This is the second of 5 soaps I named in my neglected soaps post last Thursday. It is indeed a shaving stick and yet I feel it is far to get to be relegated to just simply for travel. This soap gets really good reviews has a nice scent and just simply performs. It is kind of funny that I never use it because I always travel with it and get great shaves. Easily in my top 5 shave sticks and in my opinion a must try at a great price. What shave stick am I speaking of? Arko…nope. Tabac….Nope, Palmolive….nope. Its………………sotdmay26-2

La La La La La LaTOJA!!!! That’s right. As much as I love my TABAC stick, this stick I would recommend a little more highly. A big reason is that the scent is not polarizing at all. It is clean and fresh almost like a nice soap or fabric softner… just smells nice and clean. Another reason I would recommend it higher than the Tabac is the price. Although it is only 50grams it will last a long time and can be had for about $7 usually. For $7 it is well worth it. I think the Tabac stick goes for $15+.

The LaToja stick was one of the first really good soaps I ever tried along with 6 other sticks. The other 6 were Valobra, Tabac, Lea, Palmolive, HTGAM Cavendish, and Arko. I got these all about 3 months or so after I started wetshaving and it was awesome!!! A great way to try some great soaps. Over a year and a bit later and I now only have 3 of the sticks left. LaToja, Tabac, and Valobra have remained in my den and along with Cavendish would be my top picks of the seven.


Neglect, and the fact I was watching David Gonzalez(SoSharp.David) soap stick adventures really drove me to use this stuff. I saw he had used Palmolive which is OK, Erasmic which I have never read many good things about(sorry) and got poor results. And all I could think of was you gotta try a better soap bro!!!! LaToja is just a must. It really explodes in great lather once you start lathering… fast as any soap I have used, or pretty darn close. This is the shaving stick people should try first. You don’t need to apply much to your face at all, and there is no need to reapply after your first pass. I also love how portable this stick is. It si small and in a nice plastic container. The Tabac stick is in a great container but it’s probably 2 or three times bigger.

Now onto the shave!!!!!!


Razor : Gillette Old Type

Blade : Polsilver SI

Soap : LaToja Stick

Brush : Zenshave/HTGAM LE

Toner : Thayer’s Lemon Witch Hazel

Aftershave : Elvado Wild Mint Lime Aftershave Balm

Overall a really nice shave. The old type isn’t quite as smooth as the new, but is definitely an efficient shaver. For the $2 or $3 it cost me I am very happy with it. The Polsilver is truly a great all around blade. Nice and sharp and smooth. I find it works well in all my DE razors which is great because I use a different razor everyday and don’t really want to have to think of which blade I can use in which razor.

The LaToja is just great. Nice and slick! the slickness to me is the best part of this soap. While it does have nice cushion and protection the slickness is truly great. Also, this soap lathers in any type of water you throw at it. It is not finicky at all which is great for a soap that I take when I travel. The scent is very mild which means you can use pretty much any balm and aftershave you want to pair with it. the post shave is good as well. I cannot think of anything negative about this soap at all. Sure the price per ounce is pretty high, but I think its worth it for a travel stick that you know is going to perform regardless of the water you use and its so easy to travel with if you are tight on space.

The Zenshave brush I will say has my top badger knot. The hooked tips are just crazy soft and work up a lather in seconds. A true joy to use and I think it looks great as well. The fact it is a Canadian made brush and limited to only 7 makes it even more special.

The citrus finish of Thayer’s Lemon and the Elvado Wild Mint Lime was a perfect way to finish off this refreshing shave. The Wild Mint Lime is a wonderful calming scent. The mint is at a great level and does not overwhelm the lime at all. I find that sometimes the mint scents can just completely overtake any other notes. That is not the case with this balm or the matching soap. This is a blam that you could use all year round as the mint makes it less seasonally specific in my opinion.

A very nice comfortable shave this morning. DFS for sure. This was a great combo for Spring in my opinion. Not overly citrusy, just clean with a hint of a Mojito!!!

Shave on my friends!!!!



  1. Cap7597 · May 26, 2015

    I love the classic shaving soaps and creams. I can just about guarantee that I would love LaToja. Just have t tried it yet. Thanks for the post. I’ll put some on my wish list. Not big on Sticks, but I can always improvise. Ha

    I just found out how great the Pol-Silvers are and have been using them exclusively for a few weeks. Get 5 great shaves a blade. Probably could get 6 if I tried. My other blade of choice is Silver Blues. How do the 2 compare to you? YMMV of coarse. 🙂
    Keep up the great work!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Froogle_Jimmy · May 26, 2015

      I am a big fan of the silver blues as well. I find them quite comparable with a slight edge to the Polsilvers. I found the Silver blues didnt work as well in every razor. The Gillette platinums are also nice if you like those blades!


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