Back from VACATION and back to reality…….sort of.

So for the past week I was in Prince Edward Island on a much needed vacation with some great friends from BC. Not only was the vacation amazing but I got to experience a straight razor shave at a barbershop on the island!!! I will do a full post on that this week……What an experience though. If only I had the time for a hot towel shave every day.

So, I finally shaved after about 6 days of vacation when I got home yesterday and had an absolutely fantastic result from an artisan whom I think is going to explode on the market very very soon best on the quality of its products…..


So the product I used was actually a sample provided to me by Elvado. Yes, I received it free, but trust me when I say I will never give a biased opinion. If I receive free products I always hope it is because I do give unbiased opinions. There is no benefit to me or an artisan/vendor to lie about quality or what I really think.

This cream firstly has a very relaxing scent. Zen like to my nose. Slight mint and possibly green tea or something along those lines. Nice scent strength around a 7. It does blossom when lathered and remains a great strength but not overpowering. Slightly earthy I would say(think green, not like dirt), just a very enjoyable scent. Something that would work year round for sure.

The consistency is not overly light like say TOBS. It is slightly thicker and you can actually swirl your brush in it and not worry about over loading. Kind of like a Proraso tub consistency, maybe slightly softer.

It loaded very easily and quickly and my fairly dry synthetic brush(Plisson). I loaded lightly for about 10-15 seconds as I wasn’t sure what to expect. Needless to say this stuff is very easy to load.


So I did a semi bowl lather/ face lather. I normally face lather everything, but figured I would whip up this particular cream in a bowl. It whipped up a great lather with just a bit of added water to the bowl. Once I moved to my face I added a bit more water and the lather was right where I like it. The lather produced wasn’t ultra voluminous. It was a thick consistency without any bubbles and applied very evenly and provided AWESOME protection. The slickness was also very nice.

I won’t give a final impression but I will say that this cream is great. It doesn’t lather as effortlessly as TOBS. but the lather it produces is superior in my opinion.



Razor : Gillette Aristocrat TTO OC

Blade : Gillette 7 O’Clock Black

Brush : Plisson Synthetic

Cream : Elvado H3

Aftershave : Elvado Ocean Fusion After Shave

Bottom line is that this stuff gave me a BBS shave!!! I am not 100% sure if I got the lather perfect on the first try, but I was impressed by this sample. As I said it was mountains of lather, but it was plenty of effective lather. rich, cushiony lather for at least 4-5 passes. Lovely scent and great performance!!! I am looking forward to using it again this week.

The razor and blade combo was awesome yet again and the Plisson did what the Plisson does. Whipped up great lather effectively and applied it with its super soft bristles.

Lastly, but certainly not least is the after shave. All I can say is that this stuff had my face feeling awesome. With Rose and witch hazel in it I knew it would be great as my face is very receptive to both. the scent is a very soothing rose scent. Nothing overpowering but quite nice if you are a rose fan. It is the same consistency as most splashes, however I found that when being applied it felt a little bit like Trumpers skin food. Slightly thicker than a regular splash when applied….maybe even a bit of a sticky feel while being applied. But that feeling is gone within seconds. This stuff left my face feeling fantastic. This will be a go to for the rest of the summer for sure. I really like balms, but some of these splashes are awesome and I find them nicer in the heat.


A big thanks to Elvado. This is some great stuff that I think people will love. I will surely be adding to these quick reviews. As for my Youtube vids I am hoping to get a new phone shortly to record some stuff as my current phone is on the fritz.

Cheers my fellow shavers!!!!!


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