First Impressions : Pall Mall Barbers Shaving System

Over my past few shaves I have been lucky enough to try the Pall Mall Barbers shaving system which includes a Pre-Shave Scrub, Shaving Cream, and a Post shave balm. This is the first time I have used a three piece software set and my first impressions of these products are worth sticking around for!!!


About a month ago I was contacted by Pall Mall Barbers to see if I would be interested in sampling their shaving system. I agreed to do an honest review of their product once I received it and had a few shaves with it. They had read my blog and knew I wasn’t just going to give a great review because they sent me some free product. When I received the package I was astonished to see that it was three full sized products….not samples. Already an A+ for customer service as that is really going the extra mile. I had also been emailing back and forth for info on the products etc and they were very open about everything and emailed back very quickly.

I am going to beak up my first impressions into a few categories rather than talk about the entire system all at once.

Packaging : A++

This is some BADASS packaging. Nice matte black containers with wonderful caps and pumps on each product. These are very solid and in my opinion fantastic for travel.There is no reason I can find to give the packaging a less than perfect score.

Pump found on each product delivers the perfect amount of software

Pump found on each product delivers the perfect amount of software


Solid, and aesthetically pleasing containers


67.50 GBP For the 3 piece set, or 22.50 GBP per piece

$104 USD For the 3 piece set, or $35 USD per piece

$139 CAD For the 3 Piece set, or $46 CAD per piece

At first glance this is NOT a cheap product. I have not used it enough to document how long it takes to go through an entire bottle. however I will say that very little goes a long way. That being said the price per use is not all that expensive compared to other products in the same price range. And I feel the quality of this product does warrant the price as it is extremely high quality.

The Reason for the B score is that it is a mid to high-end product but I feel that it is worth the money.

SCENT :  A++

Sandalwood and Clove……Does that sound awesome?? Yes!? Well it is fantastic. Masculine and a tad sweet from the clove with the woody notes of sandalwood. To me it is almost like a gingerbread cookie with Sandalwood icing. My wife told me that she really liked the scent and she isn’t one to normally mention the scents I do wear. So a Big PLUS for that. It is also quite strong in strength(8 out of 10 for strength).

This scent immediately had me on first sniff. As you guys know I am a huge fan of Barrister and Mann scents and how they are very intriguing and have lots of depth etc. Well I almost want to say this is just straight up Sandalwood and clove and it is a home run. Every single piece of the 3 piece system shares this scent. There is also a matching cologne!! However it can only be shipped in the UK sadly as I would be all over it.

Con From Shave The Man said the scent is like a combination of Sandalwood and Bay Rum……I would agree with that for the most part. I just don’t think it has quite the spice of a Bay Rum. However it is a great balance of the two.

This scent has jumped to right near the top of my faves with 1805, Espresso, Rhapsody, Wild Mint Lime, and my other favorites.

An EASY PERFECT SCORE!!!! If you like Sandalwood and Clove and/or Bay Rum this stuff will knock your socks off!

Pre-Shave Scrub : A


The Pre Shave scrub feels fantastic and carries with it the wonderful scent of the entire line. There are some Amazonian guarana seeds in the scrub that add to the exfoliating texture of the scrub which feels wonderful. The use of cocoa and shae butters add noticeable lubrication and really soothe the skin while the product exfoliates. I am not sure how much this aids in the resulting shave but I am sure it cleans the face and is quite invigorating. A wonderful product in my opinion and i even have been using it on days that I haven’t shaven and my face feels fantastic after doing so.



Again the scent on this cream is amazing! Robust, masculine and just leaves you wishing the scent would last ALL DAY LONG. Now this cream is very highly concentrated and for me one pump was enough for 3 passes easy. I used a synthetic brush(PLISSON) to whip up my lather as that was recommended in a couple of videos I had watched. Plus synthetics do a great job of producing lather quickly. This cream doesn’t produce the mountains of lather that others do. However it is NOT meant to. The beauty of this cream is that it helps lift the stubble and allows you to see the growth pattern through the lather. I found this very true when I used the cream after 4 days of not shaving. The lather is thick and rich, just not voluminous.

I found the lather to be quite protective and it also had a surprising amount of slickness as well. I would put this stuff up with Truefitt and Hill 1805 on performance which is saying a lot! I have used the cream 3 times and it has performed awesome all three times. Just add your water slowly and very little at a time as this cream doesn’t require very much to make lather and create enough slickness.

I face lathered and the lather was generated very easily. Once the right amount of water is reached the lather just forms with ease and feels luxurious on your face. I am loving this stuff.



I am an admitted Balm guy….turned splash guy for the summer/hot months. however when I picked up this package at the post office I had to try the balm. I had just shaved a couple hours prior and hadn’t put on a splash or balm as I was in a rush to get out of the house. So I got the package and immediately grabbed the balm and put a single pump in my fingers and applied it to my dry skin. WOW, this stuff felt so damn soothing and instantly moisturized my skin. It had a tiny bit of an oily feeling when I was first applying it….which I didn’t mind because it helped my feel where i had applied it. And within seconds that feeling was gone and all that remained was a soft supple feeling face that smelled INCREDIBLE….Did I mention how great this stuff smells? And I will say that this particular balms scent does linger longer than most which is a good thing. It is not overpowering or anything but very noticeable for the first hour or two and then lays close to the skin for the next couple of hours. It is really just a beautiful scent.

The best part of this balm is that it left my face feeling great for a loooong time. I have used this stuff numerous times in humid hot weather and on cool dry days as well and it performs just as well in both conditions. All day moisture, yeah like as long as anything I have tried. You may not even need a full pump to be honest as it is very concentrated stuff. It reminds me of how the Queen Charlotte Soaps balms work(and they come in TINY bottles).

This is a great value despite its price tag just based on performance alone. Add in its incredible scent and how little you actually need and this is a CAN’T MISS BALM!

Of Course I have used the three piece set a few times now and the shaves I am getting are wonderful. My face feels fantastic before, during and after the shave until the next morning. Easy DFS shaves with a BBS mixed in as well.


The only reason I cannot give this an A+ is the price tag. I feel it is easily worth the price, but the price will keep people from buying it. That being said I think if you have the money to purchase this set I would 100% recommend it. i feel lucky to have been able to try this system and I think others will love it as well. The scent is honestly going to become my top scent in my den shortly I think and the performance is up their with all of my top software.

Thank you so much Pall Mall Barbers for the products. I will be sure to let some local guys give it a try as well and see what they think.

That is right!! Any local guys in Halifax/Dartmouth/Cole Harbour area fire me an email or private message and we can arrange testing this stuff out for a week or two!!!

CHEERS Everyone, and keep on shaving in the free world!!!!


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