BAY RUM!! Now that’s GOOD STINK!!

BAY RUM! It is tough to avoid in the wet shaving world. Do you love it or hate it? Do you like it spicy or smooth? While the basic ingredients tend to be the same the differences from Bay Rum to Bay Rum can be quite large. Today I am going to hit on a couple of my favorites that I have tried and hopefully get some feedback on what you guys like!


The main ingredient in Bay Rum is of Course they Bay itself. Take note that Pimenta racemosa is the leaf from the West Indian Bay Tree and NOT the same bay leafs we use for cooking(Laurus nobilis). If a cooking bay leaf is used you can attain a somewhat similar result yet not quite the same. Along with the Bay is of course the spices and sometimes citrus and or vanilla and other ingredients which make each Bay Rum unique.

For myself I am a big fan of the clove/cinnamon in Bay Rum. however I have to be careful as some have caused me irritation. I think this happens when synthetic oils or fragrance is used.

Barberry Coast Bay Rum has been a staple in my den for a while now!!

Barberry Coast Bay Rum has been a staple in my den for a while now!!


One of my top 3 Bay Rum splashes has to be The Barberry Coast Bay Rum no.28. This stuff is spicy and just smells amazing. While it is spicy it has an aura of smoothness as well which I think comes from some hints of vanilla. This is a tasty Bay Rum that also has some citrus notes to go along with the All Spice, Cinnamon and clove we expect from a nice Bay Rum.  Just an awesome Bay Rum that I think is worth a try for all Bay Rum Fans!! Also this stuff is made with great ingredients and I cannot say enough about The Barberry Coast’s customer service. A++

More info here —–> Barberry Coast Bay Rum


This is a great bay rum from a Canadian friend of mine. The bay Rum alone is fantastic, but then he adds a bit of maple to it which really sets it apart from other Bay Rums. A nice amount of spice in this Bay Rum which comes across as a very traditional Bay Rum until you get the wonderful maple notes!!!! Also, the new bottles he offers are fantastic looking to say the least….sadly I bought the Maple Bay Rum before he had the new bottles. Awesome and unique!! I give this stuff an A


Now this really surprised me….Why you ask? I just never thought a balm would be able to hold such a great Bay Rum scent. Rarely have I seen a Bay Rum balm and to be honest I have always been skeptical. This balm has really opened my eyes. THIS stuff will get a lot of use in the colder months in my den as it is also a great hydrating product. The scent also lingers for a bit longer than a lot of balms I have tried regardless of scent. It also matches perfectly with the Elvado West Indies Bay Rum soap. Ill give it a B+ for now as I am still in the testing phase, but I see this being an A very soon.


Elvado Bay Rum Balm and Soap are a great pairing and leave my face feeling and smelling great.


Arguably one of the most popular artisan Bay Rums in the wet shaving community…..and for good reason. I have a large sample of this Bay Rum and it is a very spicy Bay Rum. Not as smooth as the others which is a good thing. Sometimes you want the bare bones bay Rum scent with no added notes. This is what I would say is a traditional spicy Bay Rum. This is a popular Bay Rum and for good reason. It smells great, gives a little burn and the scent lingers for a while as well.

An A for sure!!

*****I didn’t want to rate Bay Rum soaps as I have only used two. And one of them was over a year ago before I had ever tried anything Bay Rum.

What is your TOP Bay Rum and why?? Also are there any good bay Rum Colognes/EdTs?



Razor : Edwin Jagger head on an iKon Bulldog handle

Blade : Gillette 7 O’Clock black

Brush : Semogue Owners Club Boar

Soap : Elvado West Indies Bay Rum

Aftershave : Elvado West Indies Bay Rum

Its been a while since I have used anything other than my Gillette Aristocrat. So I used my trusty EJ Head on an iKon Bulldog SS handle. This is such a great razor. i love the feel and the performance of it. An amazing beginners razor(obviously with the EJ handle).

The soap performed admirably as I had expected. The Elvado Wild Mint Lime is a great soap so I assumed it would be just like it, and I was. By my own fault I left my brush waaaay over hydrated when I started to load and the resulting lather was a bit of a mess. It was clumpy and not smooth like I am used to with the Elvado soaps. however, this calmed down after the first round of face lathering. Despite its appearance the soap was very protective and had nice slickness. Between passes there was minimal residual slickness I noticed…..yet the slickness while shaving did NOT reflect that. This was kind of nice after my final pass rinse because it was easy to remove any residue from my face. I find some soaps do leave a residue and are tough to get my face feeling completely dry/clean. Some people can confuse this residue for post shave feel which it is not.

The post shave was nice though and I decided to go with the matching aftershave balm. Great scent and great performance! As I said earlier this will be nice in the upcoming colder months when I prefer balms in the freezing weather. The balm applied very easily with hardly a full pump and hydrated my skin very well. The fact the scent lingered for a bit was nice.

I won’t give this software a FINAL GRADE yet as I have only used it a couple of times. It is very good stuff though and John from Elvado is a true gentleman and loves getting any and all feedback. I feel that Elvado needs some more recognition for the products it has and the ones coming out. I have been lucky enough to try some samples of products that are yet to be released but nearing release and I can say they are going to be awesome. I recommend giving Elvado a try.

Have you tried Elvado products?? If so let me know what you think of them!!!

Cheers and have an awesome day!!!


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