Scents that make Sense

Oh How I love the scent of tobacco. Whether it is green tobacco, pipe tobacco, tobacco flower, it doesn’t matter. I really love them all except cigarette tobacco. I have mentioned before that I am not a smoker of cigarettes or cigars or a pipe, but I am enthralled by the scent of tobacco in just about every form. Since today is Tuesday I had an excuse to use one of my tobacco scented soaps(not that I needed an excuse).


If you haven’t guessed by the pictures the soap I chose today is Cavendish by PAA(I have the HTGAM version). This was the first tobacco scent I ever owned. Unfortunately my father took my Cavendish shaving stick and I had to acquire a 4oz tin. The scent of this is a sweet pipe tobacco. Apparently it is reminiscent of days gone by. To me it reminds me of the tobacco/pipe/cigar shop in my local mall when I was a kid. I loved walking by and getting the sweet robust aromas of the pipe tobacco and this scent pretty much nails it. This is one soap where the scent can linger a while after your shave. Enough that I get whiffs for an hour or two after my shave. The performance of this soap is great like all PAA soaps and I find the post shave very good with this stuff. Cavendish really leaves my face feeling incredibly soft every time I use it.

PhotoArt_06092015082426 Now, I don’t have the matching aftershave but I may try to pick up the aftershave/cologne in the future as this is truly one of my favorite scents especially in the colder months as it is quite warm and comforting. Despite not owning the matching aftershave I have The Barberry Coast’s HAVANA aftershave balm which matches up very well. The sweet subtle vanilla and tobacco notes really play well with the sweet pipe tobacco of the soap and leave me and the bathroom smelling awesome. This balm is really really versatile which I love. Also The Barberry Coast is offering to anyone who owns any of their balms to mail them a free pump. Pretty generous and great customer service….. Check out the Barberry Coast if you haven’t already. Everything they sell is top notch.



Razor : George Wostenholm 5/8″

Brush : Plisson Synthetic

Soap : HTGAM Cavenish (Now known as PAA/Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements)

Preshave : Prototype Oil

Toner : Thayer’s Rose

Aftershave : The Barberry Coast Havana Aftershave Balm

This soap not only smells great and has great post shave but it also lathers super easy. I loaded the Plisson for maybe 20-25 seconds and had enough soap on the brush for way more than my standard 3 passes. Nice and creamy with nice slickness. The Wosty razor is just not as great of a shaver for me as my other straights. Maybe its all in my head but I prefer the more robust blades of my W&B and my Gloria Razor……personal preference I guess. The edge was keen though and it shaved really well. I just didn’t enjoy the shave as much as the past few straights shaves I have done.

I finished the shave with a warm water rinse then a cold water splash. After that it was a splash of Thayer’s Rose. Sadly I am almost done my bottle and need to replace it. After the Witch Hazel it was the Havana Balm!!! This stuff is just awesome in every single way.


Not quite a DFS shave but still nice and my face feels and smells fantastic! And it was a pleasant overall start to my day.

Have an awesome day everyone and stay tuned for my Youtube channel coming soon!!!

Shave on my friends.


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