Scent Trunk Review : Fragrance Subscription

As wet shavers we are forced to chose daily what scents we want in our soaps, balms, splashes, pre-shaves, you name it. Heck, even ‘scentless’ is a scent you can choose. What I am getting at is that scent is a big deal in the shaving community, and naturally I have been getting more into fragrances over the past few months. After posting a few Scent of the Day picks and fragrance picks on Instagram I was contacted by the great people at Scent Trunk and asked if I would like to give the subscription box a try… is my review!!

Little did I know when I was first contacted that Scent Trunk is a Canadian company…..This is pretty awesome as we Canadians can have a tough time getting fragrances at good prices or even shipped here. However, Scent trunk offers shipping all over North America(Canada/USA). To say I was excited was an understatement. Scent Trunk offers a Niche fragrance subscription box. The box comes with 3 different samples of 2mL each. For me this was pretty much the only way I was going to be able to try niche fragrances without having to blind buy bottles or pricey decants.

I myself am not super knowledgeable about fragrances but the site is very user-friendly and aids you in picking the notes/accords that YOU like in order to help the people at Scent Trunk pick your scents. It is actually a very cool process. You can type in fragrances that you like(Bleu de Chanel for example) and it will list the notes/accords so you can set up your scent profile.

A screen capture of my scent profile in which you select the notes/accords you enjoy

A screen capture of my scent profile in which you select the notes/accords you enjoy

I went through and set up my ‘Scent Profile’ and awaited my first subscription box……It arrived within a week or two and I had my first experience with Scent Trunk!

20150620_193248 20150620_193318

THE PACKAGING and Presentation : A+

Now I know that Scent trunk is always striving to improve their customers experience and I have seen an even more recent box that may even have better presentation. However, for the most part the subscription box does look like the pics above and includes some scent strips to test spray your samples. The Decant bottles are very nice glass bottles in my case with fantastic labeling(not hand written). No worries about the labelling coming off or being reuined by wet hands etc. Each decant has an accompanying scent card which describes the notes and details about the fragrance….almost like a cheat sheet. I love these cards as it helps me recognize notes in the different fragrances and also explains times to wear the scent etc.

Memoir Man's Scent Card

Memoir Man’s Scent Card

As you can see from the picks Scent trunk does a fabulous job of showing off its products and gets an A+ from me on presentation.


Ok, this in a way is my fault. When I was filling in my profile I selected woody notes and oriental with my fresh notes not being as high up on the list. So the fragrances I got fit exactly what I had selected. In hindsight I should have selected Fresh notes way higher as it is the summer and I love wearing citrus, aromatic, aquatic types scents in the heat….Lesson learned. The great part is that you can always be altering your scent profile. This is key if you like certain scents during the different seasons.

The selections I was chosen were MEMOIR MAN by Amouage, The Good Earth by Atelier de Geste, and 21 by Costume National.

Of the three the Memoir Man is my current favorite. This stuff is potent compared to anything I had previously tried from a department store. 2 sprays and I am set for hours. I have worn in for nights out and to nice dinners as it is quite a masculine scent that I don’t think would work in a casual setting. It is a compliment getter and an attention getter. It smells like a mythical woods or something like that. It opens up very fresh and green with notes of basil and almost seems a bit minty to my nose. The minds are slightly floral with the rose and what I think is lavender. the scent then transitions to some amazing woody notes of sandalwood, with some leather, tobacco, and vetiver as well. This to me is a powerhouse fragrance and I really love it.

The other two fragrances seem to be more of fall scents and I have only sprayed them on test strips to get a feel. Nice scents in their own right and I am sure I will be using them once the heat and humidity drops.


This is a new company that started in 2014 and they are doing a great job with customer service. They respond to emails and questions and are super friendly and ask for feedback. I think the fact they are younger helps in knowing what the younger generation wants in a company. There site is awesome and easy to use and William and Jolisa whom I have chatted with are delightful to deal with. Very courteous, polite and great people.


The longer you sing up for the subscription the more you save. 1 month is $18, 6 months is $16 a month, and a full year is $15 a month. These prices are US dollars and shipped to your door whether you are Canadian or American. I am sure getting 3 niche samples will cost more than $15 a month and likely won’t be packaged as well or have all the additional information on the cards and available on the site. Also, you earn points with your subscription and referrals that can be used in the Scent Trunk online store towards full bottles. For me the value is outstanding as I wouldn’t have any other way to try niche frags for such a low price. I don’t have the income to buy bottle after bottle, so something like this allows me to try before I buy or just keep trying new scents. The fact these are niche houses and not designers that can be found at department stores is also fantastic. You will not smell like everyone else. You will likely be one of the only people wearing the scents you are sent…You will get noticed. I was amazed by the quality of the scents. I had previously not been able to understand how colognes/perfumes etc could be sold for $300. But this opened my eyes. the scents last longer and are just so much better than a lot of designer fragrances. higher concentrations is what I have learned is the reason for the higher price and quality of the niche fragrances.


I love the idea, I love the packaging, and I love the fact that the fragrances are niche and not readily available to everyone at a local department store. The only thing I wish is that I could pick the scents I want to try….even if just one of the three. But that is just me and I am sure people would just be wanting the Amouage and Xerjoff. My two cents though.

Otherwise I think this is a great option for new people to fragrances or people just wanting to try new stuff. Who doesn’t want to smell great??

Cheers and I hope you all liked my slight change of pace. I think I will do some Fragrance reviews mixed into all the shaving stuff just to change it up a bit.

Also I have a coupon code for SCENT TRUNK if anyone would like it. Just email me or comment on the post and I will hook you guys up. Also if you use my account code 5582 you will get $7.20 of GIFT Credit!!!

****** My Mistake 5582 is my account code and your coupon code!!!!!********


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