The Humble Barber – An experience every wet shaver should have.

About a week ago I had the absolute pleasure of visiting The Humble Barber Barbershop in Summerside PEI, Canada. I decided to opt for the hot towel straight razor(shavette) shave and a haircut. To say my experience was awesome would be an understatement……20150811_120840

I found out about The Humble Barber on social media. I cannot remember exactly where, but I immediately started following him on Facebook and Instagram. I had planned our families trip to PEI months ago so I knew I would be in the area in August. About a month ago my wife actually mentioned to me that she wanted to book me a straight razor shave at a place in PEI…..So I asked her where and she said The Humble Barber. Of course I agreed and quickly emailed and booked my FIRST EVER straight razor shave from a barber. I was soo damn excited that I emailed back and asked if I could get a haircut as well. Sean(the humble barber) said he could squeeze it in despite how booked up he was.

Fast forward to last week and I arrived at The Humble Barber’s shop in PEI. It is located in an old historic brick building right on the edge of downtown and near the waterfront. A beautiful place to say the very least…..with an awesome coffee shop next door(of course I grabbed a cup of coffee prior to my appointment).

The shop is very bright and open. You feel very welcomed and comfortable immediately and Sean is such a gracious host and makes sure you are happy .

Sean with a customer.

Sean with a customer.

Vintage bike hung up on the wall

Vintage bike hung up on the wall

Sean has lots of great stuff to look at and purchase as well. Super clean, modern/rustic decor…..makes me wish I had a man cave in a similar style to be honest. The prices are more than fair.  haircut and a shave was $41!! A shop near my house wants $40 just for a shave……crazy, but that is why this shop in PEI is very busy and you need to book early.

Price List

Price List

Now onto the shave itself!! This my friends was a treat and something every wet shaver should experience in their lives. Having someone else give you a straight hot towel shave in both relaxing and exhilarating at the same time. Sean used some fantastic smelling beard oil in the hot towels that just added to the effect. Two hot towels hugged my neck and face for a couple of minutes while he asked what kind of music I would like on his old radio……Since we were in his place I asked what he would suggest? He decided to put on a great local bluegrass/folk/comedy band from right in PEI. It was a fitting choice and I really enjoyed the music which added to the overall East Coast experience.

Once the towels were removed I could tell how soft my beard was and was excited for the shave. Wileda Cream was what Sean chose to use and it had a great scent to it and he lather he whipped up with his Silvertip brush was very rich and felt uber luxurious on my face. One great pass and then he applied the hot towels again….this is such a relaxing thing. I wanted to fall asleep to be honest as the scent and the heat and the music lulled me into a great mind space.

The second pass was as smooth as the first and we chatted at length about wet shaving and my blog and Youtube channel and just bantered back and forth about shaving/grooming like I imagine guys did back in the day. It was fantastic.

A funny moment happened when we were talking about his KENT shaving soap and I explained how it was the same as Mitchells wool fat but cheaper. moments later a guy came in looking to buy shaving soap as his wife had bought him a brush from the shop. Sean asked me if I wanted to talk to the guy and give him some tips etc…..WELL of course I did!!! I explained to the gentleman how to soak the puck and brush , to bloom the soap, and all the little things I do prior to shaving. It was great to see the excitement grow on the gentleman’s face when I told him how highly praised the Kent/MWF soap is in our community. The gent even asked for my blog name and my channel. Perhaps I got another guy hooked on wet shaving!!


After helping the guy out Sean and I talked about East Coast life and some of our travels. We learned that he had spent some time in my home town while his wife went to university and that we frequented the same pubs/bars in London Ontario….Such a small world we live in.

Sean finished the shave off and asked me if I like the scent of the aftershave he was going to use. he passed me the bottle and I said “Oh Man!! I love Bay Rum”.  This kicked off more talk of aftershaves and shaving software etc. It was easy to tell by his voice how much he loved his job and just talking about anything and everything. It was like chatting with an old friend….who was holding a razor sharp blade to my throat 😉

A damn fine shave I must say, but the experience trumped everything else. I cannot recommend any more highly visiting Sean or a barbershop and having a hot towel shave. JUST WOW.

Of course I got a great haircut as well and when I saw my wife and our friend they both commented on how great my hair looked!!! Now that is about as good as it gets for compliments!

The Humble Barber’s shop is stocked with great software and hardware as well so you can actually purchase the products he uses. The pomade he used smelled amazing and I totally forgot to buy some while I was there. Here are a few pics of all the stuff Sean has to offer…..

20150811_120852 20150811_120948 20150811_120900

This day was such a memorable day amongst a week of amazing memories on one of the worlds most beautiful islands on the East Coast of Canada. Please if you are in the area look Sean up at The Humble Barber and treat yourself to a shave and a cut! Also visit the beautiful Prince Edward Island…..but only if you like amazing scenery, wonderful people, and a laid back easy going lifestyle. I am already trying to figure out when I can make my way back!!!!

Follow the Humble Barber on Facebook and Instagram.

Also HERE IS A LINK to his website.

20150811_112646 20150811_112636

A big thank you to Sean for his great hospitality and the fantastic experience. You are a great person and I cannot wait to visit you again on the island. I am sure The Humble Barber is going to be a massive hit with Locals and traveler’s alike. This place is a 10 out of 10 easily. Cheers my friend and I wish you great success!!!!



  1. Andrew Joyce · August 19, 2015

    Great writeup, very much enjoyed. Will for sure drop by The Humble Barber next time I get over to The Island. Way to Go!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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