A Little Pampering

So I was away on Vacation for two weeks, got home and had to start packing up my house as I am moving. So although I said I would be posting more(which I am) I am not posting as frequently as I was previously. Moving always takes more work than I can remember and is always stressful to me.

So in light of my packing and stress for the past week I decided, for the past couple of shaves, to pamper myself by using my favorite shaving stuff. Sure it may not be my most expensive or highly revered by others, but to me this stuff is what makes me happy RIGHT NOW. My little escape from working, packing, and more packing………


As I was saying, I just needed to take care of me with my past couple of shaves. Escape the stress and all that goes with a moving to a new place. These THREE shaves certainly helped me escape, even if only for 30 minutes or so.


20150720_222704Razor : Gillette Aristocrat Open Comb

Blade : Feather

Soap : Barrister and Mann FEROX

Brush : Muhle STF size 2

Toner : Thayer’s Aftershave Witch Hazel

Aftershave : Nivea Soft

Scent of the Day : Bleu de Chanel by CHANEL

Scent of the Night : Memoir Man by AMOUAGE…..This was a sample from Scent Trunk(full review to come)

Let me start by saying this was my first shave in my new house(That we are partially moved into). I wanted something luxurious and something that flat out performs. BOOM, this is the epitome of a great travel shave. The aristocrat with a feather is a facial hair assassin…plain and simple. I wanted my first shave at my new place to be a great one and this did not disappoint.

The FEROX is probably my top soap at the moment. The scent on it is a wonderful tart grapefruit with a hint of peppery spice. It may sound odd, but trust me it works. This is a warm weather must for grapefruit fans. A+ for every single aspect of its performance. It may dethrone Haslinger for the summer……it MAY.

The brush and aftershave and toner worked very well and completed the shaving aspect of the shave.

The results a wonderful DFS shave!

For a first on my blog I want to talk a bit about the fragrances I wore on Saturday. Since we moved into the city we had plans to go out with friends and I had a chance to wear some cologne!! I rarely wear frags during the week as my job doesn’t allow it, so my weekends is my time to try stuff.

For the day time I chose Bleu de Chanel which I was so generously gifted by a fellow wet shaver and a guy I consider a true gentlemen and friend(you know who you are). This stuff opens with a grapefruit and fruity blast with a hint of spice. It smells like this for about an hour or so at least I think. As it dries down you get the sandalwood and vetiver and the citrus really mellows. This is a crowd pleaser and I think a frag that can be worn anytime and any season by anyone. I chose it as we met with friends and walked along our local waterfront and shopped the waterfront weekend market. A great choice and one that wasn’t going to offend anyone or over project.

For later that evening we were heading out for a nice dinner. I decided I wanted to try a new fragrance that I had been waiting to try. I had received the fragrance in my Scent Trunk subscription box about a month ago and was yet to have a chance to wear it. Why not try it for a nice night out at a wonderful restaurant. The scent I chose was Memoir Man by AMOUAGE! Amouage is a pretty highly regarded niche fragrance house so I was delighted to see this in my Scent Trunk box. This stuff is some POWERFUL juice. Upon first spray I could see why it commands a high price and attention. WOW, I had never smelled a fragrance like this before. I only used two sprays and I felt like that may have been a bit too much. The opening is amazing and has some mint, basil and wormwood(think absinthe and licorice) and almost smells like a cool herbaceous forest. I am clearly not a fragrance reviewer so bear with me on my descriptions. As the scent starts to dry down you get the lavender and incense(which become a major note). The base notes of this fragrance are what really make this scent appealing to me. You still get the incense, but you also get sandalwood, tobacco, and leather….oooh leather. There are also slight hints of amber/vanilla and vetiver. This stuff is pretty beastly compared to anything I have ever worn. It lasted all night and projected very well for about 4 hours then got closer to the skin. This is a masculine scent to be sure. I saw review that said it was unisex, but I would not want my lady smelling like this stuff….it is %100 masculine in my book. I am really looking forward to wearing this again as well as reviewing Scent Trunk in the next week or two.



