Wolf Whisker SOTD

Ok, it wasn’t just ‘another’ SOTD….it was a fantastic shave of the day with some of my current favorites. From the razor, to the brush, to the soap, to the balm, this line up is all awesome stuff and high on my recommendation list.


I had to use the Barrister and Mann Rhapsody again today. this soap is just very bright and uplifting to me. And since my wife and I just purchased a house…….that’s right!!! I figured lets brighten this rainy day by using some great smelling Spring-ish software. This soap just knocks my socks off with how in your face the scent is. I really get the lemon/cirtus notes right off the bat and the room just fills with its aroma when I am lathering…it is intoxicating to me and got me feeling good as soon as I opened the tub.

The Razor is simply a lean, mean, keen, shaving machine! Its got looks that could kill and an edge that will.

The Wolf Whisker brush is beautiful and I actually have a replacement knot for it as this one just keeps on shedding(this is an error from the knot maker and not TGN as they would have had NO WAY of knowing it would be a dud). Yet it still easily lathered the soap and feels awesome in my hand.

To Finish I used the Lemon Thayer’s followed again by ELVADO Wild Mint Lime Aftershave Balm. I am kind of addicted to the scent of this balm. Any citrus scented soap will get followed up with this balm…..or possibly Iced Key lime if I want a big menthol kick. Just an awesome Lime balm with a touch of mint that is super refreshing….dare I say Mojito-like?



A DFS shave and oh so comfortable!I see on the on shaving group I am in on facebook(The Shave Market) that William Carius from Barrister and Mann and his mom have offered to make a group soap and are asking the members to pick a scent……I think I suggested Fig/Leather/Tonka. I really like the sounds of Fig and leather and the addition of tonka bean could make for a deep brooding yet slightly sweet scent. However there are some really great suggestions and I look forward to what is chosen.

Sorry, but this was just a quick SOTD post as I had to go into the city to take care of some house stuff so i didn’t have the usual amount of time to write this.


Cheers all and keep on shaving!!


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