A New KING of the HILL!!!

So as many of you know who read this blog I am in the process of moving. This Friday is the BIG Final move. So most of my shaving stuff is packed and moved to our new house already. Fortunately I got a mail call at our my house this past Saturday! Of course I had to bring it back to my current house to try out…..I am not the most patient person. Although I have never owned a tub of this cream I have sampled it before . Needless to say, I remember from the first time I smelled it that it was my favorite smelling cream I have used…..So when I got this in the mail as a surprise from an amazingly generous gentleman I was speechless. I finally have a tub of what I remember to be the best cream I have ever used!!!!


Clearly from the pictures you can see that the cream I speak of is none other than Truefitt & Hill 1805 Shaving cream. Upon opening the lid this stuff reminded me immediately of my trip to Victoria one year ago when I first smelled it. WOW, this is an amazing scent that is very strong. I just love it….it is a bit citrusy and woodsy. I think it is bergamot, mandarin and cedar and sandalwood amongst other notes. All I know is this stuff is the best shaving cream based on a mens fragrance that I have.

Performance you ask?? Oh yes, this stuff just plain blows the most of other creams I have tried out of the water. I loved TOBS Eton College yet it doesn’t hold a candle to this stuff. 1805 has a better scent and better performance….almost like TOBS on steroids and other PEDs. You barely need a pea sized amount to make a mountain of lather and it is pretty good regardless of the amount of water as it doesn’t break down if you add a bit too much and it doesn’t dry out overly quickly if you don’t add enough which in my opinion is why I tend to use soaps over creams. Those issues are not issues with this stuff!

PhotoArt_07272015212238 The lather feels so luxurious. It is almost indescribable. So soft and rich it just feels like you are truly pampering yourself each time you use it. It is thick, rich, slick and lasts quite a while. I normally face lather but with creams I always use a bowl. This stuff stood up to a delay in the middle of my shave and remained rich and creamy throughout.

I don’t know if my words do this cream justice. I cannot imagine anyone being disappointed in this cream. It nails every single thing I look for in my software. Heck, if I could give it a 12 out of 10 on scent alone I would……..seriously crazy good.


20150727_163543Price wise it is a pit on the high side at about $30 USD or $38 Canadian. However that is for 6.7 Ozs or 190g which is a lot of product considering just how little you need to acquire a mountain of lather. I also don’t think I have found anything with the scent strength and quality at any price.

The tub is great as I love the gold on black. Simple yet sophisticated. The box that the tub comes in stands out with the red and gold and the T&H graffics. There isn’t anything I can say I would change about it to be honest…..its perfect.

MY SHAVES!!! **I used basically the same set up for my past couple of shaves

20150727_163643Razor : Gillette Aristocrat

Blade : Gillette Platinum

Brush : Plisson Synthetic

CREAM : Truefitt and Hill 1805

Toner : Thayer’s aftershave

Aftershave : Day 1 – GFT Extract of Limes Skin food     Day 2 – Barberry Coast Bay Rum

2 outstanding shaves. I only changed up the aftershave because it was so damn humid that I needed to use a splash. My face feels wonderful, and felt amazing during the shave. I could have just painted this stuff on my face for hours and breathed in the scent and been a happy man.

Another MASSIVE BONUS with this stuff is that my wife liked the scent. Honestly she is picky and is never too thrilled about any of my scents as she is a bit sensitive. So saying ‘its nice’ is a rave review!!!

I will probably use this again when I shave tomorrow and the next day….I just cannot get enough of it!!!

So guys keep an eye out on my Youtube channel because I am going to do a review of this stuff. I just have to. I am so excited about this stuff that I am going crazy having used it two days in a row which I NEVER do with soaps or creams.

The Canuck Shaver on Youtube!

Cheers and keep it BBS!!


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