The Day has FINALLY COME!!

At last the day is here. I have talked about it for a while now, but it’s finally done! I started a Youtube Channel! I want this to be a fully interactive channel and base my videos on what my followers and subscribers want to see. Reviews, Tips and Tricks, Do’s and Don’ts……everything. I want to hear from YOU GUYS what you want to see.


The Channel is called ‘The Canuck Shaver’ . I am extremely excited about it. I don’t have a plan for the number of videos, but I think popularity and views will be a barometer. Hopefully quite a few though. I just published my first video and I am hoping to get some subscribers and views etc. This blog and the interactions with my followers really pushed me to do this along with watching other YouTubers.

My first video is actually on what I take when I travel away from home. I have included some do’s and don’ts and some other information as well. Please let me know what you think either by commenting here or on the video itself!!! I am so excited about this and look forward to diving head first into it!!!

The video Link  The Canuck Shaver – Wet shaving travel Gear and tips

Cheers guys and gals and have an awesome day!!!!!



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