OH HENRY!!….well Henri actually

A new artisan has burst into my den and is really Impressing me. In fact the soap I used today I also used yesterday……So NICE I used it Twice!!! With a scent along the same lines as TOBS Eton College this soap will be a mainstay in my den. And with a price point of $12 Canadian it is an incredible value!!


It is not all that often that I use the same exact setup two days in row. However This set up hit every single spot perfectly together. From soap to brush to razor to aftershave this was a smooth and sweet smelling shave that i needed to replicate.

The Le Marin soap from Henri et Victoria has such a familiar scent that I cannot put my finger on 100%. I believe it is very close to TOBS Eton College, but my father took my tub last time I visited him, so I cannot do a direct comparison. This ia an aquatic scent with some light citrus/floral notes to my nose with a bit of woods. It is a stunning scent. Not the strongest in strength, but in scent quality I would say this is fantastic.

The soap lathers very easily and makes a great creamy lather.

I must say that these products from Henri et Victoria are awesome…..I noticed they are sold out of the Cognac and Cuban cigars soap  at the moment, probably because word is out about how great it is and the awesome value. Not to mention Claude is a great guy and a big part of the Canadian Wetshavers group/community on Facebook.

OK, Lets get onto the shave and all of its GLORIOUS PARTS!!!


Razor : Gillette Fatboy

Soap : Le Marin from Henri et Victoria

Brush : Plisson Synthetic

Toner : Elvado Ocean Fusion

Aftershave : Ja-Lu toiletries Nights of Izmir

What a DAMN FINE SHAVE!! The performance of the soap was great and all the scents just blended and worked so well together. The Fatboy has really been lonely lately and I finally used it for the first time since I moved into my new home. Needless to say it worked very well and may get the nod more often.


The Plisson whipped up lather with ease as usual. I really need to add another synthetic to my arsenal of brushes!!

As I said earlier the Le Marin was fantastic in every aspect from scent to value to performance. It is really a great time in Canadian wetshaving as we have quite a few great artisans and shops that offer wetshaving gear. Dare I say it’s the GOLDEN AGE of Canadian Wet Shaving?


The shave was superb and to finish it I went with Elvado Ocean Fusion toner….The rose scent in it is beautiful and worked well with the soap. The added witch hazel toned my skin and left my face feeling and smelling wonderful.

To Finish it all off I decided to go with the Nights of Izmir aftershave splash. The vetiver and woody notes as well as some powdery florals to my nose really just rounded out the entire shave and scent mix. This splash has some WICKED longevity. Beautiful wafts were tickling my nostrils for 5+ hours. Im a really big fan of this stuff. It is made in Turkey I believe and they make some really great scents that all seem to last quite a while. I actually own samples off all of them. The TABAC splash is also fantastic.

The beautiful scents of Le Marin, Ocean Fusion, and Nights of Izmir

The beautiful scents of Le Marin, Ocean Fusion, and Nights of Izmir

All in all a fabulous shave. Please go check out these great artisans! not only are the products great, but their customer service is top notch as well!!

Henri et VIctoria WEBSITE

Elvado Website

Ja-Lu Website

Cheers Everyone and have a great Thursday!!!!!


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