and is a lovely face latherer.


The Barberry Coast splash hits all the right notes(see what I did there) with cloves, bay, and some nice hints of citrus. The face feel it provides is also excellent and I must say the frosted glass and label is stunning and really stands out. A beautiful product with a beautiful scent.

Which leads to my fragrance of choice for the day. Orange Sanguine from Atelier Colognes. This cologne is summer in a bottle bursting with orange and mandarin right off the top the mellowing into a citrusy woods type of vibe that is so fun and fresh. This stuff is bottle worthy and up there with Cedrat Enivrant and Pomelo Paradis from Atelier as my top 3 pure summer scents. Unfortunately I only have a little sample from Sephora which I didn’t photograph. the bottle of Atelier are very nice though and are very affordable especially for what you get. The soap, aftershave, and cologne combo really worked very well together. I was questioning the Bay Rum with the Orange Sanguine, but when you really smell this Bay Rum you get the citrus notes. A beautiful shave and scent pairing for a grey and dreary day otherwise.


I hope everyone had a great weekend and is holding onto summer for a bit longer!! there is just something invigorating about citrus scents. Fortunately with the fall fast approaching it means some of the more heavy scents and darker scents will be used more. I foresee lots of Tobacco, Vanilla and coffee in the near future!!

Cheers and happy shaving!!


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