One of my Favorite things in ALL of SHAVEDOM!!

There are a lot of great aspects of the wet shaving community. I know I loved the fact that when I started out it was so easy to ask questions and get great information/answers in return. Also, the sheer generosity of guys to share products and hardware etc is simply outstanding. I received a few PIFS(pay it forwards) when I started out and they helped me out tremendously. Another big thing for me is just how friendly and welcoming everyone is(for the most part). The guys on the forums and the groups love to talk shaving and help everyone out as much as they can and make you feel like part of the community.  All of these things and more are huge reasons I love our community, but another thing I love is………..


Looking at Shave of the Day pics!! Yes the things I talked about before are way more important. However, sitting down and scanning through all the SOTD pics on Facebook and Instagram as well as the forums is something I really enjoy. The amount of effort guys put in is astounding. These are pics that have been thought through. Shadows have been taken into consideration, computer programs and editing software have been used. These pictures are ART. They are stunning and really push guys/and gals to up their game when it comes to shaving photos.

20150622_221210-1 20150622_221345

These are two pics I took last night of the same set up but I find they have a totally different feel. And this is what I love about these pics. You as a viewer get to see what the photographer sees when he thinks of his set up. Different angles, light, shadows, and filters are play a role in how these pics make me feel and the emotions they evoke. They can also point our eyes on what they feel is most important in the shot…….OK, now I am rambling. I just love looking at all the different pics.

Now onto the SHAVE for Tobacco Tuesday!!


Razor : 6/8″ Gloria Razor from Solingen

Brush : ZenShave/HTGAM LE

Soap : Razorock Tobacco #1

Toner : Thayer’s Rose

Aftershave : The Barberry Coast Havana Aftershave balm

With Tobacco Tuesday comes a Tobacco Soap. Today’s choice was Tobacco #1 by Razorock. I have spoken very highly of this soap especially of this particular argan oil formula which seems to perform extremely well for me. Great quality, great price, great company…cannot go wrong with any part of it in my opinion. Sure, scent is 100% subjective, but for me this scent is great. It is almost a scent in between PAA Cavendish and Tabac. Not quite a much of a pipe tobacco punch as cavndish, but not as powdery as Tabac. A very nice middle of the road scent. Great post shave and lather performance make this a great add on to any order from Italian Barber.

The Zenshave brush made short work of loading the soap and the hooked tips are just insanely soft on the face. However there is a great backbone with the knot. This is my top badger knot.  It is amazing how hard it dries and just how soft it gets when it touches water.

The razor sliced through stubble like butter. Got a great easy DFS with ZERO irritation!!!

The Havana is just incredible. It smells perfect to my nose and it really nourishes the skin. A great great product!

Just a great Tobacco Tuesday. Stop by tomorrow where I go through “What to Pack” when travelling. Should be a fun post that may even conjure up a video……no guarantee though.

Shave on my Friends!


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