Razor : Gillette Aristocrat Open Comb

Blade : Feather

Soap : Haslinger Schafmilch

Brush : Oscar 11 Custom with Omega Boar knot

Toner : Thayer’s Rose

Aftershave : The Barberry Coast Havana

WHAT A SHAVE!! This is luxury in a shave. This is a shave I could repeat day in and day out and be content. This is arguably all of my top stuff in one shave(the brush is the one thing I may chance).

Again the ‘Crat and feather combo was utilized. Why not? I love a close easy shave.

The soap needs no introduction to my blog followers. Haslinger Schafmilch is simply tops in every performance category there is. It is either #1 or tied for #1 in all categories aside from scent. This makes the creamiest slickest thickest, cushioning lather you can have the pleasure of lathering on your face. It feels like a cloud of silk and cashmere playing on your face….it is ridiculously luxurious. If you haven’t tried it yet you need to stop reading this and order some. It is incredible and so easy to lather that every wet shaver will appreciate it. The pucks are small, but that just means you need to make more soap orders!!!!

The Oscar11 brush is quite photogenic and is becoming more broken in with every use. Still I would have maybe raised the loft a couple of mm to increase the splay and decrease the backbone a fraction. However that is just me being a bit picky.

FB_IMG_1437422111332The brush tears into any soap with easy and is very enjoyable to face lather with. I am a boar fan for sure. Then again I haven’t met a brush type that I don’t like.

I finished the shave with the Havana Balm!!! Great Googly Moogly this stuff is sensational to say the least. Great scent and performance. The scent is my favorite thing about it. Light tobacco vanilla scent with a slight menthol kick….YES PLEASE!

An awesome BBS shave!

SHAVE #3 – Today’s shave


Razor : Gillette Milord

Blade :  Feather

Soap :RazorockZi’Peppino

Brush : The Holy Black Handle with 24mm Silvertip Badger knot

Toner : Thayer’s Cucumber

Aftershave : The Barberry Coast Bay Rum

The mildness of the Milord with the sharpness of the feather is a great combo! I really enjoyed this razor and blade this morning. Old with new created a great team for shaving off the stubble.

The brush is growing on me. I was losing hope of liking it. It is a massive knot to me. However, today it seemed to release the lather better. Maybe I just loaded it more….I’m not sure but it worked great. Pillowy soft and it is  one BADASS looking mutha of a brush!

The Zi!!! Oh how I love the. The scent of Zi’Peppino is what keeps me coming back. The performance is good…..but, not as exceptional as B&M or Haslinger. Yet the scent is just so nice to me I think I will replace it when this tub runs out. A modern-day must try in my opinion.

20150720_224106To finish the shave I rolled with Cucumber Thayer’s followed by Barberry Coast BAY RUM!!! Damn, it has been way too long since I have used this stuff. my face feels fantastic and I am smelling awesome.

A great shave to start the day and continue my pampering theme.

I hope you have all been great the past few days. I will try to keep posting, but I am going to be busy for the next month or so with another vacation and more moving and settling in to our new place. But keep your eyes peeled for new posts and videos! My first video hit 100 views the other day…..may not seem like much, but each view means a lot to me and makes me want to keep improving and provide short informative videos for all of you guys and girls.

First Travel Tip Video!

Elvado Soap and Balm Review




  1. Andrew Joyce · July 21, 2015

    So if you could only have one day above which one would it be? Moving, done my share, ranks up there in stress with just about anything. Local move? Or heading west?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Froogle_Jimmy · July 21, 2015

      I’d go with the Haslinger! Just moving an hour and a half away to the city!


  2. Andrew Joyce · July 22, 2015

    Ah gonna miss The Harbour and shopping at Gammons 🙂 Got some Haslinger a couple weeks ago looking forward to givener a go just too much product!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Froogle_Jimmy · July 22, 2015

      Where you living again? You in Cole Harbour? You are gonna love Haslinger


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