Back Home in the Den

After two plus weeks of vacation I was finally back home for a shave this morning. As much as I love traveling and my travel shave gear there is something about shaving at home that cannot be beat. Whether its access to ALL of my gear, knowing the water, or just the comfort of knowing my surroundings this mornings shave was an awesome one!!


For those who want to know my vacation was amazing! My family and I drove from Nova Scotia to Ontario which is about an 18 hour drive. And we did it in one shot on the way there! That’s right it took about 20 hours a few coffees and Red Bulls, but we did it! With a three year old in tow I would say that it was a pretty great accomplishment.

Of course spending time with our families was fantastic but, the highlight of the trip for me was on our way back when we stopped in Quebec City. Such a beautiful city to say the least. It is like a little piece of Europe in the middle of Canada.  If you ever have a chance to visit I cannot recommend it highly enough. I would say it is the most unique city I have been to in all of North America.


Me and my son outside of the Chateau Frontenac. This building is massive and Spectacular!! Photo credit to my beautiful wife

Anyhow, less talk about vacation and more about SHAVING! So last night I was trying to decide what to use. I figured I would use the stuff I missed not using and stuff I craved.


Two of the things I craved most were my Aristocrat and my ZenShave Limited Edition Badger brush. Despite taking the New OC on vacation with me it just does not compare to the aristocrat. The ‘Crat is just so smooth and efficient its hard to use any other DE’s. The ZenShave brush is my favorite badger brush. The knot is exquisite and I love the way the handle looks and feels. Travel doesn’t bode well for badgers so I had to take a synthetic. As the saying goes absence makes the heart grow fonder. And this is so true. These two pieces of software blew me away again when I used them. Maybe I could take them away but I wouldn’t want to risk losing or damaging either.


Gratuitous Aristocrat pic. I re-did the inside of the case(except the top which is original).

As for software I was craving CITRUS!! And my favorite citrus is grapefruit so I had a choice between two fantastic products. Since it was pretty humid I decided for the zesty tart grapefruit in Barrister and Mann’s FEROX. To finish the shave I decided to kick it up with some menthol and go for Iced Key Lime by Queen Charlotte soaps. Vostok would also have been a great choice for the heat today.

Ok onto the SHAVE!!!


Razor : Gillette Aristocrat OC

Blade : Gillette Platinum

Soap : Barrister and Mann FEROX

Brush : Zenshave LE

Toner : Thayer’s Aftershave Witch Hazel

Aftershave :  QCS Iced Key Lime

What a wonderful shave. It was exactly what I wanted and the result was an EASY BBS. I find the Gillette Platinum Blades are a great all around blade for me. I used a Polsilver while on vacation and it did not pair well with the Gillette NEW which surprised me. So the platinum got the call and it was up to the task of eliminating 6 days of growth.

Platinum + Aristocrat = AWESOME

That is some wet shaving math for ya! I was surprised how quickly and efficiently this combo worked. The soap performed how B&M always performs and produced a ridiculous lather with an awesome scent!!!

An awesome way to start the week! And look for another video coming later this week where i review and compare a couple of my top summer soaps. Cheers!

Keep on Shaving On!


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