100% Canadian Made!!

That’s right! Today’s shave was 100% Canadian. A couple of weeks back I claimed to have done an all Canadian shave, but when I looked back the DE blade was not actually manufactured in Canada. Well, today I broke out a vintage blade that was made in Montreal, Quebec. Now every single piece of my shave was Canadian made. Was I excited for this mornings shave? ABSOLUTELY! Was I kind of afraid of this mornings shave?? Very Much……I had never used a vintage DE blade before and I found out this morning what they are like.


We have all heard the saying “They don’t make em’ like they used to”. Well, lets all thank the shaving Gods for that. The vintage DE blade was probably the roughest I have ever used. I know that some vintage blades are highly regarded, but these ones are not amongst that group. I love the look of the old blades though. Matt black with just the bevel showing silver steel…BADASS. Its true though that some things aren’t made like they used to. I love vintage razors, whether it be DE or straights. The build quality on some of the vintage Gillette razors is just amazing compared to some of the newer cheap razors.


Was I glad I attempted to use a vintage DE blade? of course! It was something I had wanted to try for a while, and I may try a different blade in the future. For now I will stick with modern DE blades like Rapira and Polsilver and Gillette. After all a bad blade can cause some damage, and the last thing I need is to ugly up my money maker…….LOL.

ONTO My shave!!! And  A HUGE SHOUT OUT to the Canadian Wetshavers group on Facebook!!!


Razor : Gillette New (made in Canada)

Blade : Royal Blue Steel (made in Montreal, Canada)

Soap : Elvado Wild Mint Lime (Made in Ontario, Canada)

Brush : Zenshave Canada LE (Made in Ontario Canada)

Aftershave : Shane (Huggy Bear) Stackpole’s Mentholated Cherry Tobacco (Made in Canada)

Balm : Elvado Wild Mint Lime Aftershave Balm

This shave aside from the blade was fantastic. It made me proud to be a Canadian wetshaver  and to have some great choices when it comes to Canadian made products from Canadian artisans. I chose the Elvado Wild Mint Lime today for my soap. I love the scent on this and the performance is great. The post shave is where this soap really excels though. The ingredient list is fantastic and vegan. The African shea butter I think is what makes my skin feel so good after using this. I almost feel like I could have gotten away without using a balm!!! However, I did use Elvado’s matching Wild Mint Lime aftershave balm. Same great scent as the soap and uber-nourishing to the skin. 2 pumps from the bottle is more than enough. I really like the look of the Elvado packaging and the quality of the product. I have used this balm with a bunch of different soaps and it pairs very well. The scent isn’t overpowering so it blends nicely with grapefruit, orange and any citrus soaps or even scentless soaps you may have. A winner in my book for sure.

The Canadian made Gillette New is just a kick butt shaver. Every wetshaver should have one….or at least try one. This is the razor that kicked my slants out of the den. Paired with a heavier handle and it is just plain AWESOME!

The Zenshave brush I have talked about numerous times, but I cannot say enough about how much I love it. It is a compliment getter and has the performance to match. If you haven’t checked out Zenshaves website you owe it to yourself to check it out. The brushes on the site are pieces of art and he does customs!!! I have talked to the owner a couple of times and he is just a great guy and easy to talk to.

Lastly the aftershave from Shane AKA Huggy Bear…….WOW, this stuff is mentholated. The burn/freeze this morning was a major eye opener. Despite the strong cherry scent in the bottle this stuff mellows out wonderfully when applied. Almost like a cherry candy…Think cherry lollipop. It mixed very well with the Wild Mint Lime soap and balm and had me smelling very fresh and SPRINGY!


Have an awesome long weekend!!! And be sure to check in on Tuesday when I post about my all barrister and Mann soap week!!!!!

Cheers and keep on shaving!!!


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