Citrus to Brighten my day

The weather here on the East coast this past week has been wet. Don’t get me wrong the weather is great if you are a duck, but not so much for people. With the rain has come a drop in temp reminiscent of fall weather. So today to push away those cold wet blues I decided to add some citrus to my morning shave.


This morning I reached for Cold River Soap Works SELECT Citrus (CRSW). Up until recently I believe CRSW offered two different lines. I believe they were called Original and Select. the select being the premium line. I have not tried the original line, but have heard it was a great soap and not much different from the SELECT line. I will say this right now that the CRSW Select is a premium soap in every way. From the container to the scent and all the way to the post shave.

PACKAGING : Of all of my tubs of soap I think this one is the classiest. I love a colorful bold label like B&M Rhapsody, but this label is OUT-FRIGGIN-STANDING!!! White lettering on a black background stands out and looks great. The wax makers mark just sets this apart from other labels. It is stunning to say the least. The tub itself is a great fairly heavy gauge tin. A nice screw lid really ups this presentation. I say I don’t buy for presentation, but something like this really stands out and gives you positive vibes going into the shave. 10 out of 10


SCENT : I am a citrus fan in the spring and summer, I also like to use some citrus soaps in the colder weather but many seem out of place in the colder weather. Some are far to sharp or mentholated or just too heavy on the LIME. The scent is a softer citrus scent. This is more of an orange and bergamot scent than the usual lemon/lime. It’s very nice and really relaxing especially once bloomed and lathered. I could really see using this one all year round. Larry did a great job on the scent of this one without making it smell too much like a creamscicle. 9 out of 10….the versatility bumps up this mark.

LATHERABILITY : Artisans are making it very easy for us wet shavers. This stuff loads extremely easy. I used a Muhle STF today and the soap practically jumped onto the brush. Right up there with Haslinger and B&M for ease of loading. This stuff also lathered up on my face really easily not quite as well as my top soaps but in the same ball park for sure. Very close to perfect 9 out of 10.

PERFORMANCE : While the lather produced was very nice I did not find it quite as cushioning as B&M. The slickness was pretty decent though. The lather itself was just not quite as thick and rich as my top picks. However this stuff is still WAAAY above average and a joy to use. I found is was ever so slightly dissipating by my third pass, but I am just being picky. 8.5 out of 10

POST SHAVE : Now this is where this soap is absolutely OUTSTANDING. Wow, just by reading the ingredients I knew this was going to be great. Kokum butter, Lanolin, avocado oil etc…..All lead to an outstanding post shave. You could easily get away without using a balm after this soap in my opinion. If I could score above a “10” I would. This soap and Haslinger Schafmilch are the two best post shave soaps I have ever used and I never thought anything would match the Schafmilch. Larry hit it out of the park for post shave!! 10 out of 10


OVERALL : I don’t have anything negative to say about this soap at all. This soap is in the upper echelon when it comes to all the major categories for me. It’s even in the top spot in a couple. Another great thing I will add is that these soaps are now $16.50 on the CRSW site which is an awesome value for this soap. I believe they were about $20 previously. I would not hesitate to buy this soap or any other of Larry from CRSW offerings. I will give this soap a 9 out of 10

Now onto todays shave!!


Razor : Wade and Butcher 6/8″

Brush : Muhle STF

Soap : CRSW Select Citrus

Preshave : Prototype oil

Toner : Thayer’s Lemon

Aftershave : Elvado Wild Mint Lime Aftershave Balm

Another day, another great straight razor shave. No irritation and my face feels amazing. Again my shaves are getting better and better and I feel I am more agile with the straight than I was a week ago. Slowly my shaves are getting better and it really makes me want to master this art.

The Muhle is a great little brush that whips of lather as well as anything out there. I will be taking this on this summers vacations as I find the handle is a lot more durable than the Plisson.

All the players in todays citrus shave were awesome and combined wonderfully. The Thayer’s Lemon is crazy good in the heat and I really enjoy the scent. The Elvado balm was the perfect way to end this shave. All citrus but nothing to sharp or overpowering. Perfect for a cool spring day and a real spirit booster.

Cheers my friends!!! keep it clean shaven and have a great Hump DAY!!!!


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