More Monday menthol Madness!

I must admit that I never used to be the biggest fan of Mondays. however, the older I get the more I realize that Monday isn’t really any different from any other day of the work week. It’s the start of anew week and that is kind of exciting. The fact that I enjoy my job….and in fact and changing jobs means that each Monday brings my family closer to a new start and big change in our day to day lives. And of course it means MENTHOL MONDAY’s now that the warm weather is here!!


What better way to celebrate Menthol Monday than with a nice cold DRINK!! So how about a Margarita……in the Arctic? That’s right. Today I used Stirlings Margaritas in the Arctic(MITA). This is a great soap for the hot weather. It has a great lemony citrus scent that really does remind me of a margarita or a mixed drink. Not too sweet but it has a bit of sweetness along with a tangy/zesty vibe. It is almost like the lemon version of Queen Charlotte Soaps Iced Key Lime. So If you like Lemon get MITA if you prefer lime try Iced Key Lime. You cannot go wrong either way. The menthol level on this is awesome. Probably equal to IKL and Vostok……possibly slightly lower, but I find with menthol soaps the level changes every shave a bit. With Stirling soaps you get an awesome value and affordable soap. You also get fantastic slickness! I think that is my favorite part of this soaps performance. I don’t find this soap to be finicky to lather at all. And if you add the right amount of water you get nice protection and feel, but above all you get top notch slickness.

I also have to note that Stirling is now rolling out plastic tubs for their soaps! I do like this idea opposed to metal tins. Soaps can take a beating when getting shipped to Canada and I have never had a plastic tub damaged, but I have had a few metal tins dinged and dented in shipment(not from Stirling). Another plus is you can buy the pucks without the tubs if you want! I for one have enough tubs and containers and don’t always want to pay the extra money for a tub. I just like how they give you the option.

Now onto THE SHAVE!!!


Razor : Wade and Butcher 6/8″

Brush : Oscar11 Custom with Omega Boar Knot

Soap : Stirling Margaritas in the Arctic

Preshave : Proraso Green

Toner : Thayer’s Lemon

Aftershave : QCS Iced Key Lime Aftershave Balm

I have to admit that when I was taking my SOTD pics last night I was really excited about this mornings shave. I really enjoy this soap and haven’t used it for quite a while….probably because Spring hasn’t decided to stay here on the East Coast yet this year. This morning the Sun was out and I couldn’t wait to lather up the MITA! This soap is really one of the best values in all of wet shaving….right along side Razorock soaps. Some reviews have said the soap can be tough to dial in, but I have never had an issue and I don’t have the best water where I am. A lot of guys also swear by Stirling because it is such a great value and they have a ton of different scents. I have used the Barbershop and Almond Creme soaps as well. All three are great and the Barbershop is one of my all time favorite scents. It may not be the most cushioning lather but the slickness more than makes up for that. And I a m not saying it has poor cushioning, its  just not on the same level as the ridiculous slickness! Easily one of the slickest soaps I have tried.

The Oscar11 brush lathered well and The Wade and Butcher annihilated my stubble with ease.

I finished the shave with the Thayer’s Lemon Witch Hazel then the Iced Key Lime Balm. What an awesome finish to an awesome shave. The Lemon Lime mix was just perfect for the warm day to come and the menthol kick was fantastic and not overkill. Quite possibly my most comfortable straight shave to date. An easy DFS. I am a Happy Chappy for sure!!!

My Slow Motion Saturday Shave!!


Razor : Gloria Razor 6/8″

Brush : Muhle STF

Soap : Bergums Brutalt Bra Barbersape (Norwegian soap)

Preshave : Proraso Green

Toner : Thayer’s Aftershave Witch Hazel

Saturday’s are my slow relaxing shaves. I shave at night once my son is in bed and just take my time. I can say that my shave this Saturday was absolutely one of the most enjoyable shaves I have had from start to finish.


The Brutalt Bra Barbersape is THE most underrated soap around. I don’t recall ever seeing it any any SOTD pics. This stuff flat out performs. The scent to me is kind of like Proraso green mixed with a fougere. A nice calming scent for he senses. The performance of this stuff is FRICKEN AWESOME. I remember thinking how good it was the last time I used it, but I had forgotten just how good it is. I think this soap is a bit pricey at about $22-$28 a tin here in north america, but may be cheaper purchased from Norway at , I think it is worth the price. It an obscure artisan soap that needs some recognition. It lathered like nobodies business and gave a rich slick lather that competes with my top soaps. Not a single thing negative to say about it.

The Muhle is a stellar brush and lathers anything you can throw at it. The Razor shaves like a beast and is a joy to use! This particular shave was just super comfortable and it was nice to take my time with the straight and really learn my technique. It paid off with a great DFS and comfortable shave. The Buddha in the top pic represents how happy I was after the shave. I didn’t throw on any balm and my face felt great even the next morning! If you get a chance to try this soap I highly recommend you jump at it. its right up their with Tabac and Haslinger as my top European soaps.

Have a great week everyone and keep an eye out for a Youtube channel I am thinking of starting!!!

Keep smooth and Shave on my friends!!


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