Overlooked Items

I will be the first to admit that I have more shaving stuff than I know what to do with. To combat this I have been trading multiple soaps away for 1 or 2 new ones. I have also been giving razors and soaps and brushes to friends to try and get them into wetshaving…..However, I still have enough stuff that certain hardware and software gets neglected. Today I used a razor that I always say “I have to use this razor more often” when I finally shave with it. Yet I keep waiting weeks between uses. Am I the only one that does this? Do you guys and girls have products that you love that you just seem to neglect for no apparent reason. Today I am going to look at some neglected items in den.


Just like in the picture the Gillette Milord is a standout stunner, but always sits in the background. It is a fairly mild shaver, but not overly. Whenever I use it I seem to get great shaves. I am not sure if I just don’t expect much out of it or what, but it flat out shaves fantastic. My Milord is a beautiful example of this razor. It has never been replated, and has stood the test of time. I did revamp the cases tray where the razor sits as it had seen far better days. I do REALLY need to shave with this more. Maybe I am afraid of the razor losing some plating on the head from use or something?? But really the razor is over 60 years old and some usage wouldn’t hurt it. As much as I collect I am 100% a user as well. I don’t have a single razor that I haven’t used multiple times. So mark my words I will be using this razor more often.


As for brushes I really try to rotate through them as best I can. My Plisson synthetic had been put away for a few months until recently and I am really enjoying it again now. The Italian Barber Semogue LE is another brush that I tend to forget how good it is and always impresses me. I don’t go weeks without using it, but it surely gets unjustifiably overshadowed by other brushes. Quite honestly for $20 or whatever it costs it ranks up there with the Semogue Owners Club boar in terms of ‘Bang for your buck’

Italian Barber LE on the left, SOC on the right

Italian Barber LE on the left, SOC on the right

Soaps are always going to get overlooked in my den. I have so many that there will always be 30 days minimum between uses of certain soaps, if not longer. With all the trading and testing I have been doing lately there are a lot of soaps that have probably been over two months since the last use. Here are my top 5 most overlooked. These are not the least used, just soaps that are awesome that I don’t use often enough.

5) Fitjar Frost Rose – Simply put this soap ROCKS!!! However it has been discontinued and I feel like I need to savour it. Yet I need to use it way more as it will still last me a long time in my rotation. A seriously great soap.

4) Strop Shoppe’s London Morning! For a while this was my favorite soap. The scent is awesome(a little weak) and the performance and post on this soap are top notch…….yet it gets overlooked with the influx of new soaps. I really need to use this one more along with the 1887.

3) Proraso Green. Really!?!? Two months since I last used this stuff. That is absolutely unacceptable. I get awesome shaves every single time I use it. I feel very nostalgic when I use it. I just feel great from the time I open the tub until I rinse of the excess lather from my face.

2) Valobra & LaToja Save sticks. For a while these two soaps were used almost on a weekly basis. Along with Tabac these would be my top 3 shave sticks. I always recommend them, but for some reason I only use them when I travel…..which has been almost 4 months. The LaToja has a better scent profile, but to me the Valobra has a richer lather. Both are awesome soaps though.

1) Reef Point Soaps ESPRESSO. I have only had this soap for less than a month, but I have only used it once. Why? I have no clue. I honestly sneak sniffs of this tub daily. Any time I am getting my SOTD pics ready and need to go through my soaps I reach for this tub and smell it. AMAZING SCENT. If you like coffee or lattes or any coffee drinks this soap is a must. It almost smells like a Coffee Crisp chocolate bar. Fantastic scent strength on this one and the performance to match. This will be reviewed next week for sure…probably Monday, so stay tuned for that!

The Reef Point ESPRESSO is a standout in the scent department

The Reef Point ESPRESSO is a standout in the scent department.

Now, when it comes to post shave I really feel like I rotate my stuff pretty well. I have 6 or 7 different Witch Hazels that I use depending on the soap and or aftershave I am using. I do the same with my balms. However for some reason I  haven’t been giving enough love to my Ja-Lu toiletries aftershaves in the past month or so. They have great scents and really put an exclamation point on the end of a shave. As for pre shaves, well I rarely used them until the past couple weeks. I have a prototype Preshave oil I am testing and really enjoying. I also used the Proraso Green pre a couple of times recently and must say I had neglected it for way too long. The best part of the Proraso Pre is that it can be used as a post shave balm as well. It is a great product with a nice menthol kick to go along with it!

SO those are a few of my overlooked items. Yes I have more like all of my straight razors which I need to use more as well. What item or items have you been overlooking? Is it for good reason or do you maybe need to put some stuff on the BST? i think there is that fine line between overlooked and not wanting to use.



Razor : Gillette Milord

Blade : Rapira Platinum

Soap : Barrister and Mann Ferox

Brush : The Holy Black w/ 24mm Silvertip

Aftershave : QCS Vostok

What a wonderful shave. Despite feeling like the Rapira Platinum wasn’t the smoothest shaver it gave me a great shave. The Milord was awesome as well. One thing I have to mention is that knot I set in the Holy black handle is a lather hog and a bit too big for my liking. It is super soft with decent backbone and ZERO scritch, but my face is narrow and this thing is pretty massive. I think a 22mm may have been a better choice for me.

The Ferox is a wonderful scented soap and performs just like all of the B&M soaps. I finished the shave with QCS Vostok Balm. WOW, what a finish. The ice cold blast of menthol in the Vostok balm was perfect….I really love this balm in the heat.


Another great shave during B&M week!!

Shave on my friends!!



  1. steve · May 21, 2015

    I feel your pain. I have too much stuff and things get left unused for months on end. I find that replated razors make me not want to use them again and ruin the shine, and discontinued soaps get little use as I can’t get them easily again. Even this month of using samples I have only managed to finish one and that’s because I gave half away to a friend.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Andrew Joyce · May 22, 2015

    Jimmy, enjoy your blog. Picked up a couple vintage razors which cleaned up very nice, now I’m reluctant to using. Sticking with modern stainless steel razors I feel fortunate to own. Attempted a few times to join the Canadian Wet Shavers on Facebook with seemingly no success. Not sure what the reason would be???

    Liked by 1 person

    • Froogle_Jimmy · May 22, 2015

      Really?? That’s weird man. I will pm a couple of the mods and make sure you get added.
      Try the vintages out, they are great shavers! But stainless moderns are fantastiv


  3. cinqueminutiperte · May 25, 2015

    ” I don’t have a single razor that I haven’t used multiple times. ” Exactlg same here ☺

    Liked by 1 person

    • cinqueminutiperte · May 25, 2015



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