Haslinger Schafmilch…..it IS that GOOD!!

I may have wavered over the past month or two about what my absolute favorite soap is. There are a couple of Barrister and Mann soaps that I am absolutely in love with, however Haslinger Schafmilch is still my undisputed champion. I used it today for the first time in about a month and the results…….


So I finally brought this soap out today after a long layoff. I had gotten so many new soaps in the past month or so that I was trying to get a feel for all of them and neglecting my older favorites. Boy oh Boy am I glad I used this soap this morning…..this stuff is seriously ridiculous in every single performance category. So Today I want to do another full review on this soap like my recent reviews with scores and all that good stuff.

PACKAGING : Ok, if you came to this soap in hopes of great packaging you will be very disappointed. The soap comes shrink wrapped in plastic with the soaps individual logo stickered on top. Bare bones, nothing fancy to write home about…… 5 out of 10

SCENT : This may be the least offensive scent I own. It is clean, slight floral(minimal) and just smells like a high end mild hand soap. I can’t imagine anyone finding this offensive, nor can I see anyone thinking this is the best smelling soap. It is just simply nice and clean and fresh and soapy. 7 out of 10

Now let’s get into what we cam here for!!!!

LATHERABILITY :  It is laughable how easy this soap is to load onto your brush and create mountains of lather. This morning I used a 2-band badger and loaded for 13 seconds…..thats it. Now I grated my puck into a glass container and squished it in which may make lathering easier, but it was easy before I did that as well. Needless to say 13 seconds was probably 5 seconds too long. I had enough lather for an easy 5-6 passes and I am not exaggerating at all. Regardless of brush it is that easy to load. I also put a bit of warm water on top while I shower to bloom it. Can I give this a 12 out of 10?? seriously an EASY perfect 10 out of 10!!!


PERFORMANCE : There is honestly not a thing I can knock about this soaps performance…..NOTHING. I am sitting here trying to split hairs to find a slight negative, but nope….nothing. Thick, rich lather that performs as good as it looks. Protection wise this stop is the top of the chart. Cushioning, yep, you guessed it, right at the top again. Slickness, this is what I always forget about this soap is just how slick it is. WOW, it is probably slicker than Stirling to be honest……actually it is quite a bit slicker. Even after a full pass I feel like I could just do another pass and not worry about reapplying lather….CRAZY GOOD GUYS!!! And this lather remains thick throughout the entire shave regardless of face or bowl lathering. Beyond perfect 10 out of 10!!

POST SHAVE : The best post shave feel I have EVER experienced in a soap. I judge every soaps post shave compared to Schafmilch. Some are great yet still not as good as this stuff. If you want to experience great post shave try this stuff out. Just like Latherability and Performance this is a category where nothing compares. 10 out of 10

VALUE : This is just something to bare in mind. These pucks are smaller but can be had for under $5…..yeah, that’s right!! So they are an amazing value for what you get. try the Shavemac website or tvbshaving as both have this soap.

OVERALL : Other soaps may have better scents and packaging, but do NOT let that throw you off. You don’t shave with a container or a soaps scent(however a bad scent is a big negative). Every other aspect of this soap is superior to most other soaps and I don’t know of one that compares overall to this soap. I will give it 9.9 out of 10. If the scent was just slightly better it would be an easy 10. In all respects it is perfect beside two real non-factors. Screw it, it’s a perfect soap 10 out of 10!!!

Now to today’s shave!!


Razor : Gillette Milord

Blade : Feather


Brush : Zenshave Canada LE

Preshave : Proraso Green

Toner : Thayers Aftershave Witch Hazel

Atfershave : Local Gent Eucalyptus Mint Aftershave Balm

So as you can see I went back to a DE today. I just wanted to wake up and not have to strop and think too much about the shave as I had a long tiring day yesterday. I loaded a feather into the Milord which proved to be a killer combo again. Ultra sharp blade in a mild razor.

The brush whipped up a ridiculously great lather and the razor /blade combo just annihilated my stubble with ease. An easy 3 pass BBS which proved to me that I still need work on my straight skills. I cannot get over how great this shave felt. no nicks, or cuts, or irritation to speak of!!! I no longer fear the feather. If anything I embrace it and respect it.

I probably could have gotten away with not even doing anything for my post shave as my face felt amazing after my cold water rinse. However I am a creature of habit and threw on some witch hazel then applied the Local gent balm…..which is awesome stuff.  Face feels incredible and super soft and toned!!

The Gillette Milord in all her Glory. Not revamped, or replated, simply cleaned and polished by yours truly.

The Gillette Milord in all her Glory. Not revamped, or replated, simply cleaned and polished by yours truly.

What I have noticed now about 4 hours post shave is that my BBS is no longer. The mild razor means the BBS doesn’t last quite as long as say the aristocrat or New Open Comb. A Fantastic shave none the less with equally fantastic results!!

Have an awesome day everyone!!! And keep it smooth.



  1. Andrew Joyce · June 11, 2015

    6 pucks = $42 Cdn seems pretty good Looking forward to trying your favourite soap!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Max · June 12, 2015

    I get all scents from TVB shaving. The great thing is that all the pucks perform just as well as the Schafmilch. I think it’s the best shave soap out there. I prefer to transfer them to the WCS/Maggards twist up shave sticks containers. This method results in more soap and an explosion of lather. I love washing extra lather down the sink! Mystic Water is a close second.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Froogle_Jimmy · June 12, 2015

      Max, that’s good to know that they all perform the same. I have a puck of coconut that I will use when I finish the Schafmilch. Thanks for checking out my blog as well. I appreciate the interaction and comment. Cheers


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