A SubLIME shave!

Another great straight razor shave to finish off the week! A nice mix of hardware and software from around the world made this shave extremely enjoyable. From Canada to the USA and a little bit of European flare it was a great way to end the week on a high!!


This shave was I believe my 6th or 7th straight shave in a row. I am truly loving it more and more. surprisingly my shaves are much faster than with a DE as well which is a big bonus!

The notes of Eucalyptus and menthol in the Proraso Pre really led nicely to the Wild Mint Lime Elvado Shave soap. The Mint and menthol/ Eucalyptus just simply work well together and the Lime added that perfect spring freshness to the shave. The scent on this soap is wonderful and super refreshing without being overly minty. Another great soap for year round use in my opinion. I really love the performance of this soap and everything about it. Perhaps a bit under the radar for now, but I think you will see it move to the forefront very soon as their line gets more publicity. It deserves all the love it gets. More on the soap in my shave review!



Razor : Wade & Butcher (Sheffield steel UK, Canadian made Scales)

Soap : Elvado Wild Mint Lime (Canadian)

Brush : Semogue Owners Club (Portugal)

PreShave : Proraso Green (Italy)

Toner : Thayer’s Lemon (USA)

Aftershave : Elvado Wild Mint Lime (Canada)

Awesome, just a Plain awesome shave from start to finish. Menthol to wake me up. Followed by the zen like relaxing scent of mint and lime as the straight melted away the stubble. The Semogue Owners Club is a beast and lathers up any soap you throw at it. This brush has become soft since it has broken in and it keeps getting better. A true GEM of a brush. If you haven’t used a boar or are looking for a new boar I cannot recommend this brush any more highly. It’s a steal for the price and I prefer it over most badger brushes.

The W&B is just a BADASS looking razor. the scales are simple and classy and I find keeps with the old school look which I like for straights. This razor was a steal of a find as well….I won’t say what I got it for. And the edge on it is as keen as any edge I have ever felt. Big Thanks to Val at The Gentleman’s Den!


The Elvado Balm is fantastic and obviously matches up with the soap perfectly. And as I said I think this balm would be great year round and with many different soaps. It’s nice to have balms that can work with different soaps and not have to buy a bunch of matching balms for all your different soaps. The post shave feel of the soap combined with the matching balm is wonderful and feels absolutely fantastic. Non Greasy and it comes in a generous sized bottle as well!!! The fact that Elvado is a Canadian company and Vegan is just plain cool. I really like the way this company is going….great stuff!!

That’s it for the week. Gotta do some house hunting this weekend…WISH ME LUCK!!

Stay smooth everyone.


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