Another TABAC-O Tuesday

Macaroni and cheese, Batman and Robin, Fish and Chips…..some things just belong together. for me its Tobacco and Tuesdays. And what better representative than the one and only TABAC?!?! Last week I got hung up on using neglected soaps that I completely forgot about Tobacco Tuesday. Well, this week I am making up for it by using both a tobacco soap and aftershave balm! Trust me, this was a great shave.


Tabac! Probably the most widely used tobacco scented soap in the world. It is to Germany what Old Spice is to North America. A staple in many shave dens including my own. While I do only own the shave stick I will be getting the bowl in the future. Either when I run out in 2021 or if I pass it along to someone before I finish it(I’m not even close to finishing it). As has been talked about an infinite number of times the scent is polarizing. Love it or Hate it……not much in between. I love it, but I am not sure I would wear the matching cologne just because many people do not enjoy the scent. I have been doing a lot of reading on Tabac lately and figured out a reason that I myself may like it more than others. It has been said that it is not affected by water hardness. I have quite hard water which can have a very negative effect on shaving soaps. With Tabac this has never been an issue(it has with other soaps I have tried). This is something to take into consideration when buying shaving soaps, and is a huge plus for TABAC. I would say that Tabac and Proraso are two MUST TRY soaps for all wet shavers. Tabac was introduced in 1959 from what I have gathered and is from Maurer and Wirtz. The Tabac line is quite extensive and includes an EdT, Aftershave Lotion, bath and shower gel, deodorant, shaving cream, shaving soap puck and shaving stick…..and probably more, but you get the idea. You can go full Tabac if you so choose.

Now onto the SHAVE!!!


Razor : Gloria Razor 6/8″

Soap : TABAC!!

Brush : Semogue 2012 IB LE

PreShave: Prototype Oil

Toner : Thayer’s Rose

Aftershave : The Barberry Coast Havana

I am absolutely loving these straight razor shaves! My cheeks are 100% BBS and the rest if DFS. This was my most comfortable shave to date with a straight. Despite one lapse in concentration and a bit of blood it was fantastic. The preshave oil I think is really helping out for the straight. The razor just glided through the stubble on every pass making really short work of the hair. Tabac produces a great lather, one that I really enjoy. Possibly not the slickest soap, so I added extra water and it really did the trick. While it wasn’t the uber yoghurt like lather many like it was super hydrated and still very creamy. I actually notice now 3 hours later the scent of Tabac once in a while! That is pretty awesome for a shaving soap.

The Semogue LE is a great brush. While I wouldn’t say it is as good as the SOC it is a brush to look into. The handle is very ergonomic and looks awesome with the painted red, white and green. If you are Italian I think you need this brush. Awesome fit and finish. Surprisingly I think this brush is still breaking in…..which means it will get softer which I like.

Thayer’s Rose is magical stuff. It makes my face feel better than any other Witch Hazel I have tried. Tightening, toning, yet it doesn’t dry my face out at all. Apply a bit of Barberry Coast Havana after that and it’s the perfect ending to a wonderful shave.

Another Gratuitous Group Shot

Another Gratuitous Group Shot

I am so happy with how great this shave was. Makes me wonder why i stopped using the straights for so long. Is it easy? No, but so worth it for the sense of accomplishment. Plus, when you tell someone you use a straight razor they tend to get intrigued which can lead to the possibility of getting someone interested in this great hobby. Plus does it get any more manly than shaving with a straight??

So in closing here is some math! TABAC + STRAIGHT RAZOR = BBS BADASSERY

Cheers folks and have a great Tuesday and see you again tomorrow for another post.

PS. Please post in the comments if you would like to see me do a more detailed review of any soaps or products I have used. I love the suggestions and really interacting with my followers.


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