The Hot and Cold of it!

Two days, two totally different soap/creams. One hot, one cold, both fantastic in their own right!

I continued with my recent trend of pampering myself by using soaps that I truly love and perform great every single time I use them. One soap I chose is newish to my den, but has quickly skyrocketed to the top of my list for scent and is right up there for performance. The second has been in my den for a long time and was actually the first mentholated soap/cream I ever tried. Needless to say it is still one of my go to products in the heat.

So let’s dive in and take a look at my last two shaves and the software I chose!!!!


So yesterday I went ahead and used my most sniffed soap….that’s right. I said it. My most sniffed soap. A soap that’s scent is just amazing. That soap is Reef Point ESPRESSO. Coffee fiends unite! This soap is awesome in every way in my opinion. While it may smell a bit more like a latte or a fancy coffee drink than a straight espresso it definitely evokes the sense of a coffee type drink. In all honestly the scent is EXACTLY like a Coffee Crisp chocolate bar….EXACTLY. I am not sure if coffee crisp bars are a Canadian thing, but if you have smelled one and like them you need to try this soap…its crazy how similar they are.


Razor : Edwin Jagger DE89 head on a iKon Bulldog handle

Blade : Feather

Soap : Reef Point ESPRESSO

Brush : Plisson Synthetic

Toner : Thayer’s Aftershave Witch Hazel

Aftershave : Barberry Coast HAVANA

Scent of the Night : West Third Brand Tobacco 1812

I learned that 3 shaves is about all I get from a feather blade. I learned this after the shave when applying the witch hazel. More than any other blade I find the Feathers turn from smooth to harsh in a flash. Yesterday great shave… the blade gave out. The shave was still nice and smooth but I could tell it wasn’t the gentlest on my face.

The Havana balm is a great choice to pair with the strong scented ESPRESSO. Both have a mocha type feel and just work together. Probably a better choice for colder days, but screw it. I love them so I’m gonna use them!

As for the fragrance I chose to go with Tobacco 1812 to continue the smooth vanilla vibe. This frag is to my nose just about all vanilla. One spray tops in the summer as it can be a bit cloying, but enjoyable for vanilla lovers. A unisex scent for sure. I wish the tobacco was a bit more pronounced and the vanilla toned down a bit. However this bottle is fairly inexpensive and has very good longevity and seems like a good quality juice.

Overall an enjoyable shave and I was smelling smooth and silky!!


This mornings shave was in all intensive purposes a bit of a gong show! The shave itself was great, but getting to that point was another story.

Every night I set out my shaving gear for the next morning. I snap a couple of pics, then enjoy the rest of my night. However, this morning I wake up and notice two things….

#1 I didn’t bother to get out a razor….no biggy, but I planned on using a straight and now needed to go back into the bedroom and retrieve my strop without waking my wife….MISSION SUCCESSFUL

#2 I notice something funny with my knot in the brush. It looks a bit off kilter so I lightly grab a hold and see if its loose…..POP. Out comes the knot. Now on brushes that I want the knot to come out I would never be this lucky. So Needless to say I had to choose another brush…..PLISSIN AGAIN.

20150722_201201(1)Razor : Gloria 6/8″ straight razor (NOT PICTURED)

Soap : QCS VOSTOK Cream

Brush : Plisson Synth(not pictured) – Wolf Whiskers Whaler Pictured

PreShave : Proraso green

Toner : Thayer’s Aftershave Witch Hazel

Aftershave : Bootleggers Dawg Cherry Tobacco(mentholated)

A great shave in the end. Sadly my Wolf Whisker is out of commission for a bit though. Not sure if I will re-set the knot, or put something else in it like a Synthetic.

The QCS Vostok was perfect for the muggy weather. this stuff is very cold and woke me up quick. It lathers very well and is almost like a paste consistency when you load the brush. Boy does it ever lather though. I nailed the water lavel in it and got a perfect slick and rich lather. I would be a very happy man if I could obtain this lather daily. The scent is pure menthol, yet enjoyable to my nose.

I finished the shave off with some Bootleggers Dawg(on Facebook and Instagram) Mentholated Cherry Tobacco aftershave. I don;’t use this stuff nearly as much as I should as it is fantastic stuff. Gives a really nice face feel and the cherry scent is really enjoyable once applied!!! Check him out!

20150722_201241So the pic above isn’t really what I used but the Wolf Whisker brush is just so darn photogenic I figured I would add it anyways…..Who doesn’t like a bit of BRUSH PORN!!

CHEERS my friends and keep it BBS


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