Brush of the Gods??

I will be the first to admit that I had some negative stuff to say about the Plisson Synthetic brush a few months ago. When I first received it I loved it. Hands down it was my top brush for a while. It was unbelievably soft and I fell in love with it. Fast forward a few months and my opinion changed. Fast forward again to today and the past couple weeks and my opinion has changed yet again. For the better or for worse?? Stay tuned to find out.


If you have been on any of the forums or Youtube or Facebook groups you have likely heard the phrase ‘Brush of the Gods’. A term coined by Chris Bailey(aka The Shaving Evangelist aka TSE) regarding his beloved Plisson Synthetic. Now there are many handle variations for this brush from Palisander Wood($220) to the acetate handle($36) and many in between. What you are paying for is simply the look of a different handle. From what I have researched the knot is exactly the same in each brush. Now the most common Plisson Synthetic that is available at L’Occitaine has had 2 versions. One the simply had ‘PLISSON’ on the Handle and the other which was branded with “L’Occiatine Plisson”. Some have said these knots differed slightly, but I think for the most part were pretty similar. For arguments sake lets just say they all have the same knot but different prices.

As I mentioned I loved this brush when I got it. however after a couple of months the hype around this brush gained crazy momentum and in my opinion became a little overblown. I started focusing on the negatives(in my mind) of the brush and began to dislike it. At the same time I started using the Semogue Owners Club boar and some higher quality badger brushes. I love my SOC, but to compare it to a Plisson Synth is in all honesty ridiculous. the only similarity is they are shaving brushes…..seriously its an unfair comparison to either brush.So I talked poorly about the Plisson and wrote a couple of blog posts on why it wasn’t an amazing brush etc, etc. I complained it was “TOO SOFT” and had no backbone and was far too light. The next thing I knew I had put the brush in a tote and stored it away with other shaving stuff I wasn’t using. This sounds cruel but was probably the best decision I could have made. I got a Muhle STF and was loving it as it does have a bit more backbone and at the time really preferred it to the Plisson.


Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago while I was rummaging through my shave gear. I saw the Plisson sitting in its box and figured I would give it another go. Honestly, I am so glad I did. This brush whips up lather as good as any brush I won….and fast. I saw TSE’s video today and I have to agree when he said something along the line of if you cannot lather with this brush ‘you have a problem.’ Its true, this brush is an awesome lathering machine!.

Softness……I can pretty safely say this is the softest brush I have felt. Even softer than the Muhle. No scritch or scratch what so ever in this knot. Its softer than my softest badger as well. If you want soft this is the brush for you. Sure it may not have the best ‘face feel’ but if you want uber-soft you sacrifice face feel.

Price. At about $36 for the low end handle this brush is a great deal. it is lightweight which not everyone is a big fan of. You can get custom handles made and Plisson does offer a wide range of handles with a wide range of price points. I won’t quite say its a steal, but there are  not many brushes in its price range that have the same value.

Overall You get a lather machine that is as soft as anything you can buy….probably softer than anything you have ever used. No, you don’t get great back bone, but you get absolutely zero scritch and scratch. I give it a thumbs up for sure and 9/10 score. If you do any research on this brush you will get exactly what they say… surprises here.



Razor : 6/8″ Gloria Razor

Soap : Fitjar Frost Rose

Brush : Plisson Synthetic

Preshave : proraso Green Pre Barba

Toner : Thayer’s Rose

Aftershave : Local Gent Eucalyptus Mint

A much better first pass today. The razor has a smooth edge and the lather I got from the FITJAR was much more slick than I had for yesterdays ugly first pass. I love this soap and would love to do a full review, but it is discontinued and would be kind of pointless. I will say it has an awesome rose scent and performs wonderfully. The razor was great for all three passes!!! And I ended up with a very comfortable shave with minimal neck irritation.

The brush lathered so quick and easily. My shave was actually 10 minutes quicker than usual. A very pleasant surprise.

Here is a pic of what I used for Pre and Post shave today


The Proraso green Pre Barba has an awesome menthol kick and really does soften the whiskers. I apply it before I load the brush then just lather right on top of it. I don’t feel this preshave adds much slickness but definitely softens the hair.

After my shave I do a warm water rinse followed by a cold water rinse. I then 99% of the time apply Thayer’s Witch Hazel. Today I used my top pick of rose. It went with the soap and works magic on my skin post shave. I say a must have for all of you wet shavers.

I usually apply my aftershave after the Witch Hazel, but I skipped an aftershave splash today and went right for the balm. Today I chose the Local Gent Eucalyptus mint. I get a very nice minty, almost chocolate vibe from it. it smells delicious. Almost like an After Eight mint!! great performance on this stuff as well. My face feels amazing right now 4+ hours later!

A wonderful shave today and I will go for another straight tomorrow to end the week!!


Cheers Folks!!



  1. Andrew · May 28, 2015

    “The brush lathered so quick and easily. My shave was actually 10 minutes quicker than usual. A very pleasant surprise.” Wow how long do you normally spend lathering – I only take a couple minutes regardless of the brush I use ( usually a cheapy. Now as far as this brush availability in Canada – could you provide a direct link I searched,19,1,38666,0.htm and found only a razor. For a relatively newbie sometimes products in Canada can be cumbersome to obtain as I tried a couple of months ago to locate this brush – unsuccessfully – certainly not at Italian Barber, Fendrihan nor Men’s Essentials. Appreciate any guidance you could offer


    • Froogle_Jimmy · May 28, 2015

      Sorry for the confusion. it wasnt the brush that made the shave quicker. I think it was the straight razor. I face lather 95% of the time. The Plisson is in stock at L’Occitaine stores sometimes. I have seen it here in Halifax a few times. not sure what they charge for one….probably $50 or something, compared to online. I suggest a WTB ad on a buy/sell shaving group. There are always a few floating around.


    • Jason M · May 31, 2015

      Keep an eye on L’Occitane stores and website. They have historically stocked the brushes in time for Father’s Day.

      Liked by 1 person

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