Vostok – The Coldest Place on Earth

I awoke to cool weather again this morning but said SCREW IT! It’s Spring and I am going to rock the coldest soap that I own and ever tried. Queen Charlotte Soaps Vostok. This is, to me, one of the original highly mentholated soaps/Creams that have been released in the last couple of years. This stuff was released before the huge outpouring of Highly mentholated soaps like Yeti Snot and Chiseled Face Cryogen just to name a couple. Now how cold can it possibly be??


Oh this stuff is cold!! Paired with the matching balm and you get a slap from old man winter! This stuff does bring a bit of a tear to my eye with how cold it is, however its not ridiculous and just pure menthol. This is a great soap/cream performance wise. I have had this cream for over a year and I get awesome shaves with it every single time I use it. Vostok isn’t just a gimmick. QCS has really nailed this mentholated soap/cream. I will do a full review on this stuff in the weeks to come as I use it more in the heat. If you aren’t a big fan up straight menthol/balsamic scent grab a tub of the Iced Key Lime by Queen Charlotte soaps. I myself have both and they are just about equal in chill factor while the IKL has a wonderful lime scent. If you do purchase either product be sure to grab the matching balms! These are simply outstanding mentholated balms and are just as cold as the soaps. Performance on them is top notch for moisturizing, scent and how well it does absorb and leaves no greasy residue.

I am sure there are colder products on the market, but I think there comes a point where it is overkill and possibly gimmicky. I love menthol as much as the next guy, but I also like to enjoy my shave and not be in pain.



Razor : 6/8″ Gloria Razor (Solingen)

Soap : Queen Charlotte Soaps VOSTOK

Brush : Holy Black Handle with 24mm Virginia Sheng Silvertip

PreShave : Proraso Green

Toner : Thayer’s Aftershave Witch Hazel

Aftershave : Queen Charlotte Soaps Vostok Aftershave Balm

As if the Soap and Balm wasn’t cold enough I decided to use some Proraso Green Pre Barba. I’m not sure if it’s just me or the pre shave is much colder than the Proraso Green soap? Anyhow, the preshave got my face feeling chilly before even applying the Vostok. The combo of the Pre and Vostok was exhilarating to say the least. So Cold yet extremely refreshing. the two scents actually blended awesome together. Now I loaded the Vostok with my Holy Black brush. I must say that as soft as the knot is I am not a fan of how much it hogs lather. It borders on ridiculous to be honest. Yes its soft and very dense and it really is a great quality knot, I just don’t like knots that hog lather. Just my two scents though.


The Razor itself was amazing today. Obviously the soap and preshave paid a big part as well. However the shave was so damn smooth and easy. I don’t think my cheeks have EVER felt this good. I also think my stropping technique is getting way better and I am not doing any harm to the edge like I think I was before. This razor to me is a stunner too! I love the ornate looking scales and the gold flake on the blade. I am so happy that I am sticking with the straights as it really is getting easier and I think it’s a quicker shave than with my DE’s.


I finished the shave with a warm water rinse followed by a cold water splash to tighten up the pores. Then a nice splash of Witch Hazel to tone everything up…….Guys you need to be using this stuff. I cannot say enough good things about the witch hazel. I guarantee a better post shave if you use this stuff. Unless you are allergic to it there is no reason to short change how good your shaves could be. Lastly I applied the Vostok balm. YOWZA!! This stuff is like ice lotion. Seriously chilly stuff with fantastic performance.

Overall one of my best straight shaves ever! My face feels as good as it ever has post shave and I am wide awake and ready to attack the day.

Have a great Thursday and keep it smooth!




  1. Brian · June 6, 2015

    Do you use Witch Hazel as a splash or with a cotton pad?

    Liked by 1 person

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