PLAY BALL!!! Time to hit the Diamond!

With Major League Baseball in full swing and the Little League World Series this past weekend I was persuaded to use my Barrister and Mann Diamond Shaving soap. It has been a while since I have used it and I was wondering if it was as good as I had remembered…..


I was actually surprised how long it had been since my last use of Diamond……Am I crazy?? No. I have just been doing lots of testing and reviews of products that I have recently received and so many of my soaps have been neglected. So for the past few shaves I have used Barrister and Mann Diamond twice and Ferox once. MY GOD these soaps are amazing. I actually think that Diamond has even better lather quality than the other B&M soaps….mind you this is just a fraction better and may not be noticed by someone who isn’t a massive B&M fan.

The Scent of Diamond as I have said before is just awesome to my nose and very intriguing and just something I love to smell. Now, I don’t think I would want it in a cologne or EdT, but for a shaving soap and a scent that just lingers for a little while, it is fantastic.  I can see myself using this during the MLB playoffs for sure and of course more while the regular season is on and the pennant races heat up!


This soap IS as good as I remember and maybe even better, to be honest. They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. And I feel that is true with this soap. This soap may end up being the first soap that I EVER finish a full tub of. I am expecting a few new soaps over the next week or two so I wont start trying to finish it too soon. However once I finish my reviewing and posts of the new products I may focus and use it at least 2 times or three times a week.


***I used the same set up for my past two shaves with just a couple of switch ups


Razor : Gillette Aristocrat

Brush : Semogue Owners Club

Soap : Barrister and Mann Diamond

Blade : Gillette 7 O’Clock Black(Sunday) / Rapira Swedish Supersteel(Monday Night)

Pre-Shave : Pall Mall Barbers Pre-Shave Scrub

Aftershave : Elvado Ocean Fusion(Sunday) / Pall Mall Barbers Post-Shave Balm(Monday night)

Fragrance : Bleu de Chanel EdT……for my sons Birthday Party!!!

I have to say that both of these shaves were just fantastic. I noticed that the Rapira was not quite as smooth of a blade as the 7 O’Clock Black though. Both are nice blades but the 7 O’Clock is just a tad smoother for me in the Aristocrat.

For the Pre-shave I used the Pall Mall Sandalwood and clove. This does seem to work pretty well as my face does feel great and invigorated after my shower when I use it. Again the scent is wonderful and a little does go such a long way.

The Semogue Owners Club was my brush of choice for the shaves and this thing flat out performs. It tears into the soap and loads up super quick. Face lathering is a breeze with this brush. It has softened up so much compared to when it was new. I really love the feeling of face lathering with this brush. It is a must have for boar lovers and I think for anyone who hasn’t tried a boar brush. For $30 shipped to your door it is tough to beat.

Both shaves I stuck to two passes. With the grain followed by against the grain. Both shaves ended up DFS and super comfortable with only a bit of irritation on Mondays shave in the one usual spot on my neck. Overall wonderful shaves. And I am digging the two pass shaves. Of course I will be doing three passes on the face when I review and test, but the B&M is a proven soap and I just wanted to see how much of a difference there was in my shaves without the across the grain pass. While the DFS/BBS doesn’t last quite as long if you skip the across the grain pass I don’t think it is always 100% necessary to do all three passes. Especially if you shave everyday. I think your face will thank you for cutting down on the number of passes.

On Monday I used the Pall Mall Barbers Post shave balm and this stuff Kicks MAJOR butt. I put it on before bed as I had a late night shave and my face still felt awesome in the morning! the Sandalwood and clove scent is so nice. It actually went very well with the Diamond soap which makes me happy as I always struggled to find a scent that blended well with the diamond soap. This balm is going to be very versatile in my opinion. It can be worn with woodsy soaps, Bay Rums, any gourmand scents as well I think. I really, really love this scent.


Now as for the post shave I used the ELVADO Ocean Fusion on Sunday because I knew I would be throwing on a fragrance for the party. The Ocean Fusion is awesome because it has witch Hazel and Rose in it which are awesome for my skin. Plus the scent doesn’t linger too long or overpower a fragrance. It left my skin feeling fantastic though!!!

I followed up the post shave with a couple of sprays of Bleu de Chanel. If you haven’t gotten your nose on this one you ARE missing out. This is a huge seller and a massive compliment getter. The top notes of grapefruit and a hint of sandalwood are spectacular and worth the price just for the first thirty minutes to one hour you have the fragrance on. It then settles down and becomes an awesome woodsy/citrus scent that seems to please everyone, and not offend anyone.


I can foresee this fragrance becoming my signature scent, or at least one of my most worn throughout the year. It is not über citrusy so it can be worn year round and in all situations in my opinion.

What is your favorite Cologne or EdT or EdP??

Thanks for reading everyone, and I apologize for not posting as much. We have had visitors for the past two weeks and I have been using mostly software I am testing and reviewing.

Keep it smooth my friends and have an awesome day!!!



